What a night. I got home late last night, and I just couldn’t go to bed like I know I should have done. It was after 11 pm, and I had to be up early for work the next day (by 6 am).

“It’ll be okay,” I told myself, “Just one run around the Arathi Highlands to mine iron, no one will be out, you can do this in fifteen minutes and be in bed in twenty.”

When, all along, the appropriate thing to tell myself would have been, ” GO TO BED YOU SMACKTARD!!!”

So, I’m strolling around the zone, on my faithful felsteed, mining my own business,(did you catch the play on words there, I’m very, very sneaky sir.) when I see a shiny node on my map….then another, then yet another! Wow, three iron nodes within a few feet of each other!! I’m on cloud nine. So, I see their are a few witherbark trolls roaming around, and think to myself, my pet can handle them, I’ll go mine. I send Phanthang(my blueberry) into the fray, while I go in for the nodes. Sweet, three iron nodes all to myself! I’m through the first node, and starting the second when I look up, and my blueberry is toast….I wonder to myself, why in the world would 2 witherbark trolls kill my blueberry…..that’s when it hit me, literally, serpent sting, arcane shot, auto shot, auto shot, OH CRAP, I”M GETTING GANKED!!!!

I turn in a flash of the mouse, start dotting up my assailant, an ugly night elf hunter! I hit my howl of terror as fast as I can to get the trolls off of me, and try to make quick work of the idiot that is 12 lvl’s below me. No such luck, what I didn’t see was his druid friend stomping me from behind. At this point I was hacked. I went down really quickly once the druid ate my backside for a late night snack. I didn’t even get to see what lvl he was before he made short work of me.

So, in conclusion kids, watch your backs on them pvp servers, and never succumb to the shiny as I did. Maybe I learned my lesson, probably not.

~Uncle Sy


2 Responses to “OOOOOOOOO, Shiny”

  1. You know, its really funny… I’m always saying “GO TO BED YOU SMACKTARD” to you as well… What a coincidence!!! You got ganked by two allys 12 levels below you? WoW, I’m thinking I might have to revoke your membership to the Horde faction! Oh, and no refunds!

  2. Actually, it got me thinking… Go re-read your comment on the post “The Good Azerothan”… KARMA!

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