Steve, Bob and Todd

Well Gorguile ding’d 10 last night and I quickly finished off the pet training quest.  The very first thing I did was to go and find Steve.

Steve was waiting for me outside of Orgrimmar.  Its been a while though, so he seems to have forgotten that we used to be best friends.  But after a little taming, he came around.  I’ll take a screenshot tonight and get it posted as soon as I can, so you can all see Steve.  For now, here is a shot of the original Gorgyle and Steve:


On another note, I was telling Sy about my nostalgia the other day, I think he caught the bug too.  Oddly enough, his first ever toon was an Orc Hunter as well, Gozz.  Unlike me, Sy never made the mistake of deleting his first toon, and Gozz is currently at level 70 on our old server.  But Sy enjoys the PvP server as much as I do, so he decided to recreate his first toon as well.  So last night Goz was created.  Now, Gozz has one of them crazy Owl’s that you get in Outlands.  You know, the ones that look like they were in a Skittles commercial and ‘tasted the rainbow.’  Its name is Spot and Sy wanted to get another Owl.  Since the only place you can get an Owl at level 10 is Teldrassil, Sy and I have a little trip planned for tonight.  Since its a PvP server, we’re not expecting it to be easy, but being able to run around Azeroth with an Owl as a Hordie is a little badge of honor, especially on a PvP server.

Still wondering about the title?  Well, if you read my last post, you’ll know why Steve is there.  Bob has pretty much the same kind of story as Steve does, and Todd, well he’s got a bit of different story, but its still pretty much the same.  So why the title?  Well, Steve is now my pet raptor, and since I’m planning on heading to Teldrassil tonight, I should have Bob by morning.  Since I’m going to need to keep one spot open for learning abilities from various pets as I level up, Todd will be the name I give to the ones I’m only keeping temporarily.  Eventually, when I don’t need to train any more pets, I’ll get a more permamnet Todd, but not before.

I’ll post some screenshots when I get them.  Here is the ‘new’ Gorguile and Steve:


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