Fikkle Moves to Orgrimmar

Having spoke to a few of the ‘seedier’ elements in Brill, I realized that I was not the only one that had been ‘changed’ by this Master Apothecary. 

If he’s been doing this to others, then he is either being supported by those in power or has enough power himself that it doesn’t concern him.  Or both.  In any case, I’m going to have a lot of work to do if I’m ever to get to the bottom of this.  Wait, first I need to get out of Tirisfal Glades.

If this Apothecary did have enough power to be capable of this, I needed to get away from his base of power.  If he were to discover what I knew, what I was planning or that I wasn’t worth the trouble to just dump in Deathknell, then I may never get my chance for revenge.  While I never truly liked the smell of Durotar, I knew it would be the place where the Apthecary’s influence would be the weakest.  Of the others contributing factions to the Horde, the Orcs were by far the strongest and most independent.  I would need that strength to protect me until I’m able to protect myself.

For now, the important thing would be to grow stronger.  But there was one thing that I needed to accomplish before I left Tirisfal Glades.  An old informant of mine, Jeremiah Payson sits within the Trade sector, surrounded by his filthy little creatures.  I often paid him for information as he was in a position to hear a great deal of sensitive information on an assortment of topics.  One can never have too much information.  Even if he hasn’t heard anything yet, I could ask him to remain vigilant and contact me the moment something comes up.

So off I ran to the Undercity.  I doubted any would recognize me now that I looked so different.  But I knew the Cockroach vendor would remember our little meetings.

It was the middle of the night when I arrived at the Undercity, but that hardly made any difference.  As many of the Forsaken walk the halls of the city at night as do during the day.  Shrouded in my robes, I was hoping to remain as inconspicuous as possible, and stuck to the shadows. 

It wasn’t really all that difficult to hide, however.  Most of the people running around the city had their own business to attend to.  The guards walked with a singular purpose that was only interrupted if directly questioned.  I was fairly safe, and made my way down to the little nook Jeremiah had made for himself.

After a moment of confusion, Jeremiah recognized my most familiar greeting.  I sat in front of him and there was a moment of silence before he spoke.

“Ahhh, then it hazz happened to you azz well?”

“What do you mean ‘happened to me azz well’, Jeremiah?”

“You know the proceedure,” he stated.  “My payment hazz alwayss been up front.”

“Unfortunately, I wazz robbed in addition to the resst of thiss,” I replied.  “I have very little I could offer you.”

“Perhapss a sseparate arrangement then?” he hissed at me, an evil grin forming in his lips and echoed in his eyes.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked relunctantly.

“Well, you ssee,” he began.  “My little friendss here don’t get many visitors.  I’m going to need ssomeone to help me sell them in other partsss of Azeroth.  You will be my fensse.  In return for a continued agreement, I will provide you with the information you require azz well azz one to keep for yoursself.  And that sshall be part of the deeal.  For how you will you be able to sell theezze little beautiess if you don’t have one yoursself?”

This deal is going from bad to worse by the second.  It’s most likely going to continue down this path much further before its gets better.  If selling these disgusting things is what it takes, then I have little choice.

“You have a deal.  What have you heard?”

“I’ve been hearing whissperzz,” he continued.  “Nobody wantss to ssay it, but people have been going missing, only to wake up again in Deathknell, as one of the Forssaken.”

“Thiss much, I know.  What elsse?”

“Azz far azz talk, I’ve heard nothing more.  And I haven’t had a reazzon to inquire further up until now.  I will make ssome disscreet inquiriezz, however, and let you know what I find.  For now, here iss the firsst sshipment of roaches to be ssold.”

I accepted the small containers and decided that I would try to sell a few on the Auction Houses.  I have no idea how much interest the Alliance would have in these nasty things, but if they are willing to put up their gold, I have no problem taking it from them.  In the meantime, I should get out of the Undercity and get to Orgrimmar.

I ran off to the Zeppelin tower and waited anxiously for it to arrive.  I was almost to safety.

It pulled in within minutes, and I quickly hid myself in the lowest levels.  A few more minutes and I should be out of his reach for now.

And then I was to safety, at least momentarily, arriving at the great city of Orgrimmar, where I planned to rebuild my life and seek my revenge.

To be continued…


2 Responses to “Fikkle Moves to Orgrimmar”

  1. Hehe…very well done, once again. Love the incorporation of the screenshots! 🙂

  2. Thanks!!! I have a ton of fun RP’ing for my toons. And since when I first started Fikkle I wrote a bunch of RP, it seems very fitting. Maybe I’ll publish those stories at some point as dredged up memories or flashbacks 😀

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