A Little of This, a Little of That

So I didn’t get much done this weekend as far as leveling with Anteaus.  He’s still at 64, but he’s much further through.  Instead, I took the weekend to help out where I could, play some Alts, and work with Sylus on getting our Hunters geared for BGs at 19. (/shudder)

Speaking of which, I’ve never done more than one or two WSGs at level 19 with any character.  Albeit I’ve never twinked before, but I’ve always been utterly destroyed when venturing forth into the unsafe domain of twinks. 

Both Gorguile and Goz hit 18 last night, so we’re getting close to the bracket cap as far as xp goes.  While, we don’t plan on twinking our toons at level 19 (at least not permanently), we have done a little work on getting them some of the best gear available at their level.  Last night we did several runs with our mains to take each other’s alts through WC to pick up some much needed items.  Gorguile is now sporting three pieces of the Armor of the Fang, Serpent Shoulders and Venomstrike.  He’s pretty well prepared.  There’s three things I’m missing at this point (aside from enchants).

I still need to pick up Seal of Sylvannus, Blackened Defias Armor and to drop skinning and level engineering to 150 so that I can powerlevel it quickly to make Green Tinted Goggles only to drop it again after we stop BG’ing at level 19. (/endrunonsentance)

So thats all that’s left.  Tonight we’re most likely going to be bringing our mains through Strat in order to help Reav get his level 60 Pally mount.  After that it will be a quick clear of SFK for Arugal Must Die and then tomorrow hopefully on to Deadmines.  Not sure how many run-throughs it will take and I’ve only ever been to VC once, so it should be fun and interesting.

I was also able to get my new mage, Fikkel, up to level 10 over the weekend.  I’ve been sending him a lot of spare linen cloth as well as any and all trash greens that I don’t need.  I spent a good deal of time leveling both his tailoring and enchanting skills, so he’s got a few self-made pieces of cloth with a few nice enchants on them (at least for a lvl 10).



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