In Case You Were Wondering

It snowed here again, the very day after all the snow had melted.  Yes this generally does happen sometimes, but it totally messed with my day.

I got stuck twice driving to work today due to aforementioned problem.  Two good samaritans were kind enough to help.

I skipped going to get my coffee this morning, once again due to weather.  This has made my morning not as bearable as usual.

BRK linked and QUOTED me yesterday!  When I saw this I totally geedked out and was just completely flattered.  You can read about it here.  Now I know how Bre and Awlbiste felt when they wrote this and this.  In fact, I still have a stupid grin on my face and all the other stuff above hasn’t even phased me.  I’m having a great Monday!

Our blog stats let us know that about mid way through last week we hit 1000 total visits to the blog.  Due to the link from Mania a few days back and the link from BRK yesterday, we have hit over 1000 visits today alone.  The blog is exploding.  Holy Blog Bomb Batman!  /wave at the all the new people.

I was wondering what QQ actually stood for.  I’ve learned how its generally used and what it means but I was curious about what it actually stood for.  I guessed Quite Quipping.  This is what I found on Wikipedia (see the emoticon link).

I’m going to be going away for business for two months starting this coming weekend.  I was going to do a big long post about it but decided against it.  Suffice it to say that I’m in the (Canadian) Air Force and I’m being tasked as an instructor at a training base for two months.  Depending on a few things, I may or may not be able to play while I’m gone, which will affect whether I have anything to blog about.  Sylus has promised to pick up the slack while I’m gone.  If he doesn’t, I recommend that you badger him until he does.  Think of it like sending the kids to play on the lawn of the old grumpy man in the neighborhood.  It’ll be hilarious! 

My Dell XPS laptop has still not arrived yet.  I need it before I go (see above), and I’m starting to get worried.

That’s about it for now.  I’ve got some other posts sitting in draft form, but I have to do a lot of checking / verifying before I can publish them.  So far, I think there’s three, a post on macro’s, a pvp update for my 70 (BE) Mage and an RP story for my Undead Mage.  Hopefully I’ll get all three out sometime this week.  Stay tuned, same blog time, same blog channel.


7 Responses to “In Case You Were Wondering”

  1. Congrats guys! 😀

  2. Don’t call him guy, buddy….
    gotta love the reference!

  3. Don’t call her buddy, friend!

  4. Don’t call me friend, guy!

  5. Don’t call me guy, buddy!

    … Okay, so we could keep this up all day, or just leave a classic be a classic!

  6. Agreed. We’ll leave it be.

    Gartz on getting mentioned on the Kitty.

  7. Thanks Nim! I’m still smiling like a fool!

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