A One Thousand and Three-Word Report

That is all!


3 Responses to “A One Thousand and Three-Word Report”

  1. Sylus, you will not be allowed to silence the masses. Comments will be allowed. The people must feel free to express how seeing this pic makes them feel…. Express away people… quick, before he locks comments again!

  2. …..very sneaky……lock the comments, so I won’t say anything about the big bear butt in my face in that picture…..then turn them on again, and blame me…..very, very, very sneaky…..I’ve got my eye on you mister.

    /em plucks his left eye out, and throws it at Fikkle.

    That’ll teach you…

  3. Sooooo, I aparently owe someone an apology. Aparently, I may have inadvertently locked the ability to post comments on this thread without realizing it. After seeing it locked I automatically assumed that someone ELSE had locked the comments so that people couldn’t laugh that they had a big furry but in their face. What I’m not sorry about though is Klingons. Sometimes, you just gotta deal.

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