Mage PvP

EDIT: After publishing this post I realized that Ratshag has asked what everyone has been up to.  So I’m going to answer his question.  Boy, that was easy.  On to conquering the world….

Well, after a three month hiatus from playing my Mage, I decided to go back and do a little pvp this weekend.  First, things first however, I had to go pick up some new threads.  I picked up all 5 pieces of the Silk Evoker’s Battlegear which in hindsight wasn’t totally necessary.  I realized afterward that I had enough Arena points for the Merciless Gladiator’s Silk Handguards.  Once I had some new digs I went out and did some SSO dailies (the first time since the PTR) to get a little coin, and then I decided to pick up a few gems and enchant a few things.  I’m far from finished, but it was enough for a start.

After that, I turned in a whole bunch of marks for honor and then started to hit up the BGs.  I wanted to pick up the Gladiator’s War Staff and needed about 17k honor still.  When I was done Friday this is where I was at:


After some more BGs Saturday morning, I had enough and picked up my staff.  I took a break after I got it, but this was the final count:

There was also one Alterac Valley that I was extremely pleased with.  I managed to keep myself alive and was receiving heals throughout.  I ended up topping the HK list with 246.

Now that I have my nice shiny new staff, I’ve been thinking that I’m probably going to continue to do BGs with him.  Which reminds me, Euripedes has posted an excellent guide on how to gear a fresh 70 Mage for pvp.  Props to him for the hard work.  Although I haven’t followed the order he suggested, I have picked up some of the items he’s recommended.  So the next thing I will be getting is my Medallion of the Horde.  And yes, in hindsight, I should’ve gotten that first.  There have been countless times when I’ve been CC’d and my damn Insignia was on cooldown.  /facepalm.


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