QQ Section


SOOOOOOOO, I think I’ll start a weekly section here. I thought of this brilliant idea while on my weekend away. We had stadium seating, and this was the sign for the section we were sitting in. Fitting. So, you are asking yourself, QQ? It’s the whinging, griping, and general ranting that must be made public, no matter how petty it is! So here you have it, the first instalment of the QQ Section!

Before I start this post, and totally get flamed, let me just say, I do play on pvp and rp servers. I love pvp, it is a blast. Their are times however, that I am not in the mood for pvp. For instance, when I’m out doing my dailies on a PVE server. I was running around the Isle of Quel’ Danas with my hunter trying to knock out the dailies( still working on epic flying mount money). I was trying to mind my own business. Then, as I’m offing some bad blood elf guys, I get a dranai, and two night elfs taunting me, running in front of my targets, and finally standing over them, as I attack it, hoping that I will mis-target and hit them, get me flagged, and take a one way trip to the spirit rez guy.

WHAT THE CRAP??????? Yeah, first of all, if I  wanted pvp at that time, i would have been flagged, secondly, why would I flag up, fight three guys, who clearly have better gear than I do, I can see what they have on, and have seen all of the vengeful gladiator crap!!! So, this not working, they decide to ride circles around me on their mount. I blow kisses at them, dance with them, and end up sleeping until they get bored with me, and go away.

Stupid Jerks!!! For those three jerks, I wish I was thinking and got a screenshot, but because I didn’t, I salute you!

Gnome mooning

So, until next time, keep on crying!!!


~Uncle Sy


One Response to “QQ Section”

  1. […] has since led to a desire to move back to a pvp server.  For the world pvp.  But we’re not gonna take our level 80s.  For now, we’re (Sy and me) working on […]

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