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Play the Game

Posted in Random on October 23, 2012 by Nimrock

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted here. That’s because it was a couple of weeks where I didn’t play much and if I did play, it was only long enough to harvest my carrots. However, last weekend, I did get a solid block of play time and got a lot accomplished. I got a lot accomplished especially considering that I’m usually the sort of WoW player to get about 25% of the way into any activity and then suddenly have the desire to log out and start a new alt. This time, however, things are different. By “this time” I mean this expansion, in fact.

The sheer amount of fun things to do at level 90 is stunning. I’ve been working on “fun rep” like Tillers and Anglers. I’ve been working on “srs rep” like the Golden Lotus. I’ve been working my way through all the zones in Pandaria; I’ve only got Krassafrassarang left. Dread Wastes was fun, and as a result, I’m already honored with the Klaxxi. (Best faction in the game, by the way. If Blizz ever adds the title “The Wakener” I’ll sell them my first born.) Even blacksmithing and engineering seem fun in comparison to last time because the better items also give more skill ups, saving me time and gold. Because of that, i actually got my gear level up high enough to do heroics. Heroics are fun. Harder than Wrath, easier than BC.

I haven’t even started in on pet battles, transmogging, challenge modes or a panda alt.

Here’s my point: If you think the end game consists of just raiding and getting ready to raid, you’re missing out. And if you buy into the people who say you’re “doing it wrong” if you aren’t killing yourself doing dailies to get exalted with a faction to buy a piece of gear that gives you a 1% stat boost, give yourself a break. Go talk to Mung-Mung in the Valley of the Four Winds. Free a Klaxxi from amber. Farm up a mini-pet. Make some gear and give it to a new level 90.

Just, play the game.

And now for something completely random

Posted in Random with tags , , , , on October 11, 2012 by forthepie

One of my jobs on this blog is to check the spam folder and delete all the real spam and approve any comments that are not spam. I am not the only writer who does this, but it is one of the things I do to help 4theHorde be the greatest 4 writer Horde centric blog, written by 3 Kansans and a Canadian. Oh and Happy 10, 11, 12.

I have to laugh sometimes at the amount of spam we get, plus the types of comments that are made by obvious spammers. I almost approved a comment because the website name/title was invisible toaster, it might have made it on title alone. Most of our spam is the usual link infested crap that I am sure none of you want to see. I’ve thought about letting the reblog spam go through, but again, it’s still spam.

I’ve finished all the Warcraft books I have, the only one left to buy and read is the Wolfheart one. I will say this. I didn’t care for Garrosh before reading the book, but it was a mostly, you are not Thrall kinda way. Now, I am in the Garrosh hate camp. I am supporting Basic Campfire for new Warchief.  I am actually toying with an RP story where Halkale “leaves” the Horde, because of Garrosh’s actions. Halkale is now 90 and he doesn’t go to Orgrimmar anymore, since his hearth is set to the inn in the Temple of Two Moons.

One of the disadvantages of being in a smallish guild, which by the way is creeping up onto Guild level 14, is that we don’t have a lot of people on. Kor was off on Canadian Thanksgiving so his play time over the weekend was pretty random. Apparently, Nim and Sy have families to deal with and so their play time is at odd times too. But, we are a helpful group and we support each other pretty well. We are all taking part in trying to get the Working Better as a Team achievement so we can get the heirloom pants.

Monday was Columbus Day here in the US. It was also a banking holiday so that meant I had the day off. I had a couple of errands to run, one of which was to run to the DMV to get the tag for my truck. That is also the time we pay our personal property taxes. Ouch. Outside of the painful amount of money I owed, the trip was pretty quick, probably most of the people thought they were closed Monday. So with the day off and my dailies done for Tillers and Anglers, I decided to hop over to my dwarven mage Crispers, who resides in Crits and Giggles.  I was excited to see the Alliance side of things.

Is there an achievement for the most number of deaths before you complete the first quest. No, not the quest where you drive a gyrocopter around and shoot things. No, the first “ground” quests. Squishy mage is squishy. When touching down Crispers had a touch over 100k health. Those melee mobs hit hard. I finally got to the first Panda village and realized it’s probably a good idea to get something that hits harder than the Frost spec I was using. So I switched to Fire. Much better, once I got the rotation down, but still very squishy. Swarms of hozen tend to kill me because I don’t have much in the way of get out of jail cards. Anyone who has a link to helpful tips or who wants to post some tips in the comments are surely welcome.

I almost made a decision to only level paladins and hunters, maybe warlocks. I am very scared about how to level my priest, she needs to be leveled so she can continue her tailoring, mostly she needs to get to 87ish so she can survive in the Silken Fields.

My other major concern is how do I level Bratwurst. I did a 2.5 of the dungeons while leveling Halkale. I say .5 because while I completed the Brewery and Jade Temple, but the Shan-Do one, we got through a boss and on the trash after the panda boss, we started wiping. To be honest, I am not sure why the tank kept dying, the healer seemed competent, the melee dps warrior was one of the go go go mentality folks. I thought we were focusing down the healer mobs, but something kept killing the tank and finally the group fell apart.  I’ve noticed a few times while running Cata normals that more and more people are just in the “fast food” dungeon mentality, I think it’s still prevalent in MOKFP.  I loved tanking in Wrath on my pally. I loved leading a group of my friends in to take down the LK, even if it was late in Cata before we attempted it, as 85’s with raid geared folks from Shadow Rising.

I am just not sure I am ready for the headache of not only fighting the instance, but my party, as well. Perhaps I need to powerlevel my druid healer up and heal Kor? Can I get 40ish levels by the end of the week?  After I started writing this, I got my Tiller’s rep to Honored and got my next four plots of land and ran a scenario. Pretty quick queue and pretty fun. Still need to run a ton more and keep working on my dailies.

Slow Down, I am NOT Prepared. (Or the Little Cliché Post That Could)

Posted in Random on October 10, 2012 by Kor

Lok’tar friends!

So patch 5.1 is just around the corner. Is it too soon? As far as I’m concerned, the answer is most definitely yes. I mean as Illidan would say, “I am NOT prepared”. I have a million things left to do, or at least it feels that way. I hit 90 fairly early and have since slowed down with what I wanted to accomplish. In past expansions I’ve always split my time between dailies, dungeons, heroics, pvp, old content, crafting, farming, and goofing off.  This time around, I’ve focused on crafting, dailies and pet battles (which I would lump into the goofing off category). 

Pet battles have been extremely fun and an excellent draw to spend (read: waste) time doing something fun that isn’t overly taxing or trying, although I had a bit of a nerd rage moment the other day when I found a pet that I didn’t have in Thousand Needles and started the battle, only to realize that my level 11, 10 and 4 were no match for two level 13s, and I lost my second pet battle ever (the first loss came just after having gotten my 50 consecutive wins achievement, and this one after probably climbing back up that consecutive win count to around 60 or 70).  For now, I’ve kind of stopped progressing as I try to level up various battle pet families up to level 10. I’m not overly concerned with the achievement to get a bunch of different pets to level 10, but I like to have the option to pick and choose whichever type of pet that I want from the various available pets that I have.  Oh and I’ve been out collecting, because “Gotta catch’em all” and all that.

On top of that, the dailies that I’ve primarily focused on were the cloud serpent, tilling, cooking and fishing dailies, primarily because the new tilling is fun, the guild needed professions levelled for Working Better As a Team and because I really want to fly on a cloud serpent. When I’ve felt in the mood I’ve gone and done the Golden Lotus dailies as well, but I’ve been extremely lax in doing them, particularly because I didn’t really feel any urgency to get them completed. There is normally a few months between when an expansion is released and when the first content expansion is released. But now, with the 5.1 content right around the corner, I feel like I’m behind already, and I’ve only just begun. If I want to get things done at level 90, I’m going to have to ignore my alts, something which I’m not all that keen on doing. The guild still needs about five or six professions levelled for the achievement and several of those are profs that I have the highest skill of those available in the guild (with my alts).  I often joke that between my alts I have my own little fickle economy going on, and it’s kinda sad but true. The real tragedy, however, is that “Time is Money” and I’m always broke because I waste my time on so many damn professions.

In addition to those things, I’ve run a few scenarios (only two or three) and I did one BG, a Warsong Gulch during the double honor days because Kor has been trying to work on exalted with the Warsong Clan since he levelled exclusively through pvp. I realized very quickly however, that my quest greens were no match for the way BGs are nowadays and so I haven’t been back because I’ve been working on getting better gear (or so I planned on doing that, I haven’t really followed up).  I also haven’t finished the Dread Wastes yet. I started questing there at level 89 and died repeatedly before deciding that I should go to Towlong first. I made it far enough to meet the Klaxxi and then I didn’t go back. I’m not really sure why I haven’t bothered other than the fact that without the little xp bar at the bottom of my screen, I don’t really have to, so it seems I can’t be bothered.  I mean “Why do today what can be put off til tomorrow,” right?

But all of that to say, I haven’t even started the dailies with the Shado Pan yet, nor the Klaxxi. When the announcement was made by Blizzard that they were removing rep requirements from JP / VP gear, I assumed that it meant both, and I could’ve swore that I went and checked both vendors and all the rep requirements were gone, but when I went back the other day, the VP vendor gear still requires rep. So now I’m not sure if they changed it back or never changed it to begin with and perhaps I’m just going crazy, because we all know that “Crazy is as crazy does”.

In any case, the game is chugging steadily along, and I know that progression players want more and more content quicker and quicker.  Long gone are the days of 40-man raiding when clearing a single raid took months and months. Now, the first day a new raid is released, the content is cleared the same night. I’m not really interested in getting into the debate about all that, and while I’m fully supportive of making raids accessible to casual players like myself (who would never be able to see any of the content otherwise), it feels like the rushing of content is pigeon-holing players into picking only one thing to focus on and sticking with it.  That being said, just because 5.1 is coming soon doesn’t meant that I have to be ready to go out and do all of the content the same day its released, I’m not a progression raider after all, but I hate the feeling of getting behind the gear curve, you know, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” (Or, an epic on your character is worth two on the vendor).

I fully intended to start making use of the raid finder to gear my characters during this expansion, something I haven’t really had a chance to do since I was gone from the game when it was introduced.  As it stands right now, I still feel fairly behind on the gear curve, so I need to hunker down and go finish the Dread Wastes, and then actually start to run some scenarios and / or heroics to start hitting the valor cap each week.  On top of that, I actually need to start forcing myself to do the dailies that I actually require the reputation with so I can start to progress through and unlock access to pieces of gear that are currently unavailable to me.  For about a week there, I actually thought that I was ahead of the curve, but now it just feels like “I took a puntable marmot in the knee.”

I also did a bunch of crafting, and since Kor is a jewelcrafter, I finally levelled his JC skill to max. Now I have a metric crap tonne (because well all know that metric crap is much heavier than other types of crap) of jewels in my bank and no gear to gem. I honestly don’t remember the last time that I had so many gems and no gear to put them in. A part of me is tempted to sell them all off, but another part of me knows that at some point I’m gonna start getting gear drops that will need to be gemmed. In the past, despite having a max level jewelcrafter, if I’ve gotten a piece of gear it was much more expedient to go and purchase a cut gem of the type I want than to actually farm for the ore, prospect it and hope for the right color gem to proc and then cut it into the one I need.  If I sell them now, I’m essentially just “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” but

As I contemplate the sudden urgency I feel to complete all of these things so that I can take part in the end game content, I’m reminded of the very common voice reply that you get when clicking on pandaran characters, and I was thinking that perhaps Blizz should take their own advice: “Slow Down.”

Stay Hordecore

– Kor

I have a puntable marmot and I am not afraid to use it.

Posted in MOKFP, Pet Battles, Pets, Pie, Random, Skullreaver with tags , , , , , , , on October 4, 2012 by forthepie

Some minor spoilers for those of you who haven’t stepped foot in the Valley of Four Winds. Oh and in the news, apparently, Kor’s Rant from yesterday about not getting random regular dungeons at 90, heard by Blizz and already fixed. Behold the power of 4theHorde!

For those of you that have, do you remember reading the quest text and saying, I get to what? On Vent, I asked Kor how long he stayed punting Marmots before he left and he dropped the bomb. YOU get your own puntable marmot!
My first punt knocked it out of the park, I mean I have no idea where he landed, but next time the cooldown was up I punted him on one of the river prove a point to Li Li. He went to the edge of the little island and stopped, so I guess water has a different code.

The kick is up and its good!

Let me talk about Pet Battles for a bit. First, you should know this was the least important thing in the expansion to me. I figured I’d try it out, but meh. Seriously, I would hear Nim and Sy talking about it but wasn’t really interested. Sy is the mount and pet greedy goblin in the group, we give him crap for it. But, like Kor, I am hooked. I spent all my play time on Monday night searching for new and rare pets and battling up my stable of pets. I got my first uncommon pet from a creepy crawly in Duratar. I grabbed my first rare from Northern Barrens–fear my Prarie Dog! Then I found the Cheetah Cub. My first thought was awwwww. Then I had to have one. Kor grabbed a rare one, but I just have a Uncommon. I hate Kor. My main pet is my Onyxian Whelpling, I’ve named it Moar Dots, I named my Prairie Dog Rabbit, because they seem to breed like rabbits in Northern Barrens. My Baby Blizzard Bear is named Liter, Kor named his Kola.

Do we sell Liter Cola?

I picked up a Winterspring Cub and I think I probably won’t fret over the cheetah as much. I think my team will consist of Moar Dots, the new Winterspring Cub and probably a mechanical..although I may go with Mr. Pinchy.

On Tuesday, Nim wrote a post about Panda hate. I mentioned in the comments that I’ve seen positive reviews in the bloggers I follow. BBB has mentioned his like or love of the Pandas in two posts (I’ll add the links later, work blocks his site and my feed reader butchers the links). Navimie has written several posts about pet battles, which I read and printed out the sheet she linked in this post. Bocat hates leveling in MOKFP, but I think she likes the expansion…or at least getting hammered. Repgrind is excited and is also potentially a traitor. Please note, Shadow Rising and Skullreaver have the same guild tabard, great minds and all.

Last night, Halkale got to 600 skinning by skirting the wall and riding into Dread Wastes and killing turtles and fishing up Mantis Shrimp for cooking recipes. Basically, Skullreaver has a challenge. A challenge to get heirloom pants. We will get our pants. FOR THE PANTS!!! FOR THE HORDE!!! Lok’tar Ogar…wait whats the Orcish word for pants?

Panda Hate

Posted in Random on October 2, 2012 by Nimrock

I’ve read a lot of Panda hate across the WoW blogosphere. People seem to think that the Pandaren are a joke or are a waste of time. I’ll admit, when I first heard that Pandaren were going to be a race, I thought “too little too late.” Admittedly I was in the middle of the longest wow-fast to date and I didn’t think I’d be playing during this expansion. Still, my feelings were that Blizzard were trying to do some sort of fan service, pulling out all the stops in a desperate attempt to get player’s back.

Wow was I wrong. Turns out the Pandaren race has a deep and rich story line, a truly engaging continent and a fun style. So, without further discussion, I present my top 5 reason why the Pandaren are cool.

1. Raging Parties. I don’t want to spoil anything, but Nim woke up not once, but twice in the matter of a day from a Panda party.

2. Training montages. Seems like everywhere you go, there’s a group of pandas training and more often than not, you’re expected to join in.

3. Their obsession with food. I’ve never spent more time scrambling around trying to find enough foodstuffs for the NPC’s. From oranges to tiger steaks to shrimp dumplings, pandas likes their eats.

4. They’re cool with everybody. I’ll admit I haven’t played all the way through the new continent, but so far they all seem pretty cool with the Horde and the Alliance. So far as to allowing members of their race to join whatever side they feel like joining. Orcs couldn’t do that. Night Elves couldn’t do that.

5. The Monks. Those guys are just cool.

First Impressions

Posted in Random on September 26, 2012 by Kor

Lok’tar friends!

So with the official launch of the expansion today, I decided I wanted to discuss my first impressions about the expansion. The first thing I did when I logged in this morning was to start on the quests leading into the Jade forest. I have only see the Horde side cutscene, but I was immensely impressed with it. The story for MoKFP starts before you leave Orgrimmar, and it starts with gusto. I played through to the second quest hub before taking a break, and the Jade Forest was a decent zone. It didn’t really stand out for me off the hop.

After that, I created a Pandaran Monk. Before I give my thoughts on it, I should say that I was fairly indifferent to both the Pandaran race and the monk class in the time leading up to the expansion. I know a lot of people were stoked, but it never really interested me. On the other hand, I didn’t think that either the class or the race were out of place. Anyways, the starter zone for the Pandaran is a lot of fun. The quests are set up very linearly (with the choice of doing one before the other). The biggest problem with the starter zone, in my opinion, is the lack of a mailbox. Now, I realize that the Pandaran don’t have a faction at this point in their progress, but that should really be irrelevant. The easy way to fix this is to declare all Pandaran as outside both factions. Heirlooms are exempt from faction restriction mail, so they could send / receive the heirlooms and mail them to either faction. This way a pandaran getting started could benefit like the rest. I’m not sure what the ultimate reason for withholding the heirlooms is, since you can put everything on as soon as you arrive at a capital city.

I played up until level 12-ish, which is right after you chose your faction. I was a tad unimpressed with the decision that ultimately leads the two factions of pandarans to join either side. To me, it didn’t feel like a compelling enough reason that these people would abandon their heritage and traditions so easily. But, that’s really a small story nitpick that is a small stain on an otherwise well crafted and interesting story.

As for the monk class, I was really pleased with the playstyle. It was fun and engaging, even if there was a bit of button mashing at times. Figuring out what the best rotation for building chi and then unleashing it takes some time, but generally you get the hang of it. The energy and chi system is also very straightforward as well. Unlike runes, which cool down over so many seconds and some turn into death runes which are used for other things, you either have chi, or you don’t. To be fair, it’s the reverse of the DK system, since the DK base is the runes that build runic power, while the monk is energy that activate chi bubbles. Each chi bubble can be spent on abilities that require chi, some cost 1, some 2, and others 3 (at this point I have one ability that fits each of those, I’m not sure if there are more later).

But while the monk uses energy (like a rogue or cat druid), the chi system is unlike the combo point system in a number of ways. The most obvious way is that if your enemy dies while you’re at a positive number of chi, you keep the chi and use it on the next attack or it slowly decays over time. Combo points tend to be wasted (most of the time). I chose the windwalker (dps) specialization for ease of leveling. I’m sure both the heals and tanking specs will be as equally interesting.

After that, I went and finished off the Jade Forest questing on Kor, which took me the better part of the rest of the day. Well, I finished all the quest achievement progress markers except for the one at the big temple. I’m apparently missing a quest or quest chain there and I’m not sure which it is. Anyways, the zone picked up for me as I pushed outward and I started to get drawn into the story, even though I was trying to skip through (I’m in a hurry to 90). The story towards the end of the zone was pretty cool, and I’m sure most will find it interesting.

Later on, I found a cooking trainer that sells recipes from low level right up to 500. This is undoubtedly the fastest way to level cooking there is, although it is a tad expensive after a while. Each pattern gives five skill up points and stays orange until it turns grey, at which point there is another recipe to takes its place to get you up to the next one. Provided you have a bit of gold (recipe materials can all be purchased from the vendor right there and cost about 1g per individual piece. This feature is something I’m happy to see as it frees up a long and tedious time sink into a succinct way of getting caught up.

Finally, after Sy started to get some achievements, I decided to go give the pet battles a try whilst waiting for dungeon queues (Kor is back to ATMs for leveling). I was immediately hooked on the pet battles and thought they were really fun. I can see them getting really old really quick. The battles tend to play out fairly repetitively. You use the same button repeatedly and wait for it to die. I have a feeling that it will lose its draw for most people after a while.

The first dungeon I got in was the Temple of the Jade serpent. The dungeon looked great but there was a whole lot of extra crap going on that I think is going to make people hate it (oculus anyone). So there’s a boss mechanic in there where the boss is surrounded by a fountain with ankle deep water, and he shoots a jet out that rotates in one direction throughout a part of the fight, or summons adds. Anytime you touch the water you take damage, so it’s suicide to stand next to the boss and try to hit him. BUT IT’S ALSO HARD TO RUN IN CIRCLES AND DO ANY REAL DPS. I’m telling you right now, this mechanic is terrible. I hated it and I can’t imagine you won’t either.

The second dungeon was the Stormstout Brewery. Again, beautiful dungeon. There is a boss mechanic in there where the room floods with ale and you swim around. Also note that you should click the bubbles off to the side to stay alive.

Anyways, all in all, happy with the expansion and annoyed by a few things. It’s time to get back on the road to 90, so in the meantime,

Stay Hordecore,


Fickle Friday: What are you most looking forward to in MoKFP edition

Posted in Fickle Friday, Random on September 21, 2012 by forthepie

On the last Fickle Friday before MoKFP releases, we decided to release our top 3 things we are most looking forward to when Tuesday 12:01 AM PDT hits.


1. Pandas. Yeah, I know, everyone is excited about the new race, but I’ve been fascinated with the Pandaren since Chen’s Keg in the Barrens. Being able to play one of them is awesome. Not to mention the fact that I think I look a lot like this guy:

2. Monks. One of the things I enjoy most in WoW is learning a new class or spec. Monks appeal to me because they have both a healing and a tanking tree.

3. Not Deathwing. I didn’t even play this expansion and I’m tired of Deathwing. Actually, that brings up an important point. I’m also excited about being around, and being excited for, a new expansion.


1. Monday night build up party with Nim and Spiff, and Tuesday morning not spent working, but playing wow with Nim and Spiff.

2. Rolling around Panda Land with my NEW PET. One of the few rares I didn’t have, until LAST NIGHT. 4 hunters camping, I get the tag/silence/tame. SharedServerZones FTL.

3. Some new race, right?


1. Learning the lore of the Pandaren. One of the things that I love about WOW is the lore. I love the books and reading how NPC have developed over time.

2. Leveling to 90 and being able to run instances and raids without being so far behind everyone. I am struggling right now to play characters once I get them through all the leveling zones.

3. Hanging out with my friends as we explore the world…

..of Warcraft.


1. The new lore for the game.  The lore for WoW has been amazing from the start of WC1 right through to Deathwing’s death. Blizzard has crafted one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Up until this point, however, WoW has largely focused on lore that was previously established in their RTS games, or in the general backstory of WoW.  The Pandaran, while they’ve existed in the lore, haven’t really been fleshed out and so from Tuesday on out, everything will be new.  That’s exciting.

2. Roleplaying. Its been a while since I’ve really RP’d much with WoW, so getting the chance to get back into it is something I’m looking forward to, even though it really isn’t expansion-specific.

3. I can’t really think of a third thing I’m looking forward to, so I decided to go with something I’m not looking forward to: Having to kill Garrosh. As a fan of the orcs, I’ve always thought of the Hellscreams as Kor’s kind of orc. When Garrosh challenged Thrall to a duel in Org during the Scourge invasion event, I thought it was epic. I really didn’t want to see Thrall killed, but it just brought back some of the old ways of the orcs, from Rise of the Horde and Tides of Darkness (two great novels). Since Garrosh invaded Northrend and returned triumphant, Kor’s been firmly in his camp as one of his biggest supporters, even though I haven’t been playing much. And Garrosh did the one thing that has needed to be done from the outset of WoW… He took the war to the Alliance and kicked some major @$$! I have a nagging suspicion that Blizz wants to make Garrosh follow his father’s footsteps, right down to his dying breath, and I think that’s a terrible idea. Much like Varian, Garrosh has been a polarizing figure, and while some people think they’re both a bit douchie, Varian was able to have some form of compassion and get softened, if only a little bit. There’s no reason the same thing couldn’t happen with Garrosh and I really hope Blizz is trying to pull a fast one on us with him being the final raid boss. That’s it for me, in the mean time,

Stay Hordecore!

Warrior Tank Leveling Guide, Part 3

Posted in Random on September 18, 2012 by Nimrock

I took a bit of a break this week from leveling the warrior and leveled my priest. I decided with the new expansion a week away, I had better have at least one character at 85. It only took me two days and one zone, Deepholme, to get from 82 to 85. I did it, I’m happy I did it. I miss tanking.

So, since I didn’t make enough progress to get to another milestone on the little warrior tank, I wanted to step away from the specific leveling guide and give some general tanking tips.

Note: These are for first-time tanks leveling through random five-man instances. Please don’t take this as raid tanking or heroic tanking advice. This is for beginners.

Basic Tanking concepts.

Facing is the concept of pointing mobs or bosses in the direction they need to be. Facing has two uses: 1. To get bosses or mobs with a direction attack such as cleave or fiery breath to damage you and only you; the one who can take it. 2. To allow melee DPS to have more time attacking the target.

When I start a fight, I charge in, move past the mobs and then turn around. This puts the mobs between me and my party with me facing the party. This way, the melee has less distance to cover before they engage, the mobs are facing away from the party and I can easily see if any peel off of me to attack anyone else. It’s neat and since I do it every time, even random groups get used to it pretty quickly.

Pulling This means getting the fight started. You should be the first in there. You have charge, use it to give yourself an extra second or two to gain aggro. Like I mentioned above, I use the same pulling strategy every time for consistency. If the mobs are spread apart, use Heroic Throw on one and then charge another and hit Thunderclap. This will cement your aggro before the DPS even get started.

Priority If you’re are confident enough to be the leader, you should be marking. It only takes a second but it helps focus the group immensely. A focused group means less damage to you and less tendency to have mobs running around all over. Generally it’s best to kill casters first, healers if there are any. They can do the most damage and cause the most disruptive effects.  You’ll get used to what casters look like and the variations of their names pretty quick. When the casters are down to 25% health or so, move to the next mob in your order to start gaining aggro on them.

Rotation There are two general rotations you want to use, one for a single pull like a boss and one for a group pull.

Single Pull Rotation Open with Charge and Heroic Throw. Apply Devastate. Revenge. Shield Slam. Spam Devastate and wait for Revenge and Shield Slam procs. Hit Shield Block when you have the rage. Use Thunderclap only to apply the debuff. If the boss casts, interrupt when you can.

The Group Pull Rotation is the same except use Thunderclap when it’s off cooldown. Revenge hits multiple targets now so it’s high on your priority when it procs.

Final Thoughts

Tanking is about priorities. What mobs to kill first, what abilities to use, what dumb dps to save or let die.

My best advice is to practice. Don’t get too stressed out when things go wrong. Think through different pulls and decide what you would do in different situations. Put yourself in a place that when things go wrong, and they always will in the chaotic world of the random instance group, you’ll know what you need to do.

Tanking is like 95% confidence and 5% Shield Slam spam. You’ll do fine.

Fickle Friday: Screenshot Edition

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Lok’tar Friends!

So today we have a few screenshots. The four of us will each post a screenshot from our collections and talk about why it’s our favorite (or why it’s our favorite that we could find).


I will admit I am horrible at taking screenshots AND I lost most of my old screenshots when I uninstalled WOW. But I couldn’t decide between two of the screenshots I could find:

This blog just needs more cowbell

I am not sure if this needs any explanation. Sadly, I was unable to get Cowbell for a name on Winterhoof. Otherwise, it would have been my paladin’s name, as it is on Dawnbringer. This is the name of my DK on Drak’Tharon, where Shadow Rising lives. I am a horrible DK, heck I am a horrible melee player.

Halkale, Szablya, with me in my Tier 5 gear.

I raided in BC, not cutting edge but still we were in BT when I stopped. Szablya was my go to pet. I was level 22 when I went all the way over to Darkshore and opened figurines for an hour until she spawned, I tamed her and she followed me everywhere. She once hit 20k crit on Magtheridon, under the influence of a lot of buffs, including Big Red and I think it was a Kill Command, but don’t quote me on it. I shouted in vent when it showed up on my screen, I think one of the other dps guys saw it too. I always felt closet to Szablya than any other pet, because all we did together and how long it took to get her. Close second is my Spirit Wolf Winterschill, again, a lot of time camping spawn points for that wolf. He’s the one that I have out in instances and raids, I use my “ghost” worm as my tanking pet.

Sylus, AKA OldManSy:

Ok, so this screenshot isn’t SUPER impressive, but for me this was one of my crowning moments in wow.

This was when I hit Loremaster. That, for me, was a huge amount of work. In fact, it was my entire summer playtime. The only zones I had completed going into this last summer, was Cataclysm Loremaster. Everything else was either not started, or FAR from being done. In all honesty, the zones I hadn’t even started were easier to complete than the ones I was already through part of the zone. Anyway, nothing fancy to see here, move along.

Fik, Kor and Many More (alts that is):

Okay, so since Pie cheated and posted more than one screenshot, I will as well.  The first one I wanted to post was one of the screenshots that myself and Nim took after we worked our buts off to get the Bloodsail Admiral title. As admirals, we needed a boat. And what better boat to claim as our than the one that Pie thinks is his.  Its ours now!  Also, I’m on a boat.



Next up is a screenshot I don’t remember taking, but I found it in one of my old folders and was flooded with some really good memories. This shot was taken back in BC, at a time when my hunter, Grimshot had become my main, and I’d worked hard to get him some half decent gear. I just really miss those days.


And last up is a screenshot I found of Kor. Kor became my main during Wrath, when I fell in love with playing a warrior.  After a lot of pvp with him, I purchased the level 60 pvp set because it looks awesome. Since this is For The Horde and Kor is all about that, I present Kor in all his glory.






Warrior Tank Leveling Guide, Part 2

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Hey gang, I’m here again to talk about leveling a warrior tank! Today I want to go over some of the basic prot abilities from level 1-30 and maybe discuss my talent choice at level 30.

Prot Abilities from 1-30

With the new talent system, there’s a stronger demarcation between specialization and non-specialization abilities, at least in your spellbook. Here are the prot abilities and a few of my thoughts on each one.

Shield Slam (level 10) This is your best and most used ability. Shield Slam does massive damage, causes a bunch of threat and, with the latest patch, generates Rage. It’s the top of your priority until you get Revenge at level 30.

Vengeance (level 10) You won’t like me when I’m angry. This is Passive, you don’t have to worry about using it but I mention it because it makes us even more able to deal awesome damage.

Shield Block (level 18) One of the big changes with the new system is that your mitigation is now active instead of passive. Shield Block is your go to ability for damage reduction. And when I say reduction, I mean all of it. Shield Block now stops every melee attack against you for 6 seconds. I’ve found that if you have a good healer or you’re slightly higher level than the content you don’t have to use Shield Block all the time. In my opinion, it’s nice that we now have an option between burning rage on mitigation and dps.

Devastate (level 26) Use this instead of Heroic Strike when you’ve got the rage. It does good damage and works  just like Sunder Armor. Definitely use it at least three times on bosses.

Revenge (level 30) Here’s the big one. It does sweet damage, against three targets no less, it procs when you dodge or parry and on top of all that, it generates rage. This is now the top of your priority list. Hit it whenever it cools down and when it procs.

Other Relevant Warrior Abilities

Heroic Strike: Use it when you have rage until you get Devastate then take it off your bar until level 58.

Victory Rush: Most useful when you’re soloing but it comes in handy in instances from time to time now that we’re doing enough damage to kill things.

Execute: I don’t use it because I like to carry more rage from fight to fight. Your mileage may vary and I’d like to hear counter arguments in the comments.

Taunt: Only works if a target is not attacking you. It sits on your action bar, unused, until an idiot mage in a random pulls everything with AoE and you’re clicking it on every cooldown.

Sunder Armor: Just like Devastate until you get Devastate. Then take it off your bar and laugh at other warrior specs that wish they were you.

Thunderclap: My favorite ability. Good damage, awesome AoE threat, will eventually spread your bleeds.

Heroic Throw: I like this a lot now that warriors don’t have a ranged weapon slot. I also like it when my taunt is cooling down and I need to grab aggro from a distance.

Pummel: A lot of you will ignore this but it still counts as damage mitigation. It’s off your Global Cooldown so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using this. Especially against bosses and casters that can hit hard.

Disarm: Now I need to listen to my own advice but I always forget this isn’t just a PvP ability. If you’re up against a tough melee pull, liberal use of Disarm and Shield Block makes your healer’s life easy.

Level 30 Talent Choices

Enraged Regeneration Instantly heals you for 10% of your health and an additional 10% over 5 seconds. My choice. I picked it because I like to have a self heal in my toolkit that I can rely on and because it’s what I’m used to.

Second Wind When you’re below 35% health, you heal 3% health per second. I didn’t pick it because I don’t see myself using it all that much. Especially when I’m leveling in random dungeon groups, if my health is below 35% we’re already in big trouble.

Impending Victory A big attack that also heals you for 10% health. If you kill the target, it resets Impending Victory and the next one heals you for 20%. I’m interested in this, tempted even. I settled on Enraged Regeneration because I’m used to it and I like that self heal but the more I think about this, the more I’d like to try it. I’m worried that in the chaos of a dungeon I won’t be able to get the benefit of the kill shot very often but even so, it’s a 30 second cool down.


So there you go. Next week I’m going to talk about some basic tanking strategies for absolute beginners and maybe a priority rotation of your abilities.




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