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I read quite a few blogs, and while some are (frustratingly) not updated each day, (/serenitynow) I do check them all and read as much as I can.  Since I find them all immensely useful, here is a breakdown of why I read each of them.

Resto4Life – Is at the top of my list.  Number 1 spot.  Since I started levelling my Resto Druid, any tips, information and general healy goodness I can usually find here.  Phaelia has some excellent theorycrafting and she will take the time to answer questions.  I can’t say enough great things.  Go. Read. This. Blog. Now.

Big Bear Butt – B^3 plays a Feral (tank) Druid and his Blog is as entertaining as it is informative.  He is also a regular contributor to WoW Insider and takes no crap from no one.  My kind of Druid!

Critical QQ – Euripedes is my hero.  With a Mage being my first class and my only 70 (so far) all of my WoW growing pains have been suffered through on Fikkle.  But to be perfectly honest, I am no where near being able to play a Mage to its potential so I read CQQ and hope to get better for when I do go back to Fikkle (or for when I start to level my new Mage, Fikk, on my PvP server).

Big Red Kitty – BRK is THE place to go for all things BM related as well as excellent amounts of MQoSRDPS.  He also tells the odd story about a Pianist, an Airman and an Errand Boy.

Need More Rage – Ratshag is one of the funniest bloggers in the World (of Warcraft).  Writing in character, his stories often leave you laughing out loud and/or spitting coffee on your computer screenBeware the latter.

4 Haelz – Another great resource for Resto Druids, I pay Bellweather a visit quite often.  Every once in a while I get quite a chuckle as well.

ReNoobed –  Dagashai plays three level 70 characters.  A hunter, mage and shaman and does quite a bit of PvP, including Arenas.  A great read with great tips and a lot of useful facts you won’t find anywhere else, like stuff about food!

Alts Ahoy! – Nasirah used to write another blog, but recently decided to start over on a new server, playing both Horde and Alliance.  From looks of her list of alts, I’d say we’re kindred spirits (I haven’t done my ‘Altaholic’ post yet, but its coming).  I try not to miss this one, especially since I recently started over on another server as well.

Mania’s Arcania – Mania’s site is a hunter’s dream.  Especially, the pet-lovers among us.  The creator of another great site about pets, Mania covers everything from getting help naming pets to the mechanics behind pet loyalty.

Tobold’s MMORPG Blog – Tobold offers excellent information on a variety of MMO-related topics, as well as numerous WoW-related issues.  Great insight and an excellent read.

Out of Mana – Right off the top, I avoid joining servers in Megan’s battlegroup.  She scares me.  She writes about PvP, Arenas, Raiding and has the experience to back it all up.  Her articles provide more than just tips and information though, she often gives detailed reasoning to back up her arguements and explains herself well enough that even I can understand.  Check it out.

Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick – Just started reading this one not too long ago, but its been enjoyable so far.  I still plan on going back through some of the archives.  I have to say though, with a name like that, who can resist?  Especially now that its true!

Well, that’s all I have for now.  I’ll probably start working on a post about all of my alts sometime tomorrow.


2 Responses to “My Blogroll”

  1. Aww … thank you for the link love! You made my afternoon. =) I’ll try to return the favor in the near future!

  2. No problem! By the way, thanks for answering the question about my Druid’s spec! It was great to know. 🙂

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