19 BGs Aren’t So Scary When You Destroy Everything

Okay, so I may have mentioned before that I’ve never really done BGs at level 19 before.   I tried a couple times but got so utterly destroyed that 1 time was enough for me.  Flashing forward to yesterday, due to some realm problems, Sylus couldn’t transfer his hunter right away once we’d made up our minds, so we decided to try out our twinks.  We played a number of BGs, and I took screenshots of the final scores.  So here they are:

This was our first foray into the BGs.  This was last week, the same night that we both finished off getting our gear and ding’d 19.  It was interesting, but we mostly wanted to see how well we’d survive.  I’d say we did okay.


This was our second foray into the BGs, which was the first last night.  Once again, we were trying to find our groove and see how well we’d do.

 Our third BG.  This is the one where we really started to shine.  We began to form a two man killing team, which our team mates noticed and formed around us.  The hunter in between us on the list joined in and the three of us were devastating, especially when we started to get healed by the druid, who massively topped the heal meter at 5054.

 This was our first true test.  Many of the Alliance players were twinked in this game, and when we first started, I got picked apart three times in a row before me and Sy stuck together again.  We eventually started running with the other two hunters at the top of the list and we were a MQoSRDPS wrecking ball!

 So far, the count is 4 wins no losses.  So our time is being well spent, at least in my opinion.  We did have a lot of fun as well, which is something I could not really say about the 19 BGs before.


One Response to “19 BGs Aren’t So Scary When You Destroy Everything”

  1. It was so much fun! Little Goz had a blast dominating the BG’s. We are a killing combo that is for sure!

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