Give an Orc a Fish…

“Give an Orc a fish, he’ll turn into a Ninja for an hour.  Teach an Orc to fish, he’ll be a Pirate for the rest of his life!”

A recent comment by Messyah led me to check out WoW Jones, a great site with many helpful hints and tips on making money.  Since I recently re-rolled on a pvp server, I was faced with the problem of having no sugar momma for the first time since I started my first main.

WoW Jones has discussed strategies for making money and talked about the value of fishing and cooking before, and I’d like to emphasize these benefits as well, since they were the means with which I became self-sufficient as a lowbie on a new server.

I have to also give credit to Sylus for the idea, as he’s the one who made me first realize the true benefits it could bring (prior to finding WoW Jones).  Sylus was lucky enough to get the cooking recipe for Savory Deviate Delight while killing things in the Barrens.  Once that happened, he leveled his cooking and fishing to the point where he’d be able to catch Deviate Fish and cook them using his new recipe.  After a little while, he told me that he’d made a considerable amount of gold, and this was before we’d even hit 20.

So I decided to follow suit, and I leveled my fishing skill and then using my amazing abilities as a Druid, stealthed down into the Wailing Caverns where I fished in the pond right outside the entrance to the instance.  I found that I could get about two full stacks of Deviate Fish in about an hour of fishing down there.  So each day, I’d spend an hour getting myself a couple stacks and list them on the AH.  On the coilfang server, a stack of Deviate Fish sells for about the same price as a Netherweave Bag (~ 5g to 6g).

After the first week, I had enough gold to outfit my first two characters with 4 16-slot bags each.  After the second week, two more toons.  After that, I decided to save my money and bought the recipe for SDD myself.  The cooked fish were selling for about twice the price of the uncooked fish, so I felt it was a pretty solid investment. 

The end result?  I was able to make myself totally self-sufficient on my new server.  What this meant is that my first toon I was able to semi-twink for BGs at level 29, including some gear and some enchants.  All of my toons had full 16-slot bags before I had reached level 30.  My second druid was able to keep a full set of resto gear and a full set of feral gear suplementing what I didn’t get as drops with AH purchases.  At level 40 I was able to fully pay for my mount and riding training without the usual gathering professions (my first toon was an herbalist/alchemist and my second toon was a miner/engineer and all mats were used for crafting). 

After level 40 I decided to stop the daily fishing sessions and only went back when I specifically needed funds for something.  At the time, my fishing had been maxed out and I hadn’t yet finished the Nat Pagle quest line to increase the level cap on my skill.  I have since finished it and will be getting back to fishing sometime soon to help level my skill.

Another added benefit while fishing in WC was the trash fish that I caught.  Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper is by far the most common fish you’ll catch, and ultimately you will end up vendoring a number of stacks.  However, since I don’t necessarily want to level fishing on all of my alts, I was still able to level cooking without much added effort.  I would send all of the extra trash fish that I received to one of my alts and I would use them for cooking until the recipes were grey.  The fish would then get sent to the next alt, rinse and repeat.  (Note: since the Mud Snapper is much more common, cook it as soon as you’re able and don’t move on to the next recipe until it is all the way grey.)

At some point, fishing specifically for Deviate Fish will cease to be more profitable than going out to grind or quest in a level-appropriate area, but until then, this is a great way to make a bit of cash if you’re just starting out or starting fresh on a new server.  Also, if you want to start fishing for Deviate Fish before you’re high enough to make it into WC by yourself, you can follow this excellent guide by Rabbit over at The Rabbit and the WoW.  I have to warn you though, there may be squirrels, variety shows, and some really awkward moments.  (Note to self: Stop fishing in Orgrimmar)

I know this is much easier for Horde to do than Alliance, however, if anyone has any great tips for how its done Ally-style, please feel free to post in the comments about it.  I know my Dwarf Hunter will greatly appreciate it!


4 Responses to “Give an Orc a Fish…”

  1. Oooh, you went fishing in Orgrimmar? Any possibility you found my shin bone? Guess I was doing the butterfly stroke too vigoriously last weekend. Be a peach and send it to me C.O.D.

  2. “Ummmm…. ya…” *Stares at the ground* “Well, its like this, you see, Gorguile just got this new baby Ravager, who happens to be teething at the moment…” *Rubs the back of his neck* “Well I figured a bone might help and I don’t need this thing, so……” *Puts hands out in a reassuring way* “But don’t worry, the Ravager was really young, I’m sure he hasn’t chewed through it yet… Besides, a few teeth marks aren’t going to make you really mad are they?” *Awkward silence* “Ya, I’ll go get the bone back, you just wait right here, two minutes, I swear. *Runs off*

  3. Ah don’t worry…what’s a few teeth marks? Adds character. Hmm, but does the lil Baby Ravager have a taste for Undead now? Might want to put a muzzle on ’em before he travels to Undercity.

  4. “Well I managed to get your shin bone back. It still looks functional, even if its gnawed on one end.” *Hands the bone to Rabbit* “As for the taste for the Undead thing, well the Ravager actually got pretty sick. Not sure what was in the bone, but he didn’t seem to like it all that much. Gorguile told me he’s gonna be heading to Warsong Gulch very shortly, so I’m sure the baby Ravager will develop a taste for all those pretty Alliance races soon enough!”

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