Oh How Sweet It Is

So I found Bob last night.  He’d flew off to some far away place where all the people have crazy hair cuts and live in a big tree.  I mean, I know tree houses were cool, when I was six, but these guys must have never grown up.  Here’s Gorg with Bob:

Anyways, Sy came with me and we both decided to make a day of it.  The run up to Auberdine was fairly uneventful.  There was only one Alliance character that spotted us in all of Ashenvale and Darkshore (up to Auberdine) and he didn’t really seem all that interested in attacking us.  Funny thing is, as soon as he saw us, he mashed the stealthed button.  We figured he was gonna attack, until he didn’t.  We kept on running and he never caught up.  He probably saw two Hordies and figured ‘O crap!’ so he stealthed and hid before he saw our levels.  Fine with me.

Auberdine wasn’t actually as bad as I remember it, I mean, aside from all the crazy Elves.  But the corpse run was worth it because before long, we’d reached the portal into Darnassus and were able to Spirit Res at the Spirit Guide out in the middle of Teldrassil.  From there it was a minor inconvenience to run from there to where the Strigid Hunters are at, tame a couple, and Hearthstone home.  His a shot of us on the boat to Teldrassil:

 So I forgot to take a screenshot of it last night.  But I’ll take one at lunch and have it up before the end of the day.  Sy still isn’t sure what to name his.  I think Bob is pretty solid for me, and I’m happy with it.  I was thinking about maybe trying to get a Ravager as well.  I know I can really only keep two pets or I won’t be able to tame stuff.  I could always let Steve run around Durotar again.  I mean, it wasn’t all that hard to get him back this time.  Damn!  We agree with BRK.  We demand more room at the Stable!

Thats about it for Gorg for now.  I’ll probably be going back to Anteaus for the rest of the week(end) to try and get him a few more levels.  If I really push it, I could have his flight form by Sunday night.  Well that’ll be the goal anyways.  Starting off Thursday morning, Ant is about 1/3rd of the way through 64.  Updates to follow.


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