Tomfoolery Tuesday!

Okay, so its no Variety Show.  But everyone could use a few fashion show every now again.  And since I totally bungled it up and missed out on Screenshot Sundays, we have here a runner up: Tomfoolery Tuesdays!  Enjoy!

Up front we have Fikkle.  Wearing some of the finest cloth armor that reputation can buy, you’ll notice he’s wearing the blue Evoker’s Silk set, accentuated nicely with a pair of Merciless Glandiator’s Handguards.  Gracing his back is the ever present Gladiator’s War Staff, while in his right hand you can clearly see the elegant Gladiator’s Touch of Defeat.

Moving on, next up we have Grimshott strutting his Orcflesh in some very nice mail, some of the finest pieces being 64 can get you!  This set, while rough enough to keep you protected for those harsh moments, has a soft clinky feeling to it that makes it seem like second skin.  You might notice 2 One-Handed Axes gracing his hips with a sexy Crossbow being held out front to scare off all the ‘lesser classes’.  To top off the effect, he brought along his pet boar to give this ensemble that down to Azeroth rugged feel.

Next up we have Anteaus, sporting some fo the latest fashions in Furs.  Up first is the Burly Bear, for when you just want to get up close and personal. 

Next we have Leaping Leopard, when you just feel the urge to jump uncontrollably. 


And finally we have Killer Kitty, for when you feel like turning something into a scratch post!  And remember, watch out for those horns now!


Last up we have Forsaken Fikkle, wearing some of the finest scraps that can be scrounged from the Durotar desert.  This spartan piece is usually reserved for someon on a ‘bare bones’ budget and can generally be put together using just about anything.  If I recall correctly, that Staff on his back was pulled off the wood pile just before the pires were lit!

So there you have it!  Azerothian and Outland fashion at its finest!


3 Responses to “Tomfoolery Tuesday!”

  1. ooooh aaaah /vigorous clapping

    This critic found Fikkle’s bold decision to eschew convention and deconstruct the very notion of what is or is not fashionable

    in other words…nice stick!

  2. lol, totally agree with the rabbit.

  3. @ Rabbit – lol. Glad you enjoyed!

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