Much Hunter <3!

Okay, so the other day, I was reading Great Green Hunter, specifically this post, and that led me to another site, Can I Have Your Stuff, (which I agree is an awesome name, all win) with a post about Why People Hate Hunters.  I have to say I totally agree with the reasons given in the post.  Most people do hate (other) hunters for many of the reasons on the list.  So, I decided to spread the Hunter ❤ by making a list of my own: Why (I think) People Love (to play) Hunters.  Ready?

1. Hunters (when played properly) can save a group from wiping.  Healer get aggro from a new add?  Send your pet, turn on growl, hit intimidation + beastial wrath, maybe a pet mend if needed.  The mob is sure as heck not going to be hitting the healer after that.  Tank just drop, same thing, use your pet as an offtank and pray that the healer realizes he needs to now keep the pet alive.  You an engineer with a spiffy trinket?  FD and rez a healer (I know it doesn’t always work, but when it does, you just love it!)

2. Hunters get to have pets and name them too!  Thats almost like having something…. and getting something else too… hmmm. Anyways, how awesome is that.  I’ll bet the majority of hunters are pet lovers anyways (I know I am) and getting to have a pet that doesn’t poop on the rug, bark at the neighbours or fart on you while you’re trying to watch tv is just all win! CAKE!

3. Hunter CC is one of the most versatile CC’s in the game.  It is effective on just about every type of mob in the game, if spec’d and/or used properly it can reapplied for a very long time, and if done properly will give you a great sense of satisfaction that you pulled off something that isn’t easy to master!

4. Feign Death saves on repair bills.  Hey, I realize that other classes may not like that you have this ability, and that they’re praying it gets resisted, but rogues have vanish, mages can go invisible (for a time) and if you have it and you don’t have to pay another couple of gold afterwards, why not? Right?

5. MQoSRDPS.  (For that one guy out there who doesn’t read BRK, first, shame on you, second that is a Hunter’s bread and butter: Massive Quantities of Sustained Ranged DPS!)  If you need an example, you can go check out his and hers Laser Chickens who decided to roll with a couple hunters and were able to 2-man (or 2-person?) WC and SFK.  First off, grats on all the happiness, secondly, holy crap, nice job with the hunters!

6. Hunters can wear any non-plate armor and use any non-mace or wand weapon in the game!  That gives us quite a bit of options to tweak our specs to optimize our MQoSRDPS.

Next: More Hunter ❤

On top of the ones I already mentioned I read a couple other Hunter Blogs on a daily basis (well I check them daily, and read them when they’re updated).  These include Big Red Kitty, Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick and Mania’s Arcania.

Great Green Hunter, we have to say thank you as you are one of the first to add us to your blogroll.  It made us smile and now we read your site every day and it still makes us smile! Much Hunter <3!

A few days after a started, a week maybe, I’m not sure exactly, but BRK gave us some huge link-love on this post.  I’ll come back to this in a minute.

Today I got caught up on reading GLDC and saw this post.  Bre talks about how amazed she was when she got linked by somebody she read and looked up to.  Going back up a few lines, me and Sy know totally how you feel.  We have some serious respect for the BRK, read him religiously and credit him for making a fun class a ba-gazillion times more fun by learning how to play it better!  Much Hunter <3!

And Bre, I love reading everything you write.  And I agree with Suzanne, since this is roleplaying.  Keep writing and we’ll keep reading!  Much Hunter <3!

Lastly, but most definately not least, on to Mania.  If you don’t know, Mania manages another site aside from her blog called Petopia.  Personally, that name is perfect since if you need to know anything about hunter pets, there abilities or, well ANYTHING, Petopia is the place to go.  And Mania puts a lot of time and effort into maintaining the accuracy of Petopia throughout a changing world (of warcraft).  No matter how much we say thank you, its not enuogh, but we should keep trying.  Thank you Mania, we love Petopia.  Much Hunter <3!


16 Responses to “Much Hunter <3!”

  1. Thanks for the “grats” hehe

    I guess the correct term would be 2-person 😛 But I wont get technical on ya! It was definitely fun. I can’t wait until we’re 28 and can hit up RFK and Gnomer…though I think Gnomer will be first. I’ve got my eyes on that beast!

  2. Awww!!!!

    :::::TACKLE HUG!::::
    Thanks Fikkle, for the kind words and shout out! Great work so far, really looking forward to reading more!

  3. @ One Among Many – Your welcome and good luck on the upcoming 2-person destruction that will be Gnomer!

    @ Bre – Thank you right back! I’ve been a ‘lurker’ on the blogs for a while now and finally decided to start writing myself. And I love hearing what other people think 😀

  4. I gotta throw my two cents in here as well. I LOVE reading everyone’s hutner blogs. My main is a hunter, and I have learned so much from BRK, Arcania, I love the green hunting machine, and bre as well! I’m just glad to have the opportunity to help contribute to the blog!!! Thanks for the opportunity fikkle!!! You got much Hunter ❤ too!!!

    Cause you hate it,
    Uncle Sy

  5. ROFLMAO. Thanks dude. And:

    Fikkle tells you No! Not going to happen!

  6. Woot! A new hunter blog. 😀 Welcome to the club, Fikkle — looking forward to lots more from you.

  7. Thanks Kestrel! 😀

  8. See Fikkle, everyone loves you!!! Now, if uncle Sy could get some lovin, he’d feel all right! Back to the RP story…or work, whichever I feel is more beneficial to me…guess which one it will be and you get a cookie! From Canada. Fikkle will send it too you. Really, he will.
    ~Uncle Sy

  9. They get a cookie, you get a 1 gallon tub of mayonaise!

  10. Well, I could always resell it to a mcdonalds franchise…or, mix it with ketchup (make pink sauce) and send it to Scott Johnson of ELR, and the Instance fame…oooooo Imma plug him in a post! lol.
    ~Uncle Sy

  11. Yes do so. I actually haven’t mentioned the podcasts on the sidebar in a post yet.

    ~Sy’s Daddy

  12. WOW, so, if you’re my father, and you are a bit younger than me….did you go back in time, like in that futurama episode when Fry is actually his own grandpa? This has me trippin out…like, star trek space time continuum crap…I need a drink of water.
    ~Uncle Sy….son of a fikkle?

  13. Yes. That is all.

    ~ Fikkle, time traveller extraordinaire!

  14. Lactic Acid Says:

    *waves* what can I say, I think “for the Horde’ is darn sexy sounden – Thankyee for the mention oh Fikkle *grin*

  15. For the Horde is teh sexy! Thanks for the comment! 😀

  16. […] More Recent Hunter ❤ So a while back I did a post about some good ole Hunter <3.  Well earlier I came across a link to my blog and went and checked it […]

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