Bloggers Block, or The Story Rewritten

So, who likes RP? I know I do. In fact, I’ve been spending many hours over the past three days working on a good back story for my lvl 70 hunter, my lvl 19 hunter, and my lvl 5oish warlock. It was coming along really well. The words were rolling off of my pen. ( well, off my fingers, as I was typing them, and not writing them.) I was flying through page after page. I was so proud of my finished work.

It was a great read, it had bad guys, good guys, cats, and demons. The settings were well thought out, the dialogue superb, but it just wasn’t right. I tried to tell myself I was being too stupid, that everyone will love the story. But, I was deceiving myself. I was way out of the wow lore, and had evil hunters, good warlocks, alternate universes, switched personalities, and even a kitchen sink. Yes folks, I had it all. In fact, I had way too much for the story I was writing. So, I’m here to say, I will rewrite the masterpiece! It will be done! The Space-Time continuum will be rectified!!!(I’m not even sure what that means…)

So, until I have it finished, I will not be posting cheesy antic dotes about Fikkle’s exploits, or insightful expositions on the gaming mechanics of pong….It will just be me, typing away, rewriting and editing, throwing out and rewriting, maybe even white-outing(how do you get that off of the computer monitor again?) But, I shall return, bigger, faster, stronger than before! Maybe even with a great read for all of you RP fans. And for those of you who don’t like the RP, well, it’s time to turn on your /skip post emote!

~Uncle Sy

P.S. No Soup for you!


4 Responses to “Bloggers Block, or The Story Rewritten”

  1. You know, one day I’m gonna go through all of your posts and delete this uncle crap

  2. You’re just jealous that I came upwith a catchy gimic first!
    Plus, respect your elders young padawan!

    And just for you…
    ~Uncle Sy

  3. Please, Fikkle is all gimmick… besides i don’t care if you sign with ‘that’ I’m just never, NEVER going to call you that… or refer to it. EVAR. And isn’t it past your bedtime old man?

  4. yes…naps at work, I’m all for that.

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