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I have a puntable marmot and I am not afraid to use it.

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Some minor spoilers for those of you who haven’t stepped foot in the Valley of Four Winds. Oh and in the news, apparently, Kor’s Rant from yesterday about not getting random regular dungeons at 90, heard by Blizz and already fixed. Behold the power of 4theHorde!

For those of you that have, do you remember reading the quest text and saying, I get to what? On Vent, I asked Kor how long he stayed punting Marmots before he left and he dropped the bomb. YOU get your own puntable marmot!
My first punt knocked it out of the park, I mean I have no idea where he landed, but next time the cooldown was up I punted him on one of the river prove a point to Li Li. He went to the edge of the little island and stopped, so I guess water has a different code.

The kick is up and its good!

Let me talk about Pet Battles for a bit. First, you should know this was the least important thing in the expansion to me. I figured I’d try it out, but meh. Seriously, I would hear Nim and Sy talking about it but wasn’t really interested. Sy is the mount and pet greedy goblin in the group, we give him crap for it. But, like Kor, I am hooked. I spent all my play time on Monday night searching for new and rare pets and battling up my stable of pets. I got my first uncommon pet from a creepy crawly in Duratar. I grabbed my first rare from Northern Barrens–fear my Prarie Dog! Then I found the Cheetah Cub. My first thought was awwwww. Then I had to have one. Kor grabbed a rare one, but I just have a Uncommon. I hate Kor. My main pet is my Onyxian Whelpling, I’ve named it Moar Dots, I named my Prairie Dog Rabbit, because they seem to breed like rabbits in Northern Barrens. My Baby Blizzard Bear is named Liter, Kor named his Kola.

Do we sell Liter Cola?

I picked up a Winterspring Cub and I think I probably won’t fret over the cheetah as much. I think my team will consist of Moar Dots, the new Winterspring Cub and probably a mechanical..although I may go with Mr. Pinchy.

On Tuesday, Nim wrote a post about Panda hate. I mentioned in the comments that I’ve seen positive reviews in the bloggers I follow. BBB has mentioned his like or love of the Pandas in two posts (I’ll add the links later, work blocks his site and my feed reader butchers the links). Navimie has written several posts about pet battles, which I read and printed out the sheet she linked in this post. Bocat hates leveling in MOKFP, but I think she likes the expansion…or at least getting hammered. Repgrind is excited and is also potentially a traitor. Please note, Shadow Rising and Skullreaver have the same guild tabard, great minds and all.

Last night, Halkale got to 600 skinning by skirting the wall and riding into Dread Wastes and killing turtles and fishing up Mantis Shrimp for cooking recipes. Basically, Skullreaver has a challenge. A challenge to get heirloom pants. We will get our pants. FOR THE PANTS!!! FOR THE HORDE!!! Lok’tar Ogar…wait whats the Orcish word for pants?

Gozz is Back

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With the release of 3.2 I was feeling the itch to bring my hunter back from the grave. Well, not the real grave, but Earthen Ring. I had transferred Gozz off of Dawnbring er to focus on other toons, and to allow me to play on ER with some friends. This really never panned out, and Gozz sat over there all by his lonesome. By now everyone has heard about Skoll, the new spirit beast that happened to fall into our laps with 3.2. That was my real motivation for bringing him back to dawnbringer. If I was going to be searching for him, I would want to be where everybody knows my name…yeah, like the cheers jingle.  Well, I was away the week 3.2 hit, so i wasn’t among the first to get him this time, but I do have him. That’s right, I have all three spirit beast pets. I am a glutton for punishment. Now what do I do if another rare pet drops? get rid of one of my beloved pets? I mean come on, three spirit beasts, the ghost hydra, and the LSD wasp of doom…I can’t part with any of em! You can’t tame the wasp or the hydra anymore, and the spirit beasts are like badges of honor to a hunter like me! Yeah, I know, I’m still beast master, but hey, I LOVE THESE PETS!!! Am I asking for more stable slots? well, it would be nice, but most of all I guess I’d just like a way to keep getting more and more rare pets! I’m sort of a collector. My only real hunter regret is not getting a ghost wolf when I could…. Anyway, here’s a great shot of me with the new spirit beast, aptly named Loqtar! (fyi, I’m not a dwarf, just disguised as one in the picture, blue’s a good color for Gozz!)


Until Next time,

~Uncle Sy

Conceptions of the Hunter Class

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Let me first say, I like hunters. Well over 50% of the active members of my guild are hunters. Well over 50% of the good friends I have in WoW are hunters. My second highest character is a hunter.

Having thus disclaimered, let’s have at it.

Hunters drive me batty. Do you remember Othello? The game, not the tragedy.

“A minute to learn, a lifetime to master.”

I think the number one reason hunters have such a bad rep in groups is the fact that there is such a disconnect between solo play vs. group play. When you’re soloing a hunter, you’re the party. You heal, you tank, you dps. They get it in their heads that they don’t need anyone else. A hunter friend of mine never quits with the “my pet could totally tank as well as you.” Then they join a party and suddenly become a caster.

Someone made the point that, with so many hunters around, there’s a better chance you get the bad ones. I completely agree. Same goes for DK’s. I used to see the same thing a lot with rogues too.

Speaking of rogues, what’s with the feign death and the vanish? I guess it makes sense and I’d probably do it if I could, but it just rubs me wrong. Seems selfish somehow.

Hunters also have unholy amounts of things they have to remember before ever showing up for the instance:

  • DPS pet
  • Growl off (please)
  • ammo
  • bandages
  • potions
  • buff food
  • pet food
  • mana drink

That’s probably not even the complete list.

The longer I ponder, the less this post becomes about bad hunters (I refuse to use the popular term) and more about good hunters. I might even be making excuses for the poor guys.

I do appreciate a good hunter. I happen to know a few.

I apologize that this post is so disjointed but I really wanted to get some of my immediate reactions to Sy’s post down before I forgot them.

So in closing, I give you Nim’s advice on being not a bad hunter.

  1. Bring ammo.
  2. Bring a DPS pet, with growl turned off.
  3. If we wipe, run your lazy butt back with us. We could use aspect of the pack.
  4. Use misdirect, lots.
  5. Autoshot + tab targeting can get you in serious trouble.
  6. Focus fire.
  7. Learn to trap.

That’s it.


Edit: No more consumable ammo? Well there goes that excuse. Back to hating hunters I guess…

*waves goodbye to profits from Mammoth Cutters*

Misconceptions of the Hunter Class, Or an Unfortunate Truth…

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That folks is how you write a title. That’s gotta be worth something, even if the rest of this post falls apart, you can all say, “hey, that Sy, he can write a mean title!” . . .

So, anyway, moving past the “Rocky and Bulwinkle”esque title, this topic is something I have been thinking about. I’ve been looking around the interwebs, readingup on some hot points surrounding hunters in general. I then did some further reading, delving into the things that us hunters do wrong.

So, before writing this post, I threw a question out to the Twitter Community. I asked, “What are some of the things hunters are known for, good and bad.”  These are a few of the responses I received.

Dechion, or Brad =)dechion @Sylus “the biggest is that hunters don’t play well in a group setting. That and how easy the class is to play (but not to play well)”

sparklymegzsparklymegz @Sylus“One word, two syllables… Huntard.”

Suzanne Beaudoinsparklepipsi @Sylus“I think the standard procedure is to assume someone is a LOLHUNTARD until proven otherwise ;)”

Larry Tomlinsondotcomlarry @Sylus“Always thought of them as lazy and careless about their pets pulling”

Robert McAteeSnarktopus @Sylus“very easy to play, good for powerlevelers. doesn’t require any skill or thought. also good for soloers.”

And Our Guildie Slig even threw in her two copper’s worth:

Nataliegamedame @Sylus“Huntards in groups and ninja-ing, selfish solo players.”

So, to recap, all of these people see a few key issues that they see commonly among hunters. The first being that we are all huntards. I think most of the other things people pointed out are merely the descriptors of what makes a “huntard.” I use this term lightly, as I hate the term, and it’s one I have fought hard against. So, lets take a minute to address the individual symptoms of a huntard.

First, let me hit the comment about the hunter class being very easy to play. Well, it can be a VERY easy class to play. It’s so easy to not worry about learning all of the mechanics, andjust sendyour pet after the mob,and stand back while shooting a few arrows while you go get a cup of coffee, or a juice box, age dependent. The problem with this is it is just good for solo play. You put yourself in a group situation for the first time…say Wailing Caverns, and have no clue about trap mechanics, pet aggro generation, i.e. cower, growl, pet mechanics in general, i.e. passive, defensive,and aggressive, then you are doomed to fail, and continue the evil stereotype for all hunters to come… So yes, hunters can be very easy to play. Hunters also have a crap ton of things built into their class that can make them very complicated to play. Granted, not the most complicated class in the game, but definitely deeper than the average “huntard” is willing to dig.

Okay, sliggy(AKA Gamedame), really, digging on hunters being the “Ninja” class? Okay, we have our fair share of those, but lets face it, EVERY class has their fair share of Ninja-looting-no-good-peices-of-trash! I won’t go naming some that are on my BAN list on my server, but man is it tempting!

Now, Good Ol’ Larry made a good point. Alot of hunters, and I mean alot of hunters, are not very familiar with certain instance pulls. Ones that require you to keep your pet with you for a few minutes, while the tank drags the mobs where they need to be. I’ve seen, and unfortunately been a part of, putting the pet on the kill mob, only to find that hey, that blind corner there, yeah, group of mobs right on the other side…The conversations goes something like this:


“yeah Gozzy?”

Um, meet our new friends.”

“What friends?”

Yeah, those four guys beating on the healer, say hi for me.”


Well, someone has to live to rez people,lol. (Hunter Engineer Rez FTW) No, really, I’ve never hit the Feign Death button to let the group wipe. I have unfortunatly had my pet pull aggro when I didn’t know the layout of the instance. Meh, it happens. Not alot, but for some, alot more than others. Throw some gold in the ol’ guild bank for the mistake, and move on. (Our guild goof-up insurance)

So, yes, there are HORRIBLE hunters out there, but there are a few good ones intermingled earning the bad rap for all of those “huntards.” So, you’re asking yourself…am I a huntard? Well, lets hope not. But, if you suspect you are, I have a few helpful sights out there for you. The first Is BRK is a treasure-trove of hunter information, delivered in a humorous way. In fact, we have several other hunter blogs linked on our sidebar. Take some time, get to know some of the hunter community members, and don’t be afraid. Ask questions. I don’t want to speak for everyone else in the hunter community, but I know I want to help fight back the inner-huntard in all of us. So, even if you feel intimidated by leaving a question for the BRK, shoot me a line. I’ll help out the best I can, and if I can’t, I’ll point you in the right direction!

So, either this post was a massive waste of your time, as the [wall of text] crit me for about 18k…or you are now well on your way to fighting those steriotypes. Get to it hunters. Make us proud!

Oh, one more thing, I used the wonderful app Twitter to round up the comments on this post. If you want to follow me on twitter, you can find me at . I update regularly, and would love for you to say hi!

~Uncle Sy

Hunter Review Part 1: Pets’o’Plenty

Posted in Hunter Guide, Pets on October 18, 2008 by Kor

I think I have found the single greatest name for a pet-tank EVAR!  Unfortunately, someone else named it, I just stumbled upon it.  If you haven’t seen it yet, head on over to Snake in the Grass and say hello to Frank the Tank.  Please no feeding the pets, unless its pallies, you can feed Frank those.  I swear, Lactic Acid said so.  Just don’t pet him, wouldn’t want to catch the, err, well you know, plague.  Oh, and I hear he likes to go streaking up the Drag to the gymnasium.

Anyways, I posted a few weeks back my top 6 pets for WOTLK (using 1 for leveling, then abandoning it and picking up another at 80), but since then, things have changed and I’ve decided on different pets!  Go figure, I mean, I am called Fikkle after all.  Anyways, not all have changed, but here are the new choices (of the moment): 

1. Devilsaur (Ferocity)*: He’s still my king pin number one choice for a pet.  Besides the reasons that I mentioned on TNB #14, the Monstrous Bite talent is looking like it will scale very nicely but on top of that, Blizz has announced that they are going to be buffing Exotic pets to give them an extra 10% dps.  As the Devilsaur is what I was planning on using for Raiding, this min/max is what I’m after and that extra 10% is going to be extremely nice. 

2. Rhino (Tenacity)*: This is my ‘fun’ choice for a pet.  Rhino bowling looks like it is absolutely one of the funnest and coolest things in the game, and I can’t wait to try it out.  Aside from that, the Rhino is huuuge, and who doesn’t love a massive Big Red Rhino?  The last reason is for bridges and flags in BGs.  Can’t wait to send people flying off the choke point in AV or mid-field in EotS and it’ll be a great way to get 8+ flag cappers all away from the flag at the same time… Talk about relief for the relief hut!  Not to mention, being tenacity, he’ll likely stand up to a lot more punishment. 

3. Bear (Tenacity)*: If I need a pet to tank for anything, this is going to be my choice.  I’ve already settled on a skin that I like (the white one from Winterspring) and picked him up.  Frostpaw is his name and he’ll be what I use when I need single target tanking.  I’ve also noticed that Blizz modified the animations for the bear a bit so that their mouths are no longer in a perma grin, but now remain closed and open and shut as the bear moves in place.  Very nice and much more realistic looking.

4. Gorilla (Tenacity)*: I went and tamed Uhk’loc, the rare white gorilla from Un’goro about a week ago in anticipation of the extra stable slots.  Seeing as how awesome the AoE viability of a Gorilladin is, this will be my AoE pet.   


5. Wolf (Ferocity)*: This is going to be my leveling pet.  Seeing as how we’re planning the 5HPoA, I’m bringing the wolf for Furious Howl.  I’ll likely be ‘sending him to the farm’ at 80 in order to pick up a pvp pet. 


6. Bird of Prey (Cunning)*: This is going to be my pvp pet.  Having looked over some abilities many other classes are getting, there seems to be a trend that most classes are getting some sort of ability to remove movement impairing effects, making the Hyena’s tendon rip a bit underpowered with the long cooldown it will have.  Instead, I’m going to try out the Bird o Prey for its snatch ability.  I’m loving the idea of being able to grab that big two handed weapon out of the main hand of those darn fury warriors.  Depending on how this feels in pvp at level 80, this will be one pet that gets reviewed for its viability when the time comes.  The other possibility for me will be the anti-caster Core Hound of Doom! 

*All images from Petopia.


So I specced Grim when 3.0.2 went live in order to go get a Core Hound and romp around Org, shaking everyone’s screens and watch the plethora of tells from people who had no idea about anything about the patch, scroll across my screen.  Unfortunately, I missed some key talents due to my haste (read: Gozzishness) and now I’m regretting it.  So I decided to do a review of all the talents in depth and when satisfied, Grim got a respec.  I decided on a 51/10/0 spec for 70, going to a 51/20/0 spec for 80.  Call me plain, its what I know, its what I like.  The analysis and discussion of why I chose the talents is coming soon in part 2, hopefully to include the spec for my Devilsaur as well.

– Fikkle 

May the Horde be with you.


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EDIT 1: Well, gotta head back to work, so no time for links at the moment, but I’ll get those in there later tonight.

EDIT 2: Corrected a lot of errors that I forgot I had to double check before I posted.  Thats what I get for writing this after midnight from memory and thinking, “Oh, I’ll double check that before I put it out for all the intertubz to read”.  I also changed pet #6 because I was waaaaaay off.  Nuff Said.  Links still  coming soon.

EDIT 3: Links are finally in.  If anyone notices any mistakes still, let me know, I was sleepy when this one was written.

With all the changes coming out about Rash of the Itch Thing for Hunter Pets, it’s a veritable zoo and exciting to say the least.

BRK is once again at the business end of the Dwarven Hand Canon when it comes to passing great info about Wrath, having obtained a spot in the ßeta, he’s eagerly testing things out and putting out videos like they’re breath mints.  Speaking of breath mints, if you haven’t given any to your pet lately, you may want to.  Its bad enough they chew the faces off of our enemies, the least we can do is make smell pleasant for them when our pets are panting on them.  He’s also recently posted a ‘who’s who in the zoo’ (See what I did there? Yes, I did go there).  He talks about the (pet) winners and losers in Wrath and even lists a few that are in between at the moment until more info comes out about how they perform.

Mania is also ever-vigilant in keeping Petopia updated with as much Hunter Pet info as she can find.  She has an amazing FAQ up about new WOTLKEE pets, hunters and screenshots with many new pets and skins coming in Wrath.  A great big thanks on behalf of all of us Hunters who appreciate the hard work that both BRK and Mania (as well as anyone else in the ßeta that is putting this info out for us to munch on).  Whether or not everyone else agrees, I couldn’t say, but I know that their tireless effort is much appreciated and a thank you from those of us not lucky enough to get a key never hurts.

So, since I can’t hope to devote enough time to match their efforts, (nor do I see any reason to duplicate them), I’m not goig to go into the news of the ßeta with respect to pets.  I am however going to discuss what my stable will look like in Wrath.  First off, one of my favorite changes in the ßeta is the addition of two additional stable slots.  /thankgod.  What does that mean to me?  Well, I’m now going to be able to keep 5 pets, instead of 2 while leveling and 3 at level cap.  That is just full of win (if it makes it live of course).  So this is going to be my top 6 Wrath Hunter Pets and why.  (6 because I’ll likely use one for leveling and change it at level cap).

1. Pet: Devilsaur (Ferocity)
Skin: White. I just like the way this one stands out.
Why: This is a sure thing for me.  Blizz could totally nerf <Monstrous Bite> and give them Dino Fart that caused a RAP reducing debuff on their owner and I’d still take it.  But its not likely that they will nerf it and MB seems like a great talent right now.  With the Devilsaur being a Ferocity Pet, its likely going to be right up there for top raiding pet post patch 3.0.

2. Pet: Hyena (Ferocity)
Skin: White or Black
Why: Of all the special abilities that have been released in ßeta, this one is the most exciting for me.  <Tendon Rip> (slows enemy movement for 6 sec; 20 sec cooldown, 25 focus) seems like it gives the most bang for its buck.  The movement impairing effect lasts six seconds, which gives a Hunter plenty of time to get away (4 more than intimidation currently) and being on a 20 sec cooldown, it can be reapplied quite often.  Nor does it cost the lion’s share of his focus (yes, I went there as well).  All that said, I’ll probably turn off his focus dump and use him mainly for BW/TBW and his kiting effect while pvp’ing.
Reason: PVP

3. Pet: Crocolisk (Tenacity)
Skin: River / Marsh
Why: <Bad Attitude> is full of win.  Period.  As an AoE tanking pet, the Crocolisk is going to be able to deal some pretty sweet AoE damage to anything that hits it.  If Mend Pet can keep him alive and he can survive multi-mob attacks, this is going to be easy mode.  I expect to use the Crocolisk as my leveling pet from 70 to 80.
Reason: BAD ATTITUDE (Okay, AoE / LEVELING, but Bad Attitude sounds so much better!)

4. Pet: Rhino (Tenacity)
Skin: Slate
Why: Aside from the Devilsaur, I think this is one of the coolest additions to the Zoo.  I have yet to watch the video BRK put out with this bad boy, but I’ve seen the screen shots (and the video as well now).  Under Beastial Wrath he looks just freaking huge.  And destructive.  Might as well call him <Mammoth> (Dibs on that name, btw).  Provided their special ability (when it comes out) is viable, I’ll likely use this beast whenever I don’t NEED to be using something else.

5. Pet: Wolf (Ferocity)
Skin: Frostwolf (Dire Wolf Skin Light Blue)
Why: While BRK termed this pet a toss up due to its buff <Furious Howl> only affecting melee, I’m likely going to have one anyways.  Grimshott’s from the Frostwolf clan, yo!  EDIT:  Much thanks to Drotara at Less QQ, More Pew Pew for pointing out that Furious Howl does now affect the Hunter which is a nice change! 
Reason: RP

6. Pet: Chimaera (Cunning)
Skin: Blue
Why: First off, I’m sorry Bre, I know you have this whole tryst going on with the Chimaera, but I think these things are ugly and I can’t believe I’m actually considering this.  But if they can get the <Froststorm Breath> working properly it might be like having your very own Frost Mage/Ele Shammy pet running around with you.  Kiting plus lightening?  I’m in, even if the thing does look like a rat lizard with wings and too many heads… Let me tame a real dragon and I’ll be happy!
Reason: ABILITIES ARE BETTER THAN IT LOOKS (and by it I mean the pet, not the ability).



– Fikkle

Some More Recent Hunter <3

Posted in Hunter, Pets on June 15, 2008 by Kor

So a while back I did a post about some good ole Hunter <3.  Well earlier I came across a link to my blog and went and checked it out. 

Aurik, over at /hug has apparently found a name I suggested for Bre for her cat.  Bre decided to go with something else, so the name was just sitting there, waiting to be ninja’d pickpocketed by a rogue-at-heart kinda player. ;)  So Aurik grabbed it up.  Drop on over and say hello to Monsoon!

Glad you liked the name!  Make sure all of your enemies enjoy the *ahem* Crapstorm *ahem*! :D


Much Hunter <3

We Need Help! Having Fun with Naming!

Posted in Contest, Hunter, Pets on April 18, 2008 by Kor

EDIT: So Sy really liked the idea of the contest and he wants to give something away.  So it looks like the prize is going to be a 60-card pack of the WoW TCG for naming the Arena Team.  He can provide more details a bit later.  I also deleted his comment because, and I’m quoting myself here, ‘NO SYLUS, YOU CANNOT SUGGEST NAMES AND WIN YOUR OWN CONTEST.’  So people, tell your friends and suggest away.

Sadly there is no prize for winning the naming my boar contest, except of course for my eternal gratitude and my soul or cake.  You’re choice, but you’re only allowed one. 
Note: The cake is a lie and I have no soul to speak of.

EDIT #2: Okay, all three of us decided we really liked <Serenity Now> so we’re going to change the contest to a 2v2 name, which doesn’t change much as the three of us will all likely be on the team as well.  Sy and Nim, let the people name it!


Okay, so my 62 Hunter, Grimshott, has recently tamed a new Boar.  I can’t for the life of me think of a name for him.

Quick History Lesson: Grimshott is on an RP server, and I plan to RP with him.  I essentially have a backstory written and ready to be posted, but it makes no sense if I can’t have a name for the Boar.  Obviously it will be hard to suggest an RP name for the Boar without knowing a little about the character.  Hmmmm, that’s one of these.  Well, sort of I guess.  Now that I think about it, I’ve never read that novel and it sounds good.  Hmmmm, Note to Self for later: Visit site on interwebz that sells leet books.

I’ve also asked Mania for help.  I sent her an 2 emails (forgot a screenshot the first time) asking for her and her readers’ help in finding a name.  Mania is probably very busy though and I understand it might take her some time to be able to get it on her site.  So, in the meantime, I’m asking for your help.  Yes you.  No, don’t look over your shoulder, I am pointing right at you.  Through the internets.  What, you can’t see it?  Okay, back on track.  So here’s a picture of Grimshott in his full on Outlands Clown suit, with his as-of-yet unnamed Boar.

Okay, in addition to that, here’s a teaser for the as-of-yet unpublished story that will give you insight into how he tamed the Boar.

Setting: Durotar, some canyon or somesuch.

Situation: Grim is out exploring and hears a Boar squealing.  Comes upon the scene.

Scene: The Boar is cornered by 3 raptors, bleeding gashes on its sides.  Grim saves the boar and brings it home where he nurses it back to health.


Okay, cliché? Maybe.  I don’t care, its what I’m going with.  As for the name, I don’t care if it is male or female sounding, I’ll adjust the story accordingly.  I’d like it to be Orc-ish sounding as it would be Grim naming it.  I’d rather it not be too difficult to spell or too long as I’ll probably be blogging a lot about it and I’m a bit lazy.



Okay, so the second part of this is that we need a name for a 3v3 2v2 Arena team for myself (Frost Mage), Sy (BM Hunter) and Nim (MS Warrior). Funny/silly names are acceptable.

Suggest away!

Much Hunter <3!

Posted in Discussion, Hunter, Pets on April 17, 2008 by Kor

Okay, so the other day, I was reading Great Green Hunter, specifically this post, and that led me to another site, Can I Have Your Stuff, (which I agree is an awesome name, all win) with a post about Why People Hate Hunters.  I have to say I totally agree with the reasons given in the post.  Most people do hate (other) hunters for many of the reasons on the list.  So, I decided to spread the Hunter <3 by making a list of my own: Why (I think) People Love (to play) Hunters.  Ready?

1. Hunters (when played properly) can save a group from wiping.  Healer get aggro from a new add?  Send your pet, turn on growl, hit intimidation + beastial wrath, maybe a pet mend if needed.  The mob is sure as heck not going to be hitting the healer after that.  Tank just drop, same thing, use your pet as an offtank and pray that the healer realizes he needs to now keep the pet alive.  You an engineer with a spiffy trinket?  FD and rez a healer (I know it doesn’t always work, but when it does, you just love it!)

2. Hunters get to have pets and name them too!  Thats almost like having something…. and getting something else too… hmmm. Anyways, how awesome is that.  I’ll bet the majority of hunters are pet lovers anyways (I know I am) and getting to have a pet that doesn’t poop on the rug, bark at the neighbours or fart on you while you’re trying to watch tv is just all win! CAKE!

3. Hunter CC is one of the most versatile CC’s in the game.  It is effective on just about every type of mob in the game, if spec’d and/or used properly it can reapplied for a very long time, and if done properly will give you a great sense of satisfaction that you pulled off something that isn’t easy to master!

4. Feign Death saves on repair bills.  Hey, I realize that other classes may not like that you have this ability, and that they’re praying it gets resisted, but rogues have vanish, mages can go invisible (for a time) and if you have it and you don’t have to pay another couple of gold afterwards, why not? Right?

5. MQoSRDPS.  (For that one guy out there who doesn’t read BRK, first, shame on you, second that is a Hunter’s bread and butter: Massive Quantities of Sustained Ranged DPS!)  If you need an example, you can go check out his and hers Laser Chickens who decided to roll with a couple hunters and were able to 2-man (or 2-person?) WC and SFK.  First off, grats on all the happiness, secondly, holy crap, nice job with the hunters!

6. Hunters can wear any non-plate armor and use any non-mace or wand weapon in the game!  That gives us quite a bit of options to tweak our specs to optimize our MQoSRDPS.

Next: More Hunter <3

On top of the ones I already mentioned I read a couple other Hunter Blogs on a daily basis (well I check them daily, and read them when they’re updated).  These include Big Red Kitty, Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick and Mania’s Arcania.

Great Green Hunter, we have to say thank you as you are one of the first to add us to your blogroll.  It made us smile and now we read your site every day and it still makes us smile! Much Hunter <3!

A few days after a started, a week maybe, I’m not sure exactly, but BRK gave us some huge link-love on this post.  I’ll come back to this in a minute.

Today I got caught up on reading GLDC and saw this post.  Bre talks about how amazed she was when she got linked by somebody she read and looked up to.  Going back up a few lines, me and Sy know totally how you feel.  We have some serious respect for the BRK, read him religiously and credit him for making a fun class a ba-gazillion times more fun by learning how to play it better!  Much Hunter <3!

And Bre, I love reading everything you write.  And I agree with Suzanne, since this is roleplaying.  Keep writing and we’ll keep reading!  Much Hunter <3!

Lastly, but most definately not least, on to Mania.  If you don’t know, Mania manages another site aside from her blog called Petopia.  Personally, that name is perfect since if you need to know anything about hunter pets, there abilities or, well ANYTHING, Petopia is the place to go.  And Mania puts a lot of time and effort into maintaining the accuracy of Petopia throughout a changing world (of warcraft).  No matter how much we say thank you, its not enuogh, but we should keep trying.  Thank you Mania, we love Petopia.  Much Hunter <3!

Oh How Sweet It Is

Posted in Hunter, Leveling, Pets on April 3, 2008 by Kor

So I found Bob last night.  He’d flew off to some far away place where all the people have crazy hair cuts and live in a big tree.  I mean, I know tree houses were cool, when I was six, but these guys must have never grown up.  Here’s Gorg with Bob:

Anyways, Sy came with me and we both decided to make a day of it.  The run up to Auberdine was fairly uneventful.  There was only one Alliance character that spotted us in all of Ashenvale and Darkshore (up to Auberdine) and he didn’t really seem all that interested in attacking us.  Funny thing is, as soon as he saw us, he mashed the stealthed button.  We figured he was gonna attack, until he didn’t.  We kept on running and he never caught up.  He probably saw two Hordies and figured ‘O crap!’ so he stealthed and hid before he saw our levels.  Fine with me.

Auberdine wasn’t actually as bad as I remember it, I mean, aside from all the crazy Elves.  But the corpse run was worth it because before long, we’d reached the portal into Darnassus and were able to Spirit Res at the Spirit Guide out in the middle of Teldrassil.  From there it was a minor inconvenience to run from there to where the Strigid Hunters are at, tame a couple, and Hearthstone home.  His a shot of us on the boat to Teldrassil:

 So I forgot to take a screenshot of it last night.  But I’ll take one at lunch and have it up before the end of the day.  Sy still isn’t sure what to name his.  I think Bob is pretty solid for me, and I’m happy with it.  I was thinking about maybe trying to get a Ravager as well.  I know I can really only keep two pets or I won’t be able to tame stuff.  I could always let Steve run around Durotar again.  I mean, it wasn’t all that hard to get him back this time.  Damn!  We agree with BRK.  We demand more room at the Stable!

Thats about it for Gorg for now.  I’ll probably be going back to Anteaus for the rest of the week(end) to try and get him a few more levels.  If I really push it, I could have his flight form by Sunday night.  Well that’ll be the goal anyways.  Starting off Thursday morning, Ant is about 1/3rd of the way through 64.  Updates to follow.


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