Totally Off Topic

This post is going to be totally off topic and pretty random.  If that doesn’t interest you, go ahead and check back when there’s another update.  You’ve been warned.

I HATE Roll Up The Rim To Win.  I SEETHE with HATRED at this stupid game that I never win.  Sure, I get the odd free coffee out of it, but that hardly covers the cost of what I pay to play.  (/breath)

Sidebar: Those of you not from ANY part of Canada (I’m sorry for you) or from New York, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Kentucky or Maine, I know you have no idea what I’m talking about.  Well maybe a few do, who live close / travel to these areas.  Or any American Servicemen/women that have been over to Kandahar might know as well.  (Yes, Canadians have a coffee/donut shop on their base in a warzone)  All these places have Tim Hortons franchises.  You may see them sharing a building with Wendy’s, since Wendy and Tim had a thing for a while.  It wasn’t anything like Jack and Diane, but it was something.

Back on Track: This is Roll Up The Rim To Win.  I know, I know, you’re saying, so what, no big deal.  Well it IS a big deal in Canada.  Everyone who’s anyone likes Tim Hortons (unless we suspect that they may be from far off and strange places where they drink something other than coffee).  RUTRTW is like an annual holiday where we all drink more coffee than the normal ‘more’ coffee than we’re supposed to.  Sure its a contest thingy and we all know the stupid odds for something like that. 

But I’m sick of it.  (Not the coffee, which I love, the contest).  As I said before, I sometimes win a free coffee, but when I go get my free coffee you know what happens?  I LOSE! Its a never ending vicious cycle of despair that even when you think “Awesome, I totally get a free coffee” only drags you down further when you realize that you’re free coffee is just another disappointment.  I would totally be fine with paying the regular amount for all my coffees for the entire year if they just gave me one of those cups they have sitting on the shelf at Corporate Headquarters.  You know, the ones that are WINNERS!

I’m not sure how many bloggers feel my pain.  I’m sure Matticus might know what I’m talking about.  What do you think Matt, am I nuts?



New Topic: While doing the least amount of work possible to reasearch this post (yes, I’m lazy), I found that today’s featured article on Wikipedia’s Main Page is about the Victoria’s Cross or VC.  The VC is an award that was created back when this meant this.  There were also some others that were part of that as well, and the highest possible award that could be given to any soldier or sailor (and later airman/woman) was the VC.  It’s awarded for:

“most conspicuous bravery, or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice, or extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy”

In other words, its given for valour, “in the face of the enemy”.  The medal has not been awarded in such a long time that the last living recipient of the award, Smoky Smith, died in 2005*.  I thought it was nice to see some Canadian history up on the front page of Wikipedia, especially with a large number of troops currently in harms way over in Afghanistan.  (Did I mention I was a history major in College? No? I was)

*EDIT: The last living Canadian recipient.  There have been service people from other countries that have been awarded the VC since.


Along the same lines as the VC.  Today marks the 91st Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, a battle during the First World War in which the Canadian Corps fought as one force for the first time and successfully spearheaded an attack against the German forces.  The battle ultimately led to the promnient role the Canadian forces played in the offensive that spanned the last 100 days of the war.  Quite a feat for our country at the time.


Story Time: Back to WoW for 1 min.  Last year, the guild I was was getting close to having enough players ready for Kara.  But we had no Priests and conventional logic said we needed a Priest.  We also had too many Mages.  So I rolled a priest and power-leveled him until the Kara plans fell off the table and the guild ultimately dissolved.  He made it to level 62 before I put him on the shelf.  During that time I decided to search out resources for a Priest.  The first I found was the World of Matticus, which I read with much enthusiasm.  I still read it as often as I can, but the point is that Matt is the one who introduced me to the entire blogging world (of warcraft) and this great community.  So a quick thank you to Matticus before I go on.


Lastly, since its always been a Canadian tradition this time of the year for all Canadians to participate in one of the greatest pass times ever, I have a proposal for Matticus.  Matt, I’m truly sorry that your team is no longer in the running for the Holy Grail of Hockey.  I do not want to rub it in that my team did make it, but I was hoping that since you don’t have a team to support for the rest of this season, you may want to throw your support behind my team in the hopes that they crush and kill whatever team it is that you truly hate.  Unless that’s my team.  In that case, too bad.


I apologize again for the randomness, but you were warned!  Mmmmm Double double….


5 Responses to “Totally Off Topic”

  1. Would you like a turkey sandwich with that awesome side of randomness?

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. turkeyyyyyyyyyyyy…….

    Only if you put mayo on it. and then lick the spoon…. Go on, lick it!!!! *shakes fist*

  3. I will cheer for any team that isn’t Calgary, Edmonton, or Toronto.

    Although right now I have Ottawa and Dallas in the finals with Dallas in 5. But hey, we’ll see!

  4. Well I’ll cheer for anyone but Toronto, Ottawa and Detroit… I find thought that whenever I pick a team there’s usually a huge upset and someone else wins. It’ll be fun to watch though, guaranteed.

  5. […] coffee two days in a row, so I braved the snow and managed to make it to the local Tim Hortons (see here).  Surprisingly, the wait in the drive-thru was only about five minutes, compared to the normal […]

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