About Me, Part 3

So last time I mentioned that there was some big developments going on.  Well, the big development was that I just purchased a Dell XPS M1730 Laptop.  I’m going to be travelling a bit during the summer for work, and my current laptop is just too old to play WoW.  So I decided to get a new one.

 With the new laptop, I decided to do something else that I’d been thinking about for a few months.  Last year when I was trying to see if my old laptop could handle WoW, I created a trial account to test it out while I was still playing on my desktop.  I wanted to see what the viability of running both simultaneously would be.  It didn’t quite work out however, and the trial account sat dormant.  Well I decided to reactivate the account since I will soon have a second computer with which to play, and being able to have some of my high level toons be able to run my level toons through instances and such is kinda cool.  My friends would totally do it for me any time I asked, but I like having the flexibility to do it myself when no one else is on.

So this is where the nostalgia I mentioned last time comes in.  With the prospect of having a whole new account with no toons on it just sitting there, I was trying to decide whether to transfer my mains to the new account or to start fresh.  Well thats when I found some old screenshots.  Well, the one in particular was of my very first character in WoW, Gorgyle.  He was an Orc Hunter, and while he was short lived, hi did manage to make it into the 20s.  The thing that really got me though, was one of the screenshots included his first pet, a red Raptor named Steve.

Now I’m not sure how many Stargate fans are out there, but if anyone knows Atlantis at all, then you’ll probably get the joke.  See, in Atlantis, the bad guys are some pretty nasty dudes named the Wraith.  In one particular episode, they manage to capture a Wraith and during the interrogation, Shepherd tries to get the Wraith to tell him its name.  Since the prisoner is a little less than co-operative, Shepherd decides to name him Steve.  Its truly funny, and if you’ve never seen Stargate before I recommend it, even to non-sci-fi fans.

Anyways, it made me laugh and I decided that my first toon on my new account would be an Orc Hunter.  Unfortunately, the exact spelling for the name was unavailable, but I managed to get Gorguile, so the legend lives on.


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