For some reason the firewalls at work decided today that Blogspot is now off limits to me.  That’s like half the blogs I read are now inaccessible.  I think they may actually expect me to get some work done or something.



3 Responses to “/grumble”

  1. pugnacious priest - A female Players Warcraft Blog Says:

    If you havent already put them on a Rss Feed reader if you havent already. I use Google Reader. Takes a small amount of time to set up ( adding each of the sites Rss) and if you can access google, then you can access the text and inserts of all the blogs..

  2. I can’t access RSS Feed readers at work either. I just think everyone should change to wordpress…. Not for me or anything just cause, lol. Oh well, I’ll still read at home.

  3. basictheprogram Says:

    Google openvpn, set it up on tcp/80 (aka http port) and install opv client (linux, osx, windows) and “act” like a web browser. Even works thru web proxies. Good stuff.

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