Not So Much

As I was driving to work this morning, I got to thinking.  (I know, start running!)  I decided that I didn’t want to skip my morning coffee two days in a row, so I braved the snow and managed to make it to the local Tim Hortons (see here).  Surprisingly, the wait in the drive-thru was only about five minutes, compared to the normal fifteen to twenty-five.  As I was pulling out I thought ‘man, they were sure on the ball this morning.  Some days they just have it, others, not so much…’ 

That is what really got me to thinking.  When comparing two things, it just seems funnier if you use <not so much>.  The Canadiens did great this season, the Canucks, not so much.  The Habs even made it to playoffs, Vancouver, not so much! (sorry Matt, but what comes around, goes around!)  Apparently its nice and warm down in Oz, here, not so much.

I could probably carry on all day.  Like this: the Horde just rocks.  The Alliance? Not so much (couldn’t help myself!).  But I’ll give it a rest.  It just gave me a chuckle this morning and thought you might like to try out it!

Okay, one last one.  BRK has an awesome blog that tonnes and tonnes of people read.  The trolls in his comments? Not so much!


3 Responses to “Not So Much”

  1. It’s easier for me to trashtalk people when my team isn’t in the playoffs because I have nothing to lose :D.

  2. True! But it always comes full circle! Thanks for the comment! 😀


  3. […] And finally, ganking.  Every Saturday morning Nim, Pie and myself run three of our mid-level toons together.  There isn’t really much of a need to group level anymore, but its always fun to have someone to talk to and goof off with.  Especially when you have to suffer through the pain that is STV and Tanaris.  Again.  Anyways, Pie’s running his Shaman, Nim’s running his Warlock and I’m running my Warrior.  A fairly good combo.  Pie’s Enhance, so we don’t have a ‘healer’ per se, but we don’t really need it.  Anyways, over the last few weeks, we’ve noticed a plethora of flagged lowbies on our server.  We, being proud Hordies, proceed to destromolish those poor naive alliance folks who though that ‘Elune’ would protect them or something.  Ya, not so much. […]

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