Quel’Danas Put the ‘war’ in Warcraft

While the idea of ‘war’ seems to be an integral part of WoW, I don’t think I’ve experienced it in game on such a scale as in Quel’Danas.  Yes, there are battlegrounds where the entire concept of the activity appears to be making war on the opposing faction.  There is, however, an organizational underlay to BGs (yes, even in PUGs) which seems to counteract this principle.

Each battleground has specific objectives to complete, aside from killing the opposing faction, which generally most players seem to work towards, albeit a bit haphazardly at times.  Also, there is something else that detracts from the BGs feeling like warzones: situational awareness.

In any good study of warfare you will inevitably read about the ‘fog of war’.  Wikipedia describes this as: “the level of ambiguity in situational awareness experienced by participants in military operations.”1  Any gamer who’s tried a strategy game at some point has experienced this concept.  Most games that I’ve played (the Sid Meyer’s Civilization series is the one I’m most familiar with) have some form of fog of war that makes the map visible once discovered, but prevents you from seeing what is happening in that space unless you have a unit nearby.

In Warcraft there is no Fog of War in the BGs. (Disclaimer: I use the Cartographer addon which allows me to see every player on the map.  I’ve been using it so long that I can’t remember whether the in game map has the same functionality.)  By using the map, you can see where every player is in the battleground and who is currently dead or under attack as well as which critical points (flag, towers, graveyards, etc) are being taken.  With other mods (I use Deadly Boss Mods) you can have timers that allow you to see exactly how long it will be until specific objectives are captured and victory conditions are achieved (AB/EotS).

EDIT: When I planned on posting this, I didn’t include anything about large raids on faction main cities where the chaos and destruction seems like it would be on par with what’s going on at QD.  As I’ve never really had the chance to take part in a large faction raid like this, I can only guess that its similar.  If you’ve ever done something like this, what has it been like?

Now take a stroll through a portal with me. Ready? Okay, good.  You see, here we are on the Isle of Quel’Danas.  Look around.  Got your bearings?  Tell me exactly what is going on around you.  Things are being killed, battles are raging, but how many are attacking? Defending? Killing? Dying? 

Right now QD is so crowded that it feels like a true warzone.  There is so much happening that, in game, it feels impossible to track the currents of events (and this is on a pve server.  I can’t imagine how much more chaotic it is on a pvp server).  From what I’ve experienced so far, everyone is running around attacking any mob that hasn’t already been tapped, usually as soon as it spawns.  And currently the respawn rates are extremely fast to accomodate the large number of people doing the dailies, which creates even more confusion and often some interesting situations.  As a Mage, I have to be careful when my mana gets low that I’m not going to be jumped by multiple mobs and destroyed without being able to do anything to save myself.  And sitting down to drink is often risky as there has been several occasions where mobs have spawned on top of me long before my bars have refilled.

I’ve seen countless ‘friendly fire’ incidents where multiple people attack the same target within seconds of each other and often those are members of the same faction.  There is a never ending pile of corpses that litter the entire island.  Often more mobs are killed before the current ones have a chance to despawn.  I stopped a couple times today to just observe everything that was going on around me and it was truly amazing how much activity there is. 

Personally, I’m finding the experience extremely enjoyable as it is adding another layer to the gameplay that I’ve never experienced before.  What about you?


7 Responses to “Quel’Danas Put the ‘war’ in Warcraft”

  1. Despite the lag and the people standing on top of the smith, all is well and fantastic. I’m on a PvP server, and I love to see the little trail of skeletons going into the Instance and the mounds of them around the NPC’s.

    Gotta love that PvP.

  2. How hard has it been to get dailies done? I know on my Mage I’m constantly using AoE’s and if it were a pvp server there would’ve been many times when I would’ve inadvertantly hit opposing faction members.

    My Druid is on a pvp server, however. Unfortunately he’s still only 64. I’m sure soon enough he’ll get there though.

    Thanks for the comment :D!

  3. At least you got your main on Coilfang to 64, mine is sitting at what 52, 53…. it’s been so long sinse I actually played him I forgot which lvl he is! But, my hunters are both at the 19! And, If by chance one of us isn’t on tonite, I’ll get my lady Gozra and her pink flamingo(tallstrider) a few more lvls. She don’t need no stinkin pvp trinket at 19, she can wait till 29 or 39.

  4. Speaking of which, you need to ‘contribute’ to the hunter update post…

  5. I know I know. I’ll get to it, but in my defense, I have been away all weekend, and now I think I’m coming down with the flu…seriusly, the freaking flu dude. I’m feeling all achie, and really cold(all bundled up in my hoodie at work with the heater turned way up…and it’s in the 60’s outside…) I think I’m going home and going to bed. MMMMMMM Bed.

  6. /target the QQ’er
    /cast hunter’s mark
    /arcane shot
    /serpent sting
    /concussive shot

  7. /logout.
    /go to sleep.

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