The New (female) Toon

I’m such an altaholic. Plain and simple. Fikkle and I have two hunters that we are lvling together. That is cool, but it does have one downside. If I’m not on, he can’t lvl his hunter. If he’s not on, I can’t lvl my hunter. I really want to play a hunter. So, I did what any good altaholic would do, I started another hunter.

Now, I’ve got a new hunter to play, and am really excited about this toon, just like I’ve always been excited about all the toons I’ve played! I am going to try something diffarent with this toon. I rolled an orc female. Yes, I’m breaking down and playing a female toon…but, I’m RP’ing that it is my other hunter’s sister, so it’s justified….isn’t it? …well?…OK.

Also, I am going to try to get exalted with as many factions as I can before hitting lvl40. I first heard about this idea from Renata at World of Warcast. She posted about it also on her blog, Citizen Azeroth. She hit exalted with three factions before lvl 40 on an alliance toon. I can do this, if I just set my mind to it! (That sounded like a line straight out of an 80’s cartoon with a moral message… like the smurfs of something) I’ll update you all to the progress of this project. Yes, I’m copying her, mostly to see if I can do it too!

So, if you are running around the Coilfang server, and see a cute little green orc with lots of piercings and a pony-tail-hawk named Gozra, say hi! Chances are she’ll be cheerful enough to say hi back!(depending on if it is her time of the month…Orc’s and menstral cycles don’t mix well)

Until next time,

~Uncle Sy


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