Let me take a moment to introduce myself

So, nice to meet you, I guess I want to start off with a…..what’s that? yes, you in the front row. You want to know who the heck I am, and where is fikkle? Well, nice to meet you too! Lets not skip the pleasantries or anything.

So, back to my origional rant, before I was so rudly interupted ( or was that voice in my head, not sure…).  You can all call me Sylus. If you haven’t noticed from Fikkle’s previous posts we have been running around Azeroth together for a while now, and are both two of the biggest Altaholic’s we know. Let me tell you a little bit about me before I jump into some uber-thirteen-thrityseven news about what’s going on in the wow-world.

I’m pretty new to the blogging community. I tried my hand at a wowrp blog about my old main toon, Sylus from Earthenring, but that stopped after a while. Not that I was done writing, or done playing that toon when I quit, but I just decided that It was more fun to play Sylus then write about him. That’s also when my altism kicked it up a notch. I was all over the realms, trying out this and that, running too and fro. Heck, with all the alts, I couldn’t keep the rp straight from one toon to the next! Was Kovari the drunk farmer turned priest, or was he the poligamist troll from the south of Durotar??? Things get so confusing in my head when I don’t get them down in writing sometimes!!!

At the moment I’m busy playing on the pvp server coilfang. I’m not sure if this is a server I would want to call home, as it has a very low population. This isn’t a bad thing for lvling, but once I hit the big 70, and want some good world pvp( if that is something I will be interested in at 70) then there might be another need for a relocation, but for now Coilfang is a great place to be.

So, that’s enough for now. I’d hate to overload your brains with the knowledge my head contains, so until next time remember, if you want to cure that altism, take a hammer to your computer. Now that’s quiting cold turkey!!!!



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