A Calling Out

EDIT: I apologize to BELLWETHER for the unintentional misspelling of her name. Corrected.

We, here at For the Horde, have to take a minute to call someone out.  Bellwether, over at 4 Haelz, has written a scathing post about our beloved War Chief, the great Thrall.  Bellwether’s complaint?  Thrall is a Noob.

While we may not disagree with the fact that Thrall may have been a Noob when he escaped from the Humans in Old Hillsbrad, we would like to remind Bellwether that everyone was a Noob at one point.  We all started out in the Noobie zones, not being able to move at speeds faster than travel form.  When we all started out I seem to remember grey and white gear that was all we could find.  At first we may have had no idea that we’d have to wait for someone to get mana back (mana, is that like special candy?).  At some point or another, I’m sure we all face pulled a group or two that caused our illustrious band of adventurers to wipe horrifically all over the floor. 

Thrall, you may have been a Noob.  We, here at For the Horde, believe that you have come a long way since your Nooblet days in Old Hillsbrad.  And if Bellwether would like to test the theory and prove whether or not you are still a Noob, than we challenge you, nay, we CALL YOU OUT, to put together a raid on Orgrimmar and get some photographs of a blood-greased Thrall, smeared all over the floor of his personal Throne Room.

If by any stroke of luck that Bell succeeds, we know that the Horde will be fine as we’re all aware of Thrall’s Heir Apparent.  He may have some weird ideas on what to do with the Horde, but we figure if we can all have a nice steak BBQ afterwards, what’s the biggie?

Oh, and Bell, if you really would like to add insult to injury, you could always try some of your own advice.

Good luck, and FOR THE HORDE!


2 Responses to “A Calling Out”

  1. Now, now. Let’s not let things get out of hand. 😉

    First of all, hon, I’d have understood if I could travel form past the bugger if he was on foot. But the Orc was a level 60-something Elite at that point in his life, and so had 60+ levels of experience on him. I’m glad to see that his ?? boss status has gained him some mad skillz, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a noob in Durnholde. If you’d run it, you’d have to agree. Other upstanding members of the Horde have agreed with me.

    Now, I’ll still see if I can round up some folks to knock some sense into Thrall, but I’m not counting on it. They’re notoriously lazy folks, Alliance, and it’d be a shame to cause Thrall and Jaina to break up over his youthful stupidity.

    Still, I’ll bring it up to my guild, if only to revenge the misspelling of my name 😉

  2. @ Bellwether: Firstly, I apoligize for the name thing. We at For The Horde always like to do our Call Outs properly.

    Secondly, I’ve been to Durn, and while I’m not debating the fact that Thrall WAS a noob, I’m saying that he no longer is. And like the post says, we were all noobs at one point. Old Hillsbrad was when Thrall was just starting out. Now, things are different. Which is the point of the challenge.

    Thirdly, while an upstanding member of the horde has agreed with you, we suspect that has something to do with the recent ‘Ratshag for Warchief’ campaign.

    Finally, if you do get some screenshots, I will personally herald them here at For the Horde as I put my full support behind the heir aparent.

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