Deciding on Mage Talents

In a previous post, I asked for some input as to how I should spec my Mage for leveling.  I’ve made up my mind about how to spec my mage(s).  I decided to try out the Deep Frost build with the Mage I’m going to be leveling on Coilfang (pvp), which you can find here.  I think the added control and survivability will be more of an asset since I’ll be soloing a bit.

As for the Mage that will be joining Pox Arcanum, I’m going to give the Elemental build a try, which you can find here.  I think this will be a well balanced build that will help to control the ‘double crit pyroblast/fireballs before the tank has a sunder armor on the mob’ while still giving me some nice damage abilities and some mana efficiency.  I may lose some other utility talents like Imp Counterspell, Clearcasting and PoM, but I’m willing to give it a try and see how it goes.

Thoughts, comments, criticism?


I’m also working on a post for my Pox Arcanum Mage.  I’m hoping to have it done in a few days.


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