Macros: Mage & Hunter Edition

With my recent post on some of the strategies for my hunter that I combined over the weekend to fairly good success, I decided it might be a good idea to go over some of the macros I use.  Now I basically throw my macros into one of two categories.  There are macros that clean up space on my action bars and then there are macros that save time in combat.  (I guess a third category could include the macros that do both).

Note:  For 99% of my macro’s I choose the < ? > icon, followed by the first line of the macro being < #showtooltip >.  The reason for this is that the macro should intuitively choose the proper icon to display as well as its tooltip.  There are times when this is not prefered, and I will highlight those specific examples. 


/cast Icy Veins
/use Xiri’s Gift
/cast Frostbolt

This is a simple little macro that I use that causes my Icy Veins and Xiri’s Gift to be used at the same time and to immediately cast Frostbolt again to get me right back into my dps cycle.  The idea was inspired by the hunter macro I read on Ego’s site a few days back.

#showtooltip Polymorph(Rank 1: Pig)
/focus [button:2]
/cast [button:2] Polymorph(Rank 1: Pig)
/cast [button:1,target=focus] Polymorph(Rank 1: Pig)
/clearfocus [button:3]

This macro does a couple things.  First off, the result is based on which button you click on your mouse.  A right click (button:2) will set the target as your focus and sheep the target.  A left click (button:1) will attempt to sheep your focus target. Also, since I don’t like leaving a dead focus target on my UI, I can click the button with my mouse wheel and it will clear the focus. If you haven’t gotten your Polymorph Pig yet, you should. You can delete the < (Rank 1:Pig) > and it should work for your highest level Polymorph spell.

/cast [modifier:lalt] teleport: orgrimmar; [modifier:lshift] teleport: undercity; [modifier:lctrl] teleport: thunder bluff; [modifier:rshift] teleport: silvermoon; [modifier:rctrl] hearthstone; teleport: shattrath

/cast [modifier:lalt] portal: orgrimmar; [modifier:lshift] portal: undercity; [modifier:lctrl] portal: thunder bluff; [modifier:rshift] portal: silvermoon; portal: shattrath

These two macros Tele and Port are what I use to get around Azeroth and Outlands.  Unfortunately, the 255 character-limit in macros prevents these from being all on the same button, but I feel that 2 buttons, down from 12 buttons is some sweet economy.  Note, everything after the /cast should all be on the same line (no carriage returns).



#showtooltip Bestial Wrath
/use Bladefist’s Breadth
/cast Bestial Wrath
/cast Blood Fury(Racial)
/cast Rapid Fire

I covered this macro yesterday, so I’m not going over it again.  You can read about it here.

/cast Hunter’s Mark
/cast [modifier:alt] Hunter’s Mark

This is a simple utility macro that puts a hunter’s mark on your target and sends your pet in to attack.  The conditional in the last line can be added or removed.  I personally don’t use it, but you may want to throw up a mark on something without having your pet rush off to attack.

/cast Feed Pet
/use Smoked Talbuk Venison

This is a nice little macro that allows me to keep my sanity.  I tell you, by the time I found this macro I was sick of opening my bags, clicking feed pet and then clicking on whatever food I had on me at the time.  It is so helpful.  For leveling it may not be as effective as the type of food you feed your pet changes more often.  This really applies when you get to outlands and you tend to have a lot of the same kind of food on you at once.  Note, there are ways to set it up to feed different pets different foods.  I haven’t quite got it yet.

/cast [mod:lalt] track dragonkin; [mod:ralt] track giants; [mod:lshift] track undead; [mod:rshift] track demons; [mod:lctrl] track elementals; [mod:rctrl] track hidden; track humanoids

The track macro is all on one line and it is one of the one that will save space on your action bars.  The form is pretty simple, its generally the same throughout each iteration, with only the modifying key changing.  What does this allow me to do?  Well with a simple push click I can change the type of tracking that I’m using fairly quickly, as well as clean up 6 buttons from my action bar.  The new minimap dropdown menu that allows you to choose tracking options may make this obsolete to some, but I still prefer to use this kind of macro.  The other beautiful thing about this macro is that the icon will change depending on what button you have pushed (or not) down.  Normally, it shows track humanoids.  Push left alt and it shows track dragonkin, etc. Note: I deliberately left track beasts out of this macro as beasts + humanoid are the two most common that I use. Thus the buttons are right next to each other and I can access them fairly easy.

/cast [mod:lalt] Aspect of the Cheetah; [mod:lctrl] Aspect of the Pack; [mod:lshift] Aspect of the Viper; [mod:rshift] Aspect of the Monkey; [mod:ralt] Aspect of the Wild; [mod:rctrl] Aspect of the Beast; Aspect of the Hawk

This is pretty much the same as my Track macro except for all of my different Aspects.  Once again it cleans up my actions bars and saves a lot of space.  You can obviously set up which buttons you want for which Aspects until you get them to your liking.

/cast [button:1] Distracting Shot
/cast [button:2] Arcane Shot

 This is a simple little macro I use when I plan on pulling a mob to be guided toward a trap.  I don’t want to keep pew pew’ing and have my trap break, so this will automatically cancel the auto shot and allow the mob to be trapped up nice and neatly!  Like a racoon.  I can also choose which shot I want to use.  By left clicking the button it will use Distracting Shot, great for getting the mob to try and smash you in the face.  If that isn’t enough I can then right click the button (after the GCD) and hit it with an Arcane Shot.  Since both shots have a cooldown this allows me some versatility while still not having to worry about Auto Shot hitting my trapped mob.


4 Responses to “Macros: Mage & Hunter Edition”

  1. Mmm… macros. Gotta love ’em.

    I’ve seen a couple versions of the Polymorph (and Shackle/Hibernate) macro, but I prefer a slightly different one.

    First, I tinkered with the /stopcasting part. I tend to mash buttons when I anticipate another spell being done casting… so I was clipping other spells unintentionally when trying to sheep things. Once, in Arena, I clipped polymorph for 2-3 seconds by constantly spamming the button and wondering why it wouldn’t finish casting.

    I also leave the focusing out. I bind focus to a button (shift-F) and use that to focus a target. This is because I’ll use it for other macros besides just sheeping.

    The sheep macro itself sheeps either my current target, or the focused target (if alt is held down).

    /cast [modifier: alt, target=focus] Polymorph; Polymorph;

    A couple other simple macros that are _very_ useful. Add /stopcasting to Ice Block, Counterspell, and Feign Death. It improves response time in those “Oh crap!” situations.

  2. @ Rock – Thanks for the comment. You make some great points about the stopcasting and focus target. As I’m mostly doing dailies right now its not a huge issue, but I am doing 3v3 Arenas as well, so I’ll probably think of changing that up. I especially like the stopcasting + ice block. That probably could’ve saved me a many a time!

  3. Durathor Says:

    “by the time I found this macro I was sick of opening my bags, clicking feed pet and then clicking on whatever food I had on me at the time.”

    I hate to tell ‘ya, but all you need to do to feed your pet is to left click and drag the food item you want to use over to your pet and release…

  4. Okay, that I wasn’t aware of. But that’s still more work than clicking one button. Also, the quote is what I used to do, way back when I first started and didn’t know any better. I’ve used the feed pet macro for a while now. I don’t open my bags. I don’t drag anything across the screen. I click one button. The macro does the rest.

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