I hit exalted with my first player faction ever last night.  (In fact, its the first faction I’ve ever hit exalted with, excluding Tranquillien, which I don’t really count).  I know, I know, this is very old-hat for everyone, but as a late-comer to WoW, its something I never was able/interested in doing on my first main.

 Some background.  I started WoW post-BC release.  As such, after dabbling around with several different classes/races, my first ‘Main’ emerged from the fray.  It was a BElf Mage.  Accordingly, he levelled through the BElf starter areas and on through Ghostlands, missing out on much Horde sympathetic faction that you gain through the Barrens quests.  At some point, my UC rep ended up surpassing my Silvermoon rep, and it didn’t seem all that important to me to attempt to further either of them.  Every once in a while I noticed that a quest said I got x amount of this or that Rep, and that was cool, but no big deal.

 Well on my druid, Anteaus, things were a bit different.  Since Sy and I rolled our second characters at the same time, we wanted to level together.  Well he was Undead and I was Tauren, so we met in the middle at the Valley of Trials and began questing from there.  So from the start, my Orgrimmar reputation was getting a bit of a boost.  While leveling, I again didn’t really pay much attention to his rep, other than making a mental note to at least do all the cloth turn-ins for Org once I no longer needed the cloth for First Aid. 

 At some point my rep got far enough along that I was a good chunk of the way through Revered.  I had noticed this and felt like I wanted to do something about it, but I wasn’t sure what other than repeatable Runecloth turn-ins.  Sometime last week my First Aid hit 375, so I haven’t been using the Runecloth for a while.  So I decided to start doing the turn-ins when I got a stack together.

 And last night, things came to a head.  I broke out the old trusty Math Magic Machine and figured that I needed around 20 stacks to hit exalted.  (I say around 20 because despite the fact that I had the M^3, I still have no faith in my math abilities).  So I went to the AH and found that there was a bunch on for only a 2g buy out price.  Get me a shopping cart and a BElf female.  Ima goin shoppin!  After all the turn-ins I was still short, so I went back to questing and checked back later.  Eventually, I got down to only 3 more stacks and it had just happened that there were 3 on the AH.  After cleaning the AH out of Runecloth continuously for an entire night, I may have inadvertantly inflated the prices, as they had doubled by the time I bought the last three.  I kinda feel sorry for the sucker who needs to pick some up tomorrow, but not really.

 So after I scooped up the last three and turned them in I ding’d Exalted with Orgrimmar in a flash of green light!  It was pretty awesome!  But why blog about it?  Well its one of those ‘firsts’ in the game.  The longer you play, the less often you come across something that is another first.  But when they do happen, they’re memorable.  I still remember my first toon, an Orc Hunter who died once per fight against the boars of Durotar because I had an extremely unreliable internet connection at the time.  I remember my first mount, a Gawd-awful running turkey that I loved and loathed at the same time.  It was fast but man it was so lame.  Then there was my first time through the Dark Portal.  I had waited in the Old World for about a week after having hit 58 because I was waiting for some friends to get their alts to 58 so we could all go in together.  Three of us went through that day, and my best friend convinced me that I had to attack the Pit Boss as soon as I got to Hellfire.  Coincidentally, there’s my first death in Outlands.  See above.  I remember my first time ding’ing 70.  I was out in Shadowmoon Valley frantically doing quests early one Saturday morning as it seemed like the closer I got to 70, the faster I wanted to get there.  Only one guildy was on at the time to wish me grats, but I’ll still never forget it.  There was my first raid.  It happens that it was into Gruul’s Lair as opposed to Karazhan because my previous guild had dissolved and the new guild I joined needed warm bodies to fill spots.  High King took a dirt nap and dropped a T4 token for my best friend, his first time in as well. 

 All of these memories are wonderful and some that I’ll remember for a long time, looking back on them with nostalgia when this game is long gone.  My first time hitting exalted with a player faction will go down as another such memory.  So do you have any memories like this?  What are some of your firsts?


2 Responses to “Firsts”

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  2. My first pvp kill, wow, that was good times. I was such a noob and didn’t know what I was doing. Others have said that I didn’t really kill him, he tripped over me and landed on my arrows or something crazy like that! Either way, I did get the honor, and I did get the kill, so I count it as my first pvp kill, pvp, ahhhh, so refreshing sometimes.

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