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About Me, Part 3

Posted in Hunter, Leveling on March 31, 2008 by Kor

So last time I mentioned that there was some big developments going on.  Well, the big development was that I just purchased a Dell XPS M1730 Laptop.  I’m going to be travelling a bit during the summer for work, and my current laptop is just too old to play WoW.  So I decided to get a new one.

 With the new laptop, I decided to do something else that I’d been thinking about for a few months.  Last year when I was trying to see if my old laptop could handle WoW, I created a trial account to test it out while I was still playing on my desktop.  I wanted to see what the viability of running both simultaneously would be.  It didn’t quite work out however, and the trial account sat dormant.  Well I decided to reactivate the account since I will soon have a second computer with which to play, and being able to have some of my high level toons be able to run my level toons through instances and such is kinda cool.  My friends would totally do it for me any time I asked, but I like having the flexibility to do it myself when no one else is on.

So this is where the nostalgia I mentioned last time comes in.  With the prospect of having a whole new account with no toons on it just sitting there, I was trying to decide whether to transfer my mains to the new account or to start fresh.  Well thats when I found some old screenshots.  Well, the one in particular was of my very first character in WoW, Gorgyle.  He was an Orc Hunter, and while he was short lived, hi did manage to make it into the 20s.  The thing that really got me though, was one of the screenshots included his first pet, a red Raptor named Steve.

Now I’m not sure how many Stargate fans are out there, but if anyone knows Atlantis at all, then you’ll probably get the joke.  See, in Atlantis, the bad guys are some pretty nasty dudes named the Wraith.  In one particular episode, they manage to capture a Wraith and during the interrogation, Shepherd tries to get the Wraith to tell him its name.  Since the prisoner is a little less than co-operative, Shepherd decides to name him Steve.  Its truly funny, and if you’ve never seen Stargate before I recommend it, even to non-sci-fi fans.

Anyways, it made me laugh and I decided that my first toon on my new account would be an Orc Hunter.  Unfortunately, the exact spelling for the name was unavailable, but I managed to get Gorguile, so the legend lives on.



Posted in Druid, Leveling on March 29, 2008 by Kor

I hit exalted with my first player faction ever last night.  (In fact, its the first faction I’ve ever hit exalted with, excluding Tranquillien, which I don’t really count).  I know, I know, this is very old-hat for everyone, but as a late-comer to WoW, its something I never was able/interested in doing on my first main.

 Some background.  I started WoW post-BC release.  As such, after dabbling around with several different classes/races, my first ‘Main’ emerged from the fray.  It was a BElf Mage.  Accordingly, he levelled through the BElf starter areas and on through Ghostlands, missing out on much Horde sympathetic faction that you gain through the Barrens quests.  At some point, my UC rep ended up surpassing my Silvermoon rep, and it didn’t seem all that important to me to attempt to further either of them.  Every once in a while I noticed that a quest said I got x amount of this or that Rep, and that was cool, but no big deal.

 Well on my druid, Anteaus, things were a bit different.  Since Sy and I rolled our second characters at the same time, we wanted to level together.  Well he was Undead and I was Tauren, so we met in the middle at the Valley of Trials and began questing from there.  So from the start, my Orgrimmar reputation was getting a bit of a boost.  While leveling, I again didn’t really pay much attention to his rep, other than making a mental note to at least do all the cloth turn-ins for Org once I no longer needed the cloth for First Aid. 

 At some point my rep got far enough along that I was a good chunk of the way through Revered.  I had noticed this and felt like I wanted to do something about it, but I wasn’t sure what other than repeatable Runecloth turn-ins.  Sometime last week my First Aid hit 375, so I haven’t been using the Runecloth for a while.  So I decided to start doing the turn-ins when I got a stack together.

 And last night, things came to a head.  I broke out the old trusty Math Magic Machine and figured that I needed around 20 stacks to hit exalted.  (I say around 20 because despite the fact that I had the M^3, I still have no faith in my math abilities).  So I went to the AH and found that there was a bunch on for only a 2g buy out price.  Get me a shopping cart and a BElf female.  Ima goin shoppin!  After all the turn-ins I was still short, so I went back to questing and checked back later.  Eventually, I got down to only 3 more stacks and it had just happened that there were 3 on the AH.  After cleaning the AH out of Runecloth continuously for an entire night, I may have inadvertantly inflated the prices, as they had doubled by the time I bought the last three.  I kinda feel sorry for the sucker who needs to pick some up tomorrow, but not really.

 So after I scooped up the last three and turned them in I ding’d Exalted with Orgrimmar in a flash of green light!  It was pretty awesome!  But why blog about it?  Well its one of those ‘firsts’ in the game.  The longer you play, the less often you come across something that is another first.  But when they do happen, they’re memorable.  I still remember my first toon, an Orc Hunter who died once per fight against the boars of Durotar because I had an extremely unreliable internet connection at the time.  I remember my first mount, a Gawd-awful running turkey that I loved and loathed at the same time.  It was fast but man it was so lame.  Then there was my first time through the Dark Portal.  I had waited in the Old World for about a week after having hit 58 because I was waiting for some friends to get their alts to 58 so we could all go in together.  Three of us went through that day, and my best friend convinced me that I had to attack the Pit Boss as soon as I got to Hellfire.  Coincidentally, there’s my first death in Outlands.  See above.  I remember my first time ding’ing 70.  I was out in Shadowmoon Valley frantically doing quests early one Saturday morning as it seemed like the closer I got to 70, the faster I wanted to get there.  Only one guildy was on at the time to wish me grats, but I’ll still never forget it.  There was my first raid.  It happens that it was into Gruul’s Lair as opposed to Karazhan because my previous guild had dissolved and the new guild I joined needed warm bodies to fill spots.  High King took a dirt nap and dropped a T4 token for my best friend, his first time in as well. 

 All of these memories are wonderful and some that I’ll remember for a long time, looking back on them with nostalgia when this game is long gone.  My first time hitting exalted with a player faction will go down as another such memory.  So do you have any memories like this?  What are some of your firsts?

About Me, Part 2

Posted in Druid, Leveling, PvP on March 28, 2008 by Kor

Not too long ago I decided to re-roll on a pvp server.  I had been at the ‘End Game’ for a few months and despite seeing some great new content, I wasn’t enjoying the game as much as I had in the past.  I wanted to see what a PvP server would be like and I was hoping that it would help me enjoy the game a bit more.  But when I re-rolled, I made a conscious decision to try something new, and I decided to see how I felt about the Druid.  So I made Zaels.  Within a few days, I’d convinced my best friend, Sylus, to join me and within no time we’d finished out the Barrens and were on our way to our first contested zone; Stonetalon Mountains.  It was quite a while before we spotted any Allys, but the first was a hunter, several levels above us.  Luckily, I’d spotted him before he saw us, so I stealthed and manoeuvred into position behind him while Sy decided to see if he’d be friendly by doing a /wave. 

Now, while I may have moved into a perfect strike position, we had no plans to gank him.  We just didn’t want to get ganked.  So Sy did the whole wave thing, and of course the hunter sees a lone lock a few levels below him, so /petattack.  At this point, Sy worried about keeping the pet off of him, while I scratched the crap outta the hunter’s backside.  Too bad for him that he thought Sy would be easy pickin’s.  We found out then that a Warlock / Druid combo is quite effective, and it continued to prove true through many other such encounters where we often came out on top against Ally’s a few levels above us, including a hunter and a shammy (on separate occasions) who we’re 8 and 7 levels above us respectively.

So with some cool world PvP under our belts we figured it’d be a good idea to have our [Insignia of the Horde] so we agreed to stop at 29 and BG til we had it.

After we got to 29, Sy’s bro and his bro’s wife Reav and Taki both joined us on the new server.  Reav started a Pally and Taki started a Druid as well.  So we decided to stay at 29 while they caught us.  But while they levelled, we PvP’d so much we decided to spend a little cash on gear upgrades and enchants until our guys were a bit twinked.  We were not super-twinks, but we did okay.

After all that, we figured we didn’t want to start levelling and have all that time/effort/gold go to waste, so we started over and tried to catch Reav and Taki.  We’d both had so much fun with our new classes that we decided to go with the same classes again.  So, I created Anteaus while Sy created Impios.  Since I’d gone feral with Zaels, and since Reav was going to be a Tankadin and Taki was taking her Druid feral, I decided to take the resto tree and heal when we grouped together.

Flash-forward to mid to late level 30’s, Ant started to pull ahead of everyone in XP then in a couple levels, since my schedule allows me more play time.  By the time I hit 40 I had four levels on them.  By 47 I was up by 6.  After that, I just took off.

However leveling as Resto in Cat form was not efficient at all.  By level 54 it was obvious to me (after 8 deaths from the same two mobs that I couldn’t take on) that I wouldn’t be able to solo level like that anymore, so I respec’d Feral to get the edge I needed.  Since I’d kept a full set of Feral and Resto gear up to date while I levelled, the change was no problem at all and the improvement remarkable.

Since then, I’ve managed to hit 64 with Anteaus and I’ve started working on Nagrand quests.  Reav and Taki are both at 56 right now, I believe, and Sy has gotten Impios to about 54.  In the last couple days I’ve taken a break from Anteaus.  I found some old screenshots the other day and got pretty nostalgic about my first toon.  I’ve been kicking myself for deleting him for a while now and with some recent developments, I’ve decided to revive him.  But more on that next time.

About Me, Part 1

Posted in Hunter, Mage on March 27, 2008 by Kor

Well, for starters, I have been playing WoW for a little over a year now.  While I had been following the game for some time before that, I was unable to get started due the un-Amazing Corporation of un-Truthful Lies that told me I was going to get high-speed internet service.  That, coupled with several work-related trips prevented me from getting a stable ISP for quite some time. So I missed out on vanilla wow… by a month.  Its sad, I know, but such is life.  When I first started out playing WoW, I had no friends who played the game previously and I had no idea what I wanted to be, so I decided to roll a hunter.  I know exactly what you’re saying… ‘how original!’ I know, wasn’t it?  I was THE Huntard to the Nth degree.   

Ultimately, I deleted the character around level 22 and re-rolled.  But I suppose I didn’t learn anything the first time around, cause I chose a hunter again, I just wanted to be a Cow instead of a Green Ape.  Unfortunately for me, I don’t believe either of those hunters actually taught me anything.  A few weeks back I found a screenshot I took of my second hunter running around in the Barrens.   Anyone notice anything… ‘odd?’

Yes, that is a staff in my hands…. /fail. 

Anyways, from there, I tried several classes, not really getting any past 10, until I went and rolled a Blood Elf to see what the new zones looked like.  When choosing a class I wanted to try something I hadn’t even considered yet, so I chose a mage.  Once I reached this point however, I got stuck.  I couldn’t, for the love of the god(s), think of a decent name for this mage.  I would type something in, read it over a few times, erase it, try again.  I even got up from the computer for about 10 minutes a few times to see if anything would come to me.  Nope, nothing.   

Finally I got fed up and wanted to just play and told myself to stop being so damn fickle… Wait, what?  That would actually be a good name for this guy.  I can’t make up my mind, and Blood Elves fit the bill.  Thus was Fikkle born.  I still have a screen shot from back then, and the funny thing is, Fikkle was the 8th toon down on my list.  Since then, the second hunter and all the alts in between have been deleted and Fikkle now resides at the top of the list.  It was on this toon that a random guild invite led to random introduction and ultimately, lasting friendships were built.  Here is Fikkle way back when…

 So thats how I ended up being Fikkle.  Next time I’ll talk about my fresh start and my most favorite (and frustrating) pastime: PvP and levelling on a PvP server.