We Need Help! Having Fun with Naming!

EDIT: So Sy really liked the idea of the contest and he wants to give something away.  So it looks like the prize is going to be a 60-card pack of the WoW TCG for naming the Arena Team.  He can provide more details a bit later.  I also deleted his comment because, and I’m quoting myself here, ‘NO SYLUS, YOU CANNOT SUGGEST NAMES AND WIN YOUR OWN CONTEST.’  So people, tell your friends and suggest away.

Sadly there is no prize for winning the naming my boar contest, except of course for my eternal gratitude and my soul or cake.  You’re choice, but you’re only allowed one. 
Note: The cake is a lie and I have no soul to speak of.

EDIT #2: Okay, all three of us decided we really liked <Serenity Now> so we’re going to change the contest to a 2v2 name, which doesn’t change much as the three of us will all likely be on the team as well.  Sy and Nim, let the people name it!


Okay, so my 62 Hunter, Grimshott, has recently tamed a new Boar.  I can’t for the life of me think of a name for him.

Quick History Lesson: Grimshott is on an RP server, and I plan to RP with him.  I essentially have a backstory written and ready to be posted, but it makes no sense if I can’t have a name for the Boar.  Obviously it will be hard to suggest an RP name for the Boar without knowing a little about the character.  Hmmmm, that’s one of these.  Well, sort of I guess.  Now that I think about it, I’ve never read that novel and it sounds good.  Hmmmm, Note to Self for later: Visit site on interwebz that sells leet books.

I’ve also asked Mania for help.  I sent her an 2 emails (forgot a screenshot the first time) asking for her and her readers’ help in finding a name.  Mania is probably very busy though and I understand it might take her some time to be able to get it on her site.  So, in the meantime, I’m asking for your help.  Yes you.  No, don’t look over your shoulder, I am pointing right at you.  Through the internets.  What, you can’t see it?  Okay, back on track.  So here’s a picture of Grimshott in his full on Outlands Clown suit, with his as-of-yet unnamed Boar.

Okay, in addition to that, here’s a teaser for the as-of-yet unpublished story that will give you insight into how he tamed the Boar.

Setting: Durotar, some canyon or somesuch.

Situation: Grim is out exploring and hears a Boar squealing.  Comes upon the scene.

Scene: The Boar is cornered by 3 raptors, bleeding gashes on its sides.  Grim saves the boar and brings it home where he nurses it back to health.


Okay, cliché? Maybe.  I don’t care, its what I’m going with.  As for the name, I don’t care if it is male or female sounding, I’ll adjust the story accordingly.  I’d like it to be Orc-ish sounding as it would be Grim naming it.  I’d rather it not be too difficult to spell or too long as I’ll probably be blogging a lot about it and I’m a bit lazy.



Okay, so the second part of this is that we need a name for a 3v3 2v2 Arena team for myself (Frost Mage), Sy (BM Hunter) and Nim (MS Warrior). Funny/silly names are acceptable.

Suggest away!


32 Responses to “We Need Help! Having Fun with Naming!”

  1. rabbitandwow Says:

    ooohhh aaaahhh, this is a fantastic idea. I love it. Naming I ain’t so hot at (rabbit and deadrabbit…what? what’s wrong with that?) but I am going to give this a good old college try.

    Boar Naming:

    Kamapua–the name of a mythological swine god. got it here Who knew? A pig god.

    Pearl: yup, willing to pun on “casting pearls before swine”

    Circe: she turned Odysseus’ men into pig in the Odyssey.

    and there is always the tried and true “Bacon”

    Arena Team Naming:

    Sounds Damn Sexy (not only willing to pun but to plagarize)


  2. Thanks for the great suggestions Rabbit!

  3. 3v3 names:

    Five Iron Frenzy (greatest ska band of all time)

    Mandolarian Brotherhood (star wars and wow…come on)

  4. Nim, I’ll tell you what I told Sylus. ‘NO YOU CAN’T WIN THE CONTEST THAT WE’RE HAVING’ Cool names though, I have to admit. If you’re gonna be around tonight I still have most of the dailies to get done and I’d love try pwning MrT again tonight. Yesterday’s attempt was a miserable failure, but that’s never stopped me before.

  5. Shah : named after a Sumerian constellation
    Gullinborsti : named after Frey the fertility god’s pet pig
    Demeter : named after the greek goddess of the pigs. (I really like this one!)

  6. Depends on how late the star wars marathon we’ve got planned goes. But it sounds like fun.

  7. MelRedcap Says:

    For the boar: Grimtuskk 🙂

    For the 3v3: Frost Fire and Flurry ?

  8. Serenity Now

    I don’t care if I am in the contest, that’s the name I want.

  9. @ Tar & Mel – Thank you both for the comments and the great suggestions. As per EDIT 2 – We’ve decided to go with for the 3v3 but have changed the contest for a 2v2 team.

    And thanks for reading 😀


  10. For your boar: How about Bait? I always name my boar Guapo which is handsome as you probably know.

    2v2: Hmm Odd Couple, Tom and Jerry, CSI: Arena (lol)

    I dunno, Arena teams seem so blah to me. If you are winning its cool, but if you have a cool name and suck, whats the point?

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  12. Suggestion for the boar: Orla.
    Or if you like something more male sounding perhaps Urd or Skuld (names of two of the norns)?

    No ideas for the arena team naming, sorry.

  13. Wolfington Says:

    I got that kind of boar recentely as well…
    I named him Soul, I guess it fits for a almost-dead boar that keeps on fighting.

    Goretusk is nice, or Bloodgrunt, but if you actually like Soul you could use that. I just got a Razzashi Serpent, you see, and I plan on using him/her for a while.

    Good luck,
    Bluefur from Cenarion Circle.

  14. Bobo & SgtPork Says:

    Boar name: Piglet

    2v2 name: For the Boar!

  15. for the pig: BritneySpears

    for the arena team:

    1500 and Droping


    Winning is for Suckers

  16. name of boar… keep it simple SusScrofa “wild boar”

    the team? Blood and Sweat.

    (tears are for the losers!)

  17. Suggested names for your boar:

  18. Banefire Says:


  19. With all of the hunter talk going on around here, I started playing on my 26 hunter Burnsides. He had an Ashenvale bear named McClellan (civil war reference, wiki it) but I just recently talked someone into taking me through RFK to get one of the “robo-boars.” I picked the orangish one with metal plates. The plates have some designs on them, one even looks like a horde symbol. Super cool pet, especially since I loves the boar.

    Oh, I named him Vader. “he’s more machine now than boar, twisted and evil….”

  20. For the arena team “Real Men Dont Say Splendid”

    For the pig “faughtzy”

  21. Kolan & Jag Says:

    For the 2v2 team assuming one is a meat shield.

    “Gusher and Plunger”

    Obviously one gushes blood the other plunges arrows.



  22. Bringstone Says:

    Well as boars are particularly gnarly and can bite and gore you have to figure they do a lot of damage – so a name to suit – Ryanah – Rip You A New A Hole or if it is a he – Ryano – Rip You A New Orifice – you don’t have to tell anyone what it means – can be your little secret hehe

  23. Keep em coming guys, great suggestions, and remember, the contest is for the arena team name, so keep em coming, I’m building the deck as we speak….hmmmm, pally deck, or druid deck…..hmmmmmm

  24. Maybe you should explain the prize, since I said in the post that you would and you have yet to…

  25. ooooooo, good point, I’m on it! Right after this meeting I’m about to go out the door for…Seriously, I hate work.

  26. Part 1 – When I saw that your name was “Grimshot”, I got a comic-book vibe from your name, so in theme with that, here are my suggestions for your pet.

    1. Hogwild
    2. Scarsworth
    3. Scuttlebutt
    4. Swiftshank

    Or, for a bit of comedic touch, “Swinefeld”.

    Step 2 – For your 2v2, I suggest the following names:

    1. Chill Kill Cult
    2. Cold Hearted Killers
    3. On The Rocks
    4. Natural Born Chillers

  27. For your boar naming I think “Grimtusk” or “Grimscar” may work. Grimscar appealed to me because after his little raptor delema he would most likely be covered with rather large scars.

    Good luck with the name

  28. Boar Name – Well, its looking like the suggestions have stopped for a while, so I’m gonna take a couple days to look them over and try to make up my mind.

    2v2 Name – I’m gonna have to get with Sy and Nim to decide on a name for this team. We’ll let you know when we make a decision.

    Thanks again to everyone for your great suggestions!

  29. good boar names is always:



  30. dæth tusk

  31. i like that name because it has alt numpad 145 and is a all arroud cool name for a cool pet

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