Aldor and Scryer: Switching Sides

Okay, so I’ve done this twice now. Yes, I know, which is why this post is in the n00bstake category as well. But I figured for anyone else out there who might be considering switching for different benefits or not know how, this is a little summary about it.

Fikkle started off as an Aldor.  I’m not sure why, but it was probably because I didn’t know any better.  Eventually I decided that I wanted him to be a Scryer for the Spellthread pattern so it was off to do a quest followed by a repeatable turn in quest.  Which quests you ask?  Well these ones: Voren’thal’s Visions is the first one you do and you can pick it up from Arcanist Adyria in Lower City.  You have to turn in 8 Dampscale Basilisk Eyes.  These can be found on the Basilisks in Terokkar Forest.  I found that a good place to find them was along the river west of Tuurem.  Once you’ve turned in the quest, you can do the repeatable turn in More Basilisk Eyes.  The turn in can be repeated until you reach Neutral with the Scryers.  In case you want to calculate the math of how many you’ll need to turn in, each turn in is worth 250 Rep with the Scryers and -275 Rep with the Aldor.  Hostile has 3000 points, Unfriendly has 3000 points.  Once you hit neutral return to  the center of Shattrath and pick up the quest to go turn in it on the Scryer rise.

Grimshott started off as Scryer, way back when.  At the time it was because Fikkle was Aldor and I didn’t want to have to grind two toons with the same faction.  Since I started playing him again and Fikkle has since gone Scryer, I decided to take him Aldor. /facepalm.  The quest to switch to Aldor is similar to its Scryer counterpart.  It is called Strained Supplies and requires you to turn in 8 Dreadfang Venom Sacs.  You can pick it up from Sha’nir in the Lower City at level 62.  These drop of the Dreadfang spiders in Terrokar.  Since Fikkle is a tailor, I often farm the Netherweb Spider Silk for tailoring and so I had a lot of these to start.  The best place I’ve found to get them is the Netherweb Ridge on the southeastern tip of the Bone Wastes.  After you’ve turned in 8 venom sacs, you can do the repeatable turn in quest, More Venom Sacs.  As with the Scryer quest each turn in is worth 250 Rep with the Aldor and -275 Rep with the Scryer and is repeatable until Neutral.  Once you hit neutral return to the center of Shattrath and pick up the quest to go the Aldor rise.

Voila, you’re now an official turncoat!


4 Responses to “Aldor and Scryer: Switching Sides”

  1. A regular benedict……I want some eggs…
    ~Uncle Sy

  2. Lol… Eggs Mayonaise? Its a Canadian special we only feed to the people from Oz.

  3. Hey hey now. Don’t knock Kansas yo! We’re almost as cool as Captian Cunuck!

  4. Cool indeed.

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