Grim News

Fake out! Woah, almost had ya there didn’t I?  Okay, okay, I promise that’s the last cheesy joke. Well, for today anyways.

So the Grim news is actually Grimshott news.  I decided to take Grim down to the Department of Awesome this weekend and he picked up a few tricks.  Now, I know I’ve learned a whole heck of a lot since I first started playing a hunter, but I also know there is always room for improvement.


So a few days back I was checking out blogs, looking for huntery things and came across some macro’s over at Kestrel’s Aerie and the Egotistical Priest (who plays a hunter as well).  Some of them I already use, others I can see their usefulness, but they’re not for me.  In my searches I found an amazing macro that I totally love.  It kills things.  Fast.  Ego calls it ZOMGPEWPEW and ‘all the eggs in one basket’ macro.  I changed it a bit from the one she listed to tweak it for Grim specifically.  When I created the macro I chose the question mark icon and then typed this:

#showtooltip Bestial Wrath
/use Bladefist’s Breadth
/cast Bestial Wrath
/cast Blood Fury(Racial)
/cast Rapid Fire

I named this macro BRK, not because of BW, but in honor of the great one.  (That and MQoSRDPS didn’t fit when I moved it to my toolbar).  So, the great thing about this macro is that the only thing that trips the GCD is Rapid Fire.  So all of your other abilities can activate as well, giving you some serious pew pew.  Also, as Ego pointed out, if you spec 1 point into Rapid Killing in the MM tree, the timing is such that every 2 minutes you can use BB, BW and BF (all 2 min CD or less).  The Rapid Fire (with 1 point) will be a 4 min CD, so it will activate every other time you use it. 

Obviously (1) this is for BM hunters and (2) Blood Fury is an Orc racial, however you could put another race’s racial in if its CD’s were compatible, it doesn’t trip the GCD and it would benefit the overall DPS.  The only one that comes to mind is the Troll racial, but I don’t know the Alliance races well enough.

Clipping Shots

Ego recently posted about a mod that will help avoid clipping auto shots.  The mod is called Little Trouble.  Ego reviewed it already, so I won’t rehash it here.  There is some controversy over it, as you can see from this follow up post, so I’m anxiously awaiting the planned test to see what the results are.  For now, I’ve found that when I avoid clipping my auto shots, my mana efficiency goes up because I’m not using shots willy-nilly.

1:1 Auto-Steady

So the man himself (or themselves) has posted another excellent BRK Hunter Guide Movie, this time about using the 1 to 1 auto shot – steady shot rotation.  (Side bar: I don’t know if its just me, but everytime I watch one of his movies I actually picture a dwarf hunter sitting at the keyboard pew pewing :D).  Now I’m assuming he’s using this for raiding, which may or may not be applicable to Grim as he’s levelling.  But I decided to test it out, and again I’ve found that it is much more mana efficient.

Putting It All Together

So now that I’ve come back from the Department of Awesome equipped with all these great ideas, I tried rolling them all into one.  I haven’t gone up against anything particularly challenging, since I’m focusing more on questing, but I’ve noticed a change.  Avoiding clipping my shots while using the Auto-Steady rotation has given me so much more longevity that I don’t have to stop and drink after every fight! Thank god!  Before I would just open up with whatever wasn’t on CD, not really paying attention to what the mana cost was or what the actual damage output was.  I’m leveling, not raiding the endgame so it hasn’t been too much of a concern.  But the change is very nice.  The other thing with the 1:1 A-S rotation is that I have noticed I have to be careful because I’ve started pulling aggro from my boar much more often.  Before, it rarely happened.  This indicates that the changes have increased my overall DPS, but I haven’t actually recorded by how much.

The final aspect, the 2 min GOD button, is awesome.  My DPS goes through the roof and even though I keep up the same shot rotation, the difference is totally noticeable.  I’ve been soloing group quests, killing elites and just pretty much running amok on anything that crosses my path.

Weekend Update

So there it all is, as far as the stuff I’ve learned this weekend.  If you didn’t already know some of this stuff, I hope it can help you too.  Grim hit 63 Saturday night and 64 Sunday night.  I picked up a shiny new crossbow as well and leveled my skill.  It was a great weekend altogether!


5 Responses to “Grim News”

  1. […] I covered this macro yesterday, so I’m not going over it again.  You can read about it here. […]

  2. Axeminster Says:

    Hey Grim,

    This is my first time checking out your blog, but not the last I think. I have a 70 nelf hunter, but I have come over to the Horde to play with some RL friends, and I am never going back.

    You and I are neck and neck at present. Axeminster (my Troll Hunter) hit 64 yesterday, and should be 65 tonight or tomorrow night. The Gunblade and a fatty ammo pouch are waiting in my bank crying out for me to hit 65 and level my gun skill, and as I sit here at work I swear I can hear them. .

    You are absolutely right though. Once you ingest a little BRK knowhow, and get yourself running in a straight line you become an angry red machine of war and death. BM hunters FTW. Keep up the good work man.

  3. @ Axeminster – Thank you very much much for the awesome comment! I’ve been having so much fun with my hunter lately that I can’t wait to get him to 70. Unfortunately some RL stuff might take me out of game for a few months. Hopefully it won’t, so here’s to keeping my fingers crossed (which, coincidentally, doesn’t make it very easy to type).

    I don’t have any sweet weapons or armor waiting for me, just the knowledge that my sexy MQoSRDPS will become even sexier as I near endgame! Thanks again!


  4. […] skill and practice and you had to weave your shots together, manage your threat, control adds and you could do some pretty amazing stuff when you played them right.  Now, however, it seems, like I push a few buttons and mobs die.  Its […]

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