A Little Less Aimless, A Little More Aimed

So yesterday I wrote about having too many choices.  When I got home yesterday, I did the usual thing, you know, showered, changed, walked the dog.  When I sat down at the computer, I loaded WoW, got to the loading screen and had a choice: Okay, so which of my two accounts am I going to log on to?  I decided that I’d log on to the newer of the two accounts (just for clarification, my 70 Mage and 64 Druid are on my older account, while my 60’s Hunter is on the newer account).  So, choice number one handled.

Okay, so which server do I want to log on to?  Well what are my choices?  I have my old server, ER, my pvp server, Cf, my new server CC, and my Pox Server, Anvilmar.  Hmmmmm…  Cenarion Circle it is!  So I logged into CC, and now my choices are pretty simple.  There’s Grimshott, my Hunter or Bullpwny, my Cow that will be part of the Running of the Bulls, who can’t do anything or get any experience.  So that’s easy. 

Yes, I decided that I wanted to play the hunter, again, last night.  Grim got a lot done last night, which is awesome.  Now that I have four toons above level 60 I’ve realized that you begin to hear that awesome little sound less frequently.  It stops being every other day or every couple of days (depending on your play time) and starts to be once a week or once every second week.  What sound am I talking about?  Well the one everyone has taken to calling ‘Ding’!  And yes, I heard it last night.  Grim ding’d 62 last night and was in the middle of the ‘discover the Mag’har and tell Thrall’ quest line, so I finished that off before I headed to Org for training.  On the way I opened up my bag and realized that I was about 30g short of being able to afford my epic riding training (I’d bought the mount a few days back).  So I alt-tabbed out, loaded wow again and logged Fikkle in on my other account.  Luckily, several auctions had sold and I had more than enough to give him.  In fact, he had enough to pay for the difference for the riding training, to cover the cost for his level 62 training and to pay for a 15g respec which I’ve been wanting desperately.

Since I can’t link the build I want with from work, I’ll try to put it in over lunch, but I know I went 41 into BM again, dropping a few talents that I didn’t think I’d need (Catlike Reflexes?).  In MM I put 5 points into both Lethal Shots and Efficiency and finished the build off with two points in Go For the Throat (I so ❤ that talent).

EDIT: So here is the build I have currently.  I was finding before that with my current (crap) gear that I had a lot of mana issues, hence the efficiency.  I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet since all I’ve really done since respec’ing is farm leather, but I’m hoping that Bestial Discipline + Go For the Throat + Gore = ALL WIN!  Feel free to let me know what you think and totally cut up my choices if you think there’s a good reason. 

When that was done I decided to head to the Drag and do something else I’d been thinking about for a few days.  On the way I unlearned mining (which had been stalled at 292 or so since I didn’t feel like going to look for Thorium) and I picked up Leatherworking.  So, yes, I do know that it would’ve been much simpler to go farm 8 nodes of Thorium than to farm enough leather to skill my leatherworking skill to be on par with my skinning, but I don’t truly need the ore, nor the money from selling it, and I think my hunter could benefit more from leatherworking once I get it on par with my level.

Since I picked it up I’ve been able to get up to heavy leather, so I still have a ways to go, but I’m getting there.


2 Responses to “A Little Less Aimless, A Little More Aimed”

  1. Your leatherworking is like the little engine that could, I think I can, I think I can!!!
    Uncle Sy

  2. Yes, well it seems to be taking long enough. Although while I’m out skinning I’m picking up cooking reagents as well, then checking to see which recipes they’re useful for and sending Fikkle to fly to places to buy them. At least that way I won’t have to come back to farm the same mobs later when I decide I’m ready to level my cooking.

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