Hunter Update and Twinking on the Cheap: Gorguile and Ockham

Okay, so Gorg and Goz have been up to a bunch of stuff lately.  This should be was going to be a joint post (if I can get Sy to update his half of it but Sy went away for the weekend and didn’t update his half) but most of it is going to be overlap since Gorg and Goz are wearing almost the exact same things.  So Sy can do up his own post when he gets a few minutes.

Pet for BG: Okay, so I still have my Owl, he’s in the stables at the moment, and that’s because a few days back I decided to head to Azuremyst Isle and tame me a Ravager. 

Sidebar:  Quick story time.  I promise, its quick.  When I got to Azuremyst there was a ?? Gnome Rogue waiting there just off the dock.  I waved, saluted, bowed.  He stealthed.  I started to run.  He sapped me.  It wore off, and I ran away.  Or at least I thought.  Ran to the area with the ravagers and started to tame one.  Rogue shows up again.  Oh crap.  But he was nice and let me finish the taming.  As soon as that’s done I thank him, wave, bow and salute again.  Then I noticed a level 10 (or so) Warrior had arrived as well.  (I was level 16 at the time).  So I waved at the Warrior.  He charged.  The Ravager (level 0 loyalty, unhappy, not trained and level 10 or so) attacked the warrior and I dropped a Conc shot on him, started running, jump-arc shot, sting, run some more, conc shot again… I kited him like a pro, and I have to give a great big hunter thank you to BRK for teaching me how to be a true hunter.  It kept me alive.  That and the fact that the Gnome didn’t attack me as he watched me destroy the warrior (in self defense).  I didn’t push my luck though and since I had no plans to camp him, I hearthed right after I killed him.

Back on track: So it was long, sue me.  I wanted to name the Ravager ‘Razor’ or something like that, but couldn’t think of anything good.  In the end I decided to go with Ockham in honor of Occam’s Razor.  Occam’s Razor is a principle that states “all other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.”1  I realize that the logic there is a bit stretched but I don’t care, I like it. 

Talents:  I looked at a couple talent builds for hunters in the 19 BGs.  Since we’re not going to be the top of the line twinks, I didn’t put as much emphasis as a serious twink would have.  I decided to take two talents that might help me stay alive a bit longer.  Endurance Training in the BM tree for increased Stamina and Imp Concussive Shot in the MM tree for the occassional incapacitating proc.  These may not have been the best choices, but I don’t care, its what I wanted. 

Gear: Most of the gear we got was fairly simple and you can start collecting it at level 10 if you have a higher level friend helping you out (or run multiple accounts). 

***Note for those you do read this.  My hunter has been twinked for 19 BGs but is not a twink.  I plan to level him after he has some of the basic pvp rewards for this level.  With that in mind, this will not be a list for the hardcore twink, but for everyone else looking to survive against the hardcore twink.

Head: [Green Tinted Goggles].  These are crafted with an Engineering skill of 150 and require the same to wear.  I dropped skinning and picked up Engineering to power level for this specific item.  If you’re not willing to put in the time for the [Lucky Fishing Hat], this is a cheap and easy way to get a nice head piece to start out with.

Neck: [Thick Bronze Necklace].  This is crafted by a low level Jewelcrafter.  If you can’t find one on the AH, just ask in trade, as I’m sure there’s a low level Jeweler out there who would truly appreciate getting a little return on leveling their skill.  Once you begin to pvp, the [Scout’s Medallion] (or Alliance equivalent) is a nice upgrade.

Shoulders: [Serpent’s Shoulders].  These drop off of Lady Anacondra in the Wailing Caverns.  Goz got these on the first run and it took Gorguile two more quick runs to pick them up as well.  Definately one of the best shoulders in this bracket.

Back: [Glowing Lizardscale Cloak].  This drops off of Skum, also in WC.  He’s a bit further in, but if you’re worried about xp, you can always wait by the door, have your high level friend clear to him and then come back to get you.  It dropped fairly easy for both of us.

Chest: [Blackened Defias Armor].  This drops from Edwin Van Cleef in Deadmines.  This one took a bit longer for both of us to get, however it did drop after a few runs and the +11 Stamina is very nice!

Wrist: [Savannah Bracers].  This is a quest reward from Returning the Lost Satchel in RFC.  Fairly easy to get and if you’re looking for some extra Stamina, these don’t hurt.

Hands: [Deviate Scale Gloves].  These are Leatherworking crafted.  The pattern is a limited supply recipe which you can find here.

Waist: [Deviate Scale Belt].  In my opinion this is the best belt for 19 BGs.  In fact, my 29 Druid Twink is still wearing it.  Unless you’re specifically looking for a set bonus from the Armor of the Fang or the Defias Set, go with this belt.  The pattern is a quest reward from WC and the belt itself is crafted by a Leatherworker.

Legs: [Dark Leather Pants].  I went with this pair of Leatherworker crafted pants for one simple reason.  They are BoE.  That means I was able to purchase [Clefthide Leg Armor] for about 40g and have my high level toon (60+) put these on for me.  For this slot its all about the CLA.

Feet: [Footpads of the Fang].  These drop off of Lord Serpentis in WC.  He’s a bit harder to get to since he’s the second-to-last boss of the instance (third if you do the event) but if you’re having a higher level run you through, these boots are great for a Hunter.

Ring1: [Seal of Sylvannus].  This is a quest reward from Arugal Must Die in SFK.  I believe it is Horde only, although I’m not sure.  It’s best to get this quest done immediately at level 18 so you don’t have to worry about xp issues.  The stamina is very nice for this level and the ring will most likely last you until you’re 30.  With a high level running you through, have them clear everything while you wait outside, then run in for Arugal himself, loot his head and voila!

Ring2: [Inlaid Malachite Ring].  This is another low level Jewelcrafting ring.  If you have nothing else, this is a decent start.  Alternatively, you could fork out some cash for [The 1 Ring] on the AH.  After you get a bit of honor, the [Legionnaire’s Band] is a very nice upgrade.

Trinket1: [Insignia of the Horde].  This requires 2805 Honor points but is well worth it when you can pick it up.

Trinket2: Unfortunately I’m not aware of any additional trinkets that would benefit you in the BGs that are available at level19.  If you’re smart though, you’ll save enough honor for the [Rune of Duty] which you can start wearing at level 20.

Melee Wpn: [Crescent Staff].  This is a quest reward from Leaders of the Fang in WC.  If you have a high level friend running you through WC, complete this quest at level 11 to get the staff.  I know this may not be viewed as a standard hunter item, however the Stamina and Intellect are very nice, especially considering that I didn’t have much Int on any other items.  More Int = more dps.

Range Wpn: [Venomstrike].  This is another drop from Lord Serpentis in WC.  This is the best ranged weapon for the 19 BGs that a hunter can get.  If you can’t manage to get it to drop, pick up the [Outrider’s Bow] (or Alliance equivalent) instead.  If you want a gun instead [Lil’ Timmy’s Peashooter] is what you’re after.  Unfortunately for you, its a random world drop.  Luckily for you, its BoE, so you may be able to find it at your local AH.

So this is what my hunter is wearing (all except the pvp rewards at this point).  Please feel free to leave comments and criticisms.


5 Responses to “Hunter Update and Twinking on the Cheap: Gorguile and Ockham”

  1. I think Occam is a fine name. I’d get it if I saw you in game.

    By the by, I as well started a hunter…it’s just too much fun not to have a hunter on every server 😀

  2. I know what you mean! It seems like every server I play on, I inevitably start an Orc hunter. I love the Orc racial that increases pet damage and I am true blue (or green or even red I suppose) Beastmaster hunter, so the fit is just perfect!

  3. You can always spend the next 6 years of your life trying to get the arena grand master’s trinket from the STV arena…

    Ooh, but you have two accounts, so maybe it wouldn’t be soooo bad.

  4. Ummm, ya…. Or I can pvp for a little while and then keep leveling… I think I’m gonna choose door number two…

  5. Good call, I’m just saying…

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