Pimp that Podcast!

Welcome back everybody! Well, maybe it was me that was away for a few days, andby “away”, I mean not on the site….even if I just might have been sitting at my computer the past few days playing world of warcraft…I’m a bad blogger. I have been so engrossed with getting 27,000 honor points and 40 alteric valley marks, that I have neglected you, the loyal readers. For this, I apologize. But, In return for my abcense, I have decided to write you all a very worthy post!

Okay, so, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all about  one of my favorite world of warcraft podcasts. This was also the first podcast about wow I found.I have listened to everypodcast hey have done from the beginning, and seeing as they have went past their 100th podcast, I see them doing The Instance, for a long time to come!. At the time, it had three cohosts. Scott Johnson, Randy Deluxe, and Andrew. Andrew has sinse moved on and is doing a podcast on Tabula Rasa, leaving Scott and Randy, along with several recurring guests to keep us all informed and entertained on everything world of warcraft.

 If you are looking for a hardcore-raiding-is-job-#-1 podcast, then this is not the podcast for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a very funny group of guys, chatting it up about the game we all love, then this IS your podcast!!!Scott and Randy definatly aren’t your run of the mill podcasters. They sound a lot like two genuine friends goofing off and talking about wow. They seem very real to me, and I assume to everyone else. They have some awesome special guests as well. Patrick from France gives us all our fair share of mods in his segment “mod of the week.” And let me tell you, when Scott does his, “theese ees Patreek, eend thees is thee mod of thee weeek.” I almost wet myself every time!!! Mean Gene brings us the always welcomed “PVP tip of the week.” If you haven’t started listening to this weekly podcast, you are definatly missing out. Many times I can’t get through an episode without my coworkers asking if I’m okay due to the amount of laughter coming out of my office. 

 If this ended up sounding like a paid advertisement for all things scott Johnson, then I apologize. I’m not saying that if the great folks at The Instance wanted to PAY me to say, write a very slanted, biased blog about how awesome their podcasts are, that I wouldn’t take it, in fact, I’m saying quite clearly, “hey,  Scott and Randy, if you want me to brag about you, pimp your podcasts, or even come on your show, COUNT ME IN!!!! I’m not a stalker, I swear. Just your local friendly blogger!

~Uncle Sy


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