Daily Routine

Yes, I know, poor choice of pun and I’m sure its been done to death, but hey, it fits!  So I’ve been truckin along with my daily quests each day since I started playing my Mage again and I’ve developed a bit of routine in how I go about doing them.  I’m sure better reviews have been done else where, and this is for just because I’m long-winded and like to talk.  Only I’m not talking I’m writing.  Anywho, I’m also going to talk about the Rep rewards I earned for the entire day as well as an estimate of the gold I accumulate.  I’ll also include any Badges of Justice, Green (or better) quality items I pick up, Netherweave cloth I collect and Sunfury Signets / Marks of Sargeras that drop.

So, I normally log in to my character being in Shatt.  Its generally because I tend to port myself there if I’m about to log off.  I’ve found that with the SSO dailies, Mages have a bit of an edge on most classes as far as being able to get around Outlands to get them done.  Thus I circle Shatt and pick up the three SSO dailies that are available there.  The Multiphase Survey (Nagrand), Maintaining the Portal, and Sunfury Attack Plans.  Once I’m done that I take the portal to the Isle of Quel’Danas and pick up all of the dailies there.  Then I hearth.  My hearth is set to Area 52 in Netherstorm, and I’ve left it there as a deliberate choice.  Since as a Mage I can port myself to Shatt whenever I please, I have no need to set my hearth there, except maybe to save on 1 reagent/hour.  Not worth it in my opinion.  Netherstorm feels like one of the farthest points to get to from Shatt, so its the most logical choice for my hearth.

Once in Netherstorm I head to Manaforge Banar and kill Blood Elves until the Sunfury Attack Plans drop.  I then head back to Area 52 and fly to Evergrove.  From there I head up to Bashir’s Landing and gather Smuggled Mana Cells.

From here, I generally take a detour from the SSO dailies and head to Ogri’la.  If I’m pressed for time I skip this step.  In Ogri’la I complete the following quests: Bomb Them Again, Banish More Demons,  Relic’s Emanations and Wrangle More Rays.  From here I port back to Shatt, hop on quick flight to Garadar and then fly up to Oshu’gun.  I quickly complete the Multiphase Survey, port back to Shatt and then I’m off to Shadowmoon Valley to acquire Atal’mai Armaments.  Once that’s done I port back Shatt again and then take the portal to Quel’Danas.

From here its fairly straightforward.  As I’ve already picked up all the quests I head immediately to the flight master and do The Bombings Must Continue and Dawnblade Reinforcements.  I find that doing the bombing runs is a nice interlude from the Outlands dailies to the island dailies.  If I don’t finish the quest on the first run, I go to the next one and save it for the end as a bit of a wind-down.

Once finished with the bombings, I go and kill Wretched’s for the Mana Remnants as well as the Erratic Arcane Sentries for this quest.  Once I’ve got the 4 Mana Remnants and 5 Converted Sentries I head into Dawnblade Village.  Basically here I work my way towards the Blood Crystal and try to immediately get the reading for Knowing Your Ley Lines.  After that, I kill BElfs until the quest is complete.  Run under the bridge and kill 6 demons, drop the banner on the Emissary of Hate for this quest and then get my second reading at the portal.  Then I head out to the Greengill Coast and Kill the Nagas until I have 3 keys and 10 Murlocs freed for this quest and this quest.  Once that’s done I run back to Quel’Danas, charge a crystal and then start turning in all of the quests.

**Note: Cenarion Circle is currently in Phase 4 and although there are two dailies I haven’t mentioned, there is a reason.  The daily in Terokkar Forest I haven’t done yet because it seems to be bugged for me.  Also, I don’t have a gathering profession, so I can’t do that daily.

Once all these are done I use my scroll back to Shattrath and then fly out to Thrallmar.  From here its up to the Throne of Kil’jaeden and two more dailies.  When those are both done I turn them in, port back to Shatt.  If I have time I fly out to do the Skettis dailies.  When I finish off I end up with this:

Total Rep gained:

Shattered Sun Offensive:  My Rep with the SSO before I started doing the dailies was 6807 out of 21000 (Revered).  Upon completion of all the dailies I had reached 10,507 out of 21,000.  That works out to 3700 Rep (during Stage 4) for completing all the dailies available to me (aside from the bugged daily in Terokkar).  Based on the Rep gain, I should be able to reach Exalted in three more days. /woot!

Total Gold Earned:

233g 34s 32c was the amount of gold that I had on me when I started the dailies.  I basically made sure that from the time I started the dailies until I was finished, I spent no gold nor received any (from auctions).  When I was done I had 396g40s85c.  That works out to 163g 06s 53c.  Note: When calculated I hadn’t sold any vendor trash or repaired. 

Specialty Items:

Here’s a pic of all of the things that I received while doing the dailies.  I made sure to watch and keep everything seperate from what I had previously.

I received 4 green items (most from the SSO care packages).  They were Sundered Footwraps of the Eagle, Murkblood Shoulderguards of the Bandit, Eldr’naan Boots of the Physician and the Divine Hammer of the Elder.  Since Fikkle is a Tailor/Enchanter, I generally choose to DE most of the items I receive to use for my professions.  It resulted in 8 Arcane Dust and 2 Greater Planar Essence.

I received 2 Marks of Sargeras and 15 Sunfury Signets.  81 pieces of Netherweave cloth and 2 pcs of Runecloth.  4 pcs of Jaggal Clam Meat and a Blessed Weapon Coating.  6 Motes of Mana and 1 Mote of Fire.  There’s also an Essence of Fire and an Khorium Lockbox in there.  I didn’t work out what all of this added up to in gold as I generally use all of these items for something specifc rather than for more gold.  The rest was vendor trash which I didn’t count but always adds up to a nice little bonus on top of the quest gold.

Well that’s it, enjoy!


2 Responses to “Daily Routine”

  1. that’s 15 Sunfury Signets you got..

  2. Yep, you’re totally right. Fixed it.

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