Altaholic, (not so) Anonymous

Since I promised to post about my alts, I decided I should probably do it before I forgot.  I’m only going to consider the toons that I’m actually playing right now (or at least intend to play in the next little while).


My new Main and one of my Druids, currently at level 64.  I (mostly) took a break from him over the last few days after a few weeks of solo levelling.  He’s spec’d Feral (kitty) for now, but I’ll be switching him back to Resto sometime between level 68 and 70.



Zaels was my first character on the PvP server.  My second Druid, currently he’s at 29, and is a minor twink who I take into AB and WSG every once in a while.  I believe I will level him eventually, but for now, he’s staying put.  Herbalist/Alchemist.


Juris is a Paladin.  I had never played a Paladin before and was interested in how the mechanics (seals/judgements) were different for the class.   He’s currently at level 16 and probably has full rested bonus, but I enjoyed playing him and will go back soon.  Miner/Jewelcrafter


Seen here with his Imp, Jubbis, my Warlock Komen is currently sitting at level 20.  I’m not sure how often I will be playing this toon since, to be honest, I have found that I’m not enjoying the mechanics of the Warlock as much as I thought I would.  I’m still willing to wait and see however, and since he’s a Tailor/Enchanter, his skills would be helpful at higher levels.


Tonanee is my third Druid (yes, third).  Having enjoyed leveling the first two so much, I decided that I would probably enjoy a third, and once they all hit 70, I’d be able to have one spec’d into each tree without costly respecs.  I know, I’m a nut.  He’s currently a level 18 Skinner/Leatherworker.


 This is my Shaman.  He’s currently sitting at level13.  I’ve found it enjoyable and relaxing when I play him and I’m likely going to continue with a nice liesurely pace while he continues to level.  Skinning/Leatherworking.


Underhoof is my Warrior.  He’s got some history the same as my hunter.  I had another warrior a while back by the same name that I just couldn’t get into.  Well I still really liked the name, and I wanted to give the Warrior class another chance.  He’s currently at level 9 and I plan on the same calm pace with him as I will be taking with Maha. 



Currently, this hunter is at level 17.  I’m planning on twinking him, once I have the right amount of gold to be able to do so properly.  He will be twinked in the 29 bracket and will replace Zaels as my twink character.


Seems Fikkle caught some black death thing and woke up in Deathknell as a measley level 1.  All that work out the window apparently.  And for whatever reason, they decided to change his name to the American spelling.  Now that’s just plain mean! (So this is my new mage.  I’m fairly certain this time around I’m going to try out frost as a levelling spec.  Currently only level 6).



Since I’ve discussed him in a previous post, I won’t get too much into it here except to say that he’s currently level 13 and looking for new chest armor. (/shudder) 


Now I have a confession to make.  While, the title of the blog is <For the Horde> and I have generally only ever seriously played Horde side, I have decided to try out a Dwarf since I feel like I haven’t even seen half the quests and half the content.  Due to the nature of PvP servers only allowing you to have characters on one faction, my Alliance alt was created on a separate server.  I’m goin to borrow from Ratshag and spin it that he’s undercover for the Horde in a Dwarf costume.  Although this costume seems to work a bit better than his since it didn’t turn me into a Priest or worse!

Dwarf Costume:

So here’s Gorguile in his Dwarf costume.  He decided to leave Steve and Bob back in Orgrimmar and get a pretty kitty in order to blend in more with the locals.  This is Sam. 

So, how do I manage all of these alts? I have no idea.  I think there may be something wrong with me… very wrong.


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