Helping a Newbie Revisited

Yesterday I talked about the value of helping others in game, of being a Good Azerothan.  Well I got the chance to put my gold where my mouth is last night by helping out someone who is completely new to the game.  I’m not sure if he’d be okay with me posting his name, so I’ll just refer to him as ‘the Newbie’ for the duration of the post.

Now the Newbie is one of Sy’s IRL friends.  Sy convinced him to get the game and got him pretty much set up.  A few days back they played a little and the Newbie made level 6.  So last night Sy was able to get all the ventrillo information to the Newbie who was then able to join us on vent, which made the process of helping much simpler. 

Now, the Newbie did something that was really funny, something I’m sure we’ve all done at one time, you know, that time back when we were the Newbie.  But that is his story to tell, so you’re not getting any of that from me.  What you will get is another addition to the n00bstake series.  This was probably not my first n00bstake, although it is one of the earliest that continues to stand out in my mind.

Setting the Scene: Fikkle had just finished questing in the Ghostlands.  Dath’remar had been sundered and Tranquillien welcomed me as an Exalted Champion of their fairly abandoned and people-less settlement.

Sidebar: Okay, seriously, there are what 20 people in that little town.  So you get exalted with Tranq and 20 people love you.  That is supposed to be awesome I know.

Back on track: Well, I knew a few things at this time:

FACT: There were level 20-30 zones that I could go to to continue leveling. 

FACT: Ashenvale was one of those zones. 

FACT: There was a Zepelin between Orgrimmar and the Undercity. 

FACT: Once in Orgrimmar I could easily go to Ashenvale and continue leveling.

FACT: When I opened my map, cartographer allowed me to see that running from the Ghostlands to the Undercity didn’t seem like it was that far of a run.

FACT: The Orb of Translocation did not exist to me.

The good part: So, since it appeared that it wasn’t all that far to get from Ghostlands to Undercity, I could easily make the corpse run and then not have to go back to Silvermoon again, at least until I was a high enough level to be able to survive the Plaguelands.  /startrunning.





You get the idea.  I know I died enough times that every piece of armor in my bags and on my character were 100% broken.  I also know that that happened long before I gave up.  I obviously spirit res’d in the centre of EPL once I died for the first time close enough to it.  After that, I tried corps running toward the border of WPL. 

 If only I can make it just a little bit further, these monsters should stop killing me.  Its only a little bit further, only a little bit further.

Eventually I got so frustrated about not being able to take 2 steps before I was again dead that I decided that this couldn’t possibly be the way from Silvermoon to UC.  Of course it wasn’t.


/g “Hey does anyone know how you get from Silvermoon to UC?

“Ya its easy, theres a teleport orb thingy in the same building as the MAGE TRAINER.  Its really easy to find, just keep running toward the back til you see it.  That will take you right to UC.”

/g “Oh would you look at that” /killmenow



Back to the topic of the post, the Newbie had to take off before we all really got a chance to get started, however I was able to help him learn a few things.  Since the Newbie is playing a Rogue for now, we’ll use Rogue examples for the following.

10 Fikkle Lesson’s to Teaching The Newbie How To Play:

1.  Get him/her bags for god’s sake.  Without em, they will just remain ignorant.  With them, they will actually become aware of how important bag space is when first starting out. Do it! so say we all…

2.  Show him how to put abilities on the action bar.  Make sure that you include alternate action bars as well, like stealth for a rogue.

3.  Show him/her how to actually use the abilities they’re given.

4.  Make them practice. 

5.  Repeat #4 until they hate you or they’ve got it down.

6.  Provide a Turkey sandwhich in case someone gets hungry.  Most likely that Turkey sandwich will be required by Fikkle.  Send Fikkle your Turkey sandwhich.  If said sandwich includes mayo, send it to Sylus.

7.  Let the Newbie do what they want.  Obviously if they’re not having fun, they won’t be logging back in very much.

8.  In addition to #7, if said fun includes such things as running through EPL at level 20, it is best to let them have their fun.

9.  In addition to #7 and #8, said fun is allowed to be disrupted by the occastional practical joke.  Said fun is also allowed to be encouraged by the occasional practical joke.

10.  Let them solo a little bit.  It will force them to learn things for themselves and not be afraid to solo later on in the game.  It is during #10 when #9 can be most effective. 



3 Responses to “Helping a Newbie Revisited”

  1. #11 Make them read things for themselves. It does them no good for me to tell them 5 times what a spell does, have them find the spell, read it out of the tooltip, and work things out for themselves. It’s so easy for me to want to do everything, or tell them everything they want to know, only to have it fall out of the back of their heads. Seriously, stuff falls out the back of their heads. I’ve seen it. Really.

    I talked to “Newbie” on the phone today, and he’s looking forward to seeing what Azeroth has to offer, at his own speed. Which all of us know, our first toons take the longest to learn, longest to lvl, and longest to perfect( As if I’ve ever perfected a toon in wow). Today’s he’s like that young Padawan, that has so much potential, so much spirit, and such a high Midaclorean count…..One day, he will be the one that will bring balance to the force……or become an evil sith lord and lay waste to it….yourcall. But until then, we must all do our part to help them all.

    See Fikkle, I’m not a total NOOB BASHER!!!!

    ~Uncle Sy

  2. Hey you’re totally right dude, not a Noob Basher… I’ll just keep it under my hat what you said about him after he logged off… Don’t worry you’re secret’s safe with me… What secret? I don’t even know what you’re talking about! Who am I again?

  3. /agree with everything in this post.

    Time is the most important factor in the development of a good n00b. And yeah, sy is right, make them read it and figure it out themselves. Because if we start talking about max hit for white damage and uncrushable at 490 and PoM SS with a CC/DPS…they’ll give up.

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