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Pandaria, Here I Come!

Posted in Leveling with tags , , , , on November 5, 2012 by sylus

This weeks OldManSy post is going to be short and sweet… Maybe not even that sweet, I think I’m low on sugar. I made the big push this past week from 80-85. It was much easier than I thought. I wondered when it would slow down, and honestly, with the time I put in this past week, it didn’t slow down. Not as long as I had my monk +50% XP buff on. I made sure I did at least the daily every day, so when I did get to play I had the buff stacked up to a two hour total. This made cataclysm content very easy to move through. I did part of Mount Hyjal, until I hit 83, then did deepholm from 83-85. I didn’t even go to Vash’jir, twilight highlands, or Uldum. The monk leveling buff is amazing when paired with leveling gear. The helmet, cape, and pants go to 85. Now, I’m still in love with the monk, and am looking forward to leveling through Pandaria. Here’s the deal.

I have said many times that I didn’t want to rush through the new content, soar through to 90, but rather enjoy my time leveling. Up to this point on the monk I have flown. I leveled him to 85 in two days, ten hours time. Now, that’s not cooking, but it is a reasonable clip, even with leveling bonuses.

This week, I may get a few hours of play in. I’m not leveling my monk. This coming Saturday I am getting together with Nim and Spiff to start my Pandaria campaign in style with a marathon gaming day. I’ll start at 7 am and roll through until I’ve had my fill. I’m hoping for the wee hours of Sunday morning, but lets be realistic. They don’t call me OldManSy for nothing. If I make it to 10 o’clock I’ll be really happy! From everything I’ve ready it takes about 5-8 hours per level. With that I’d, I need at minimum 25 hours to hit 90. So, for next weekend I’m putting a conservative goal of hitting 87. Now, I’ll have a weeks worth of rested XP, I’ll have a two hour bonus leveling time built up, and when that runs out I’ll get another hour for Saturday. So, I may be stretching to 88… Maybe.

This week, if I get the time, I’ll head to Kara a few times for my horse run that I haven’t done since mid September, I have a few transmog pieces I’d like to get for the monk.(yellow rogue teir recolor to match my yellow JC panther) I might go out and level up my gathering professions in preparation for leveling up my real professions once I gather all of the mats, I’m going alchemy/herbing on the monk, and my hunter will do engineering once the monk gathers the mats.

Now, if 5.1 drops this weekend(I’m not even sure it’s off of PTR yet) then leveling those gathering pros ions would be quicker, as I have the violet protodrake, and would get insta 310% flight speed, woot woot. So, fingers crossed, and I’ll see you guys next week in Pandaria. Also, look for an update on the beard growing group soon!

Beard On Brothers!

70-80, Now I’m Wolverine!!!

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What a whirlwind of a weekend for me in Wow. It felt like I played a ton this weekend, but looking back, I may have had an extra hour… Maybe? My play schedule usually revolves around when our little ones are asleep. Now,if you have, or have had two little ones at home, 3 and 1, then you realize that this is usually not very much time when both are asleep, everything that needs completed(housework, homework, yard work, cooking, errands, lesson plans…you all know the drill) is done, and you have some spare energy left over to commit to some gaming. I had an extra day off Friday due to parent teacher conferences last week, so technically I got an extra hour and a half Friday when both kids were down, somehow, at the same time for a nap! I played Friday night for about two hours, Saturday at nap time for another two hours, I didn’t have the energy to play Saturday night, so I instead watched some Big Bang Theory with the wife, and played during naps Sunday afternoon. When I quit Sunday I was two bubbles from 80. Later that day I snuck off, did three quests, and was done. 80. Boom. Milestone.

No, if this was two expansions ago, I would be ready to start gearing up my little monk, too bad this isn’t two expansions ago… I still have the slog from 80-90. The big slow down in leveling is about to start, half of my leveling gear turns to mush, further slowing down my slow crawl to 90… Oi. On the bright side, I haven’t leveled a hundred toons through cata and panda yet, so I am excited about that prospect. The content will seem fresher, and I won’t feel as bad about going through it slower.

On another great note from this weekend, I was able to acquire the Sunstone Panther! I got it for a steal off of the AH. Now, I know the mats alone run well over 20k, making the 20K I paid for it seem like a huge steal!!! It is so far my favorite mount. Had it been the sapphire panther, I would feel better about it, as that is beautiful, and blue is my favorite color… Why did I hear that crappy Aerosmith song “pink” in my head as I typed that…. Anyway…

On November 10th I’m having a gaming day with Nimrock and friend to the blog, Spiffie. Now, my goal is to hit 90 that day. We are starting around 7ish that morning, and gaming as late as I an handle. We will do a few instances, as I want to see all of the panda ones, but I plan on mostly questing. That gives me roughly two weeks to get ready for this day of dinging 90 awesomeness. It can be done, even on my meager play schedule.

What I need from you studly “I’ve already got four toons to 90″ gamers is this: what level should I be at when I start gaming that Saturday? Basically, how long did it take you to go through panda content? Should I be sitting at 85, and a good 18-20 hours would get me there? Should I be sitting at 88? Is two levels doable on that final day? I really don’t know, as I’ve really done nothing in game but level my monk, who is now 80, with just under two days played time. Help a monk out! I’ll take full advantage of the monk daily with enlightenment, doing that every day. I’ll play a few evenings each week, and get a few good hours in next weekend. I can easily see myself at 85 without pushing it, but I really think I need to push further into panda stuff… Thoughts? Comments? Helps?

Now, one of my favorite parts of hitting 80 is doing away with my heirloom weapons. They stop getting better at 80, and I really want to use fist weapons! The ones you can buy in the monk zone at 80 look fierce. I mean seriously fierce. Best looking I’ve seen in quite a while. Here is a pic I took shortly after dinging 80, equipping my weapons of awesome, and doing my very best Wolverine impression. I’ll leave you with this for the day. Enjoy.



Leveling and Transmogging

Posted in Leveling with tags , , , , , , on October 22, 2012 by sylus

Welcome back everyone to your favorite Horde-centric, multiblogger, random horde blog on WordPress. Yeah, I’m being a bit specific on this one, but hey, we really need to narrow down the audience right? I mean, without naming you guys, which we may have in the past I’m not sure, I’m not sure what to call you. So, until further notice, and we come up with a better name for you guys, I’ll call you Steve.

So, Steve, I hope your weekend was as good as mine. Real life was awesome, took the kids to a pumpkin patch/farm and had fun thing the little ones tank the headless horseman… Wait, I’m getting in game mixed up with retail life again… That happens from time to time. We did go to a pumpkin patch, there wasn’t a headless horseman giving away candy, trinkets, mounts and helmets, but we had fun none the less.

In game, Hallow’s end started up and everyone has been enjoying this… Me not so much, I’ve just been leveling my monk. He hit 69 this weekend, which was only a level off of my goal. I knew I would be pushing things to get to 70, but I thought, hey, let’s shoot for the stars. What amazed me was how far I went this weekend. I started out at 62 and I only had to do parts of hellfire and nagrand to get to 68, then I dropped everything and made a mad dash for northrend. It felt good to be back on Azeroth. Random thought, It’s a really weird feeling knowing you are on another planet… Outland is another planet… Huh, I guess I never gave it much thought.

Anyway, so I hit 68 and headed for Borean Tundra. That was fun. That zone did a good job introducing you to northrend, new races, new questing styles, and a very “cold” feel to the landscape. It did a great job transitioning into some of the more advanced zones.

I’m fully convinced I could have hit 70 this past weekend if not for one little, very addicting thing. Transmogrification. Yup, I’m still Transmogging every upgrade I get. Spending 10 minutes every gear upgrade while questing zoning back to Org, mogging the gear, and zoning back. Seriously… It’s really sad. Well, if everything goes well, I’ll be sitting at 74 by the end of the week, so I can push through to 80 next weekend. We’ll see, but either way, it’s a goal.


Monking Around

Posted in Leveling with tags , , , , on October 15, 2012 by sylus

Welcome back everyone, I hope your weekend was as productive as mine. welcome back to work all of my canadian friends, I hope your holiday was great. I had a great weekend with the family, my daughter had a birthday party, sugar, wrapping paper, and boxes still litter my house… when you think you have it all picked up, cleaned up, guess what… THERE I S STILL MORE HIDING!!!

As for my ingame time this weekend, it was slim to none, but that didnt keep me from leveling from 52 to 58. Now I know what some of you hardcore gamers out there are saying when I tell you I’ve only gotten my monk to lvl 58, “noob” “slowpoke” and “lollearntoplay” come to mind. I on the other hand am quite proud of what I’ve done with my wow time since Pandaria dropped. I checked my played time on Saturday afternoon, and as of then had played a total of 17 hours and change. This isn’t all of my Pandaria play time. I started a panda monk, leveled him to 30, then decided I wanted an Orc monk, was too cheap to drop 25 bucks for a race change, and rerolled ANOTHER monk.

Up until this point I had really done nothing but dungeon finder from level 15-52. Then I hit the dreaded mid 50’s slog. Now, is it just me or is this the proving grounds levels in the slog to 90? I had ran with a ton of groups who were flying through instances. Tanks could easily hold aggro, healers had no problems keeping everyone alive, and DPS did their jobs by destroying things(minus tanks…. Their threat generation through the vengeance mechanic((attack power increase while being beat on)) kept their DPS through the roof). When I hit those 50’s lvl instances, that all seemed to end. Once we got into ZF, DM, ya know, late 40’s early 50’s this all changed. I was in horrid group after horrid group. Tanks couldn’t hold threat, even after giving them plenty of room up front to build threat, healers couldn’t keep tanks, yet alone DPS alive(tanks first of course) and NOONE KNEW WHERE THEY WERE GOING!!!

After wasting my time in dungeons leveling to 54 on Friday evening, I decided that when I got in game Saturday I would just start hitting some quests rather than dungeons. So, I logged in Saturday afternoon during my kiddo’s nap and went looking for the quest board outside of Hellscream’s place. Silithis. Ok, I haven’t been there in…. Well, forever. So, I hopped on the flight path and ignored the game for the three minute flight, while rewatching season two of the walking dead to catch up for season three, which dropped last night… That’s another rant in itself, I’m a dish network customer…. RasafrasadishnetworksucksfordroppingAMC…

Anyway, back to wow… I was shocked at how fast I was leveling questing. I went from 54 to 56 in about thirty minutes… Blown away. So, last night I sat down to knock out a level before bed. I destroyed the blasted lands in around an hour, and hit 58. Now I am super excited about heading into outlands. Honestly, I loved the quests, the zones, the dungeons. I think I will fly throu outlands and into northrend just as fast. Will I go back to dungeons? Yes, and yes. I love the dungeons in outlands, with the hellfire peninsula dungeons being some of my favorite in the game… RED ORC’S!!!

Am I power leveling through the game, not really, but on my casual schedule, I’m going as fast as I can! I love the monk. On a side note, the rising tiger kick thingie at 56…. Best move to date. I love the crap out of it. If I wasn’t destroying mobs before this, now I’m two and three shooting mobs. Amazing. If you haven’t read up, or listened to any monk related guides, Eatmopie does a guest appearance on the Sept. 24th episode on Convert to Raid. If you want to find Eatmopie(he’s not perfect, he’s a gnome after all) he is on Facebook, just look for Eatmopie. I really think Pie would like this guy, just a guess.

Guys, have a great week, get your work done, family first, then tear up Azeroth for me.

Why am I excited about playing WOW again.

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I know it’s still kinda summer and lots of guilds are bored and can’t wait for MOKFP to drop so they can race to 90 and start the raid prep process again.

I get it. I am excited for MOKFP too. It’s a gear reset my characters need badly. My hunter, Halkale has an iLevel of about 312. Three freaking twelve.  As in, I got into a LFG regular dungeon and someone said, man hunter you need better gear.  Oh how the mighty have fallen…well or the maybe sorta kinda mighty.

I was never in a world first guild. Never so cutting edge that I had to give up everything but raiding. BUT, I was in a guild raiding Black Temple in BC, when BT was the top raid of the expansion. I was the hunter lead, I was in charge of the pulls (Side Note to the kids: back in BC you had a hunter pull the packs of mobs back with Misdirection, the warrior then taunted them off the hunter and the hunter Feigned Death to drop aggro so the tanks could take over. Or, you failed to drop aggro, got roflstomped and spent the next few minutes watching the trash fights from the floor.) Hell, I was the survival hunter for the raiding team because you had to have one, but only one, while BM ruled the DPS world.

And now, I have less than 5 hours /played at 85 on my hunter.

My first character to 85 was my paladin, my second was my mage, the priest was third and now Halkale finally dinged right before 5.0.4 dropped. My first character to 90 will be Bratwurst. My second will be Halkale. Why? Because 4theHorde rides again. Yes, we have issues with schedules. Yes, we don’t all play like we used to, but we are planning. We are working on plans for a 5 man group time. We are hoping we might be able to do some raiding, casually in MOKFP.

But, Pie, you still haven’t answered the question, Why am I excited about playing WOW?  Technically, I have answered the question. If you’ve read 4thehorde for any amount of time, or gone back and reread the older posts, you’ll discover what makes this blog different. Not different good or bad, although as a member of this fine group, it’s great for me. You see, I’ve met some really awesome people through this blog. I’ve spent time with them both in game and out. Most I’ve met face to face. I’ve laughed and cried with them. I’ve celebrated victories in game and in life..and was saddened by losses. 4TH is more than a blog, it’s family. Fikkle, Nimrock and OldManSy are more than just pixels or people in my Vent. They are my brothers, my friends.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars to hang with these guys, both in subscriptions and game fees. I’ve traveled to Sy and Nim’s homes. I’ve set out on my driveway in the sun to make pulled pork for ShenaniCon 2011, because it was a part I could play.  I’ve talked/emailed/texted these guys most every day for the last 4 years. Playing with these guys in some sort of game is the highlight of my day, most days.

I am excited about WOW again, because we are playing together again. Sure we played for a while in TOR, we have an online RPG adventure going on in email and blogger. Saturday night we whipped the Lich King’s butt, with a lot of help from our friends.

Friends we couldn’t have without this blog. Sy and Fikkle met. Sy knew Nim. I met them through this blog and through this blog we recruited Repgrind and then through her blog I found Shadow Rising.  All these friendships spider web out from the blog.  We have friends like Slig and others who don’t play WOW anymore but we still email and play RPG with, even if it is a webcam of Slig sitting on Nim’s dining room table while we sit around eating Crispers and trying to figure out which dice to roll.

These are the things that make WOW great. The new purples are nice, Pandas look awesome, but it’s the community that keeps most of us here. It’s the community that brings a lot of us back, or makes us stay longer than we probably should. It’s the community that has me watching Gnomer and BBB‘s children grow up, even though I’ve never met them.

So, yeah, I am excited about playing WOW with my friends, old and new. Bring on Pandas and all the other things that are coming with MOKFP!

Fickle Friday: List Edition

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Lok’tar friends,

Yes I know our Friday post is a day late this week, but I blame our self appointed editor and chef (who cuts a mean carrot). He’s had this post for about four or five days and instead makes me post it from an igloo. Anyways…

So I’be been bombing around Azshara with my lowbie Goblin warrior this past week having a blast. My play time has been sporadic and very limited due to work, but I’ve still managed to start a new guild (new server requires new shenanigans guild, for the shenanigans require their own home… Guild is Skullreaver on Winterhoof Horde if anyone’s interested).

Anyways, I know all you Cata players are saying that Azshara was so two years ago, and you’d be right, but this is my first run through of the retuned zone, so for me, it’s all new. But the real topic of today’s post is a list. Two years ago, right before I stopped playing for good, I posted a few lists that were sort of reminiscing about my playtime in WoW up until the end of Wrath. Since I didn’t really play Cata, I can’t do the exact same, but I have played other MMOs so I decided to make today’s list all about “Things WoW Does Wrong”. Now before you get the wrong idea, let me start by saying that wow does a lot of things right. It’s those things that have kept the game going for so long. But there are some things that WoW just doesn’t do right. (By the way, this list is brought to you by the number 6 and the letter PH, because there a lot of sixes who just don’t get enough recognition and there is a lot of PHail out there).

6. FFS Enough With The Rediculous One Off Mini-Games

This is a trend that started in BC with bombing runs, but was taken to a whole new level in Wrath with the real instigator being vehicle combat. There were a few quests using vehicles that prepped players for later usage of them in pvp and raids. Fine. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. The jousting is another example.for Cata, I have only done a few of the new zones so far, but there are two types of minigames that are terrible, irrelevant and downright annoying. I’m talking about the archmage questline in Azshara that has you bounding up a mountain a la super mario, and the stupid Hippogryph flapping in Mount Hyjal. Holy Hanna Blizzard. Enough is Enough. Pick a mechanic that is fun and works and stick with it. Wasting time to learn a new mechanic (that often sucks moar with lag) for a single quest (and failies, you figure it out) is terrible game design. If you’re gonna make us learn a new minivans mechanic, make it fun and doable.

5. Expansions do NOT require you to change the way your entire skill / talent / spell / random mechanic system works.

I really hope you’re done doing this to us. Adding a few tiers of abilities was great for the first three expansions. Albeit by the time Wrath hit, there were a lot to learn and there were a lot of spells that needed reworking. I get that. I still hate the way it was done, but whatever, you’re the ones with millions of customers, not me. Still, I was hoping that for the next few expansions we could build on the NEW talent system you developed, And start to develop intricate builds, strange hybrids and wicked cool twists. So what if there were junk talents, that was never something I cared much about. Having to relearn two specs on all eight of the different classes I have at endgame? That sucks. But oh wait, we’re gonna do that all over again, and now, you can just play whackamole with your talents cause they don’t really matter. That’s shitty. That’s like seeing your best friend sleeping with his mouth open and deciding to drop a deuce in it. It might seem cool at the time, but it’s kinda offside.

4. Crafting Isn’t Interesting, More Like Set It and Go Do Your Laundry

Seriously, Star Wars did a really great job with their crafting. I don’t know that it will work for wow, but what I do know is that having to level first aid on my umpteenth character is getting ridiculous. Seriously, I get a bunch of linen cloth, hit craft all and have time to go watch an episode of Big Bang Theory. The crafting system in game is really a testament to what existed in the MMO space when WoW was in development. Things are different now and it’s time for an update. I mean really, if you can sunder the whole world, the least you can do is find a homeless bum for me to hire who can make bandages for me. I mean when was the last time they were in a city? There are always people begging for golds. Why can’t we make them do it?

3. Hearthstones suck.

I’m sorry, but I got spoiled while playing TOR. Their system worked so that once you discovered a hearth location, you could hearty there any time, provided it wasn’t cooldown. The Hearthstone system could really use an overhaul and it would get rid of the need for portals, teleports, etc. c’mon Blizz, this would make everyone’s lives less annoying.

2. Moar RP Love! (But not the Deep Run Tram kind)

Seriously, I love to RP, even if I only do it casually. But this is one aspect of the game that always takes a back seat to mechanics and content. It’s sad, considering that WoW is an amazing RPG, except for the fact that the majority of the RP has to be played driven. The Transmog thing (which I haven’t tried yet) is a step in the right direction, but I suspect that it made the cut only because people are vain. Give my character the ability to select a last name, or a place to call home (aka housing), to name that one special weapon you have (I call her Vera, she is my most favorite gun) or some cool thing you’ve thought of but I haven’t yet. Your stories can be so wonderful, and they are made all the better when I can Roleplay my characters through them.

1. Class Legendary Quests & Weapons (or Armor)

I know this may sound far fetched, but I really want to see Class Legendary quest lines, for all Classes, that are amazing in their story telling and then at the end allow you to chose the type of weapon/armor piece that you want (sword, axe, dagger, etc) and a special effect (three for each class, allowing you to tailor it to your spec) and then to name the weapon/armor yourself. Invariably some d-bag will call it ‘yomama’ or something as equally unimaginative, but it would give people a chance to really pick the weapon that best suited their character. My orc warrior would take an 2H axe, my dwarf paladin a 2H mace, my blood elf Mage would take a a kick ass robe, while my Forsaken Rogue would get a fist weapon, and my Tauren Warrior would get the biggest baddest mofo shoulders you could dream of.

At the launch of an expansion is the worst possible time to ask for something to be added to that expansion. So I’m not asking that. What I am asking for is consideration for the expansion after Mists. Think about it. In the meantime,

Stay Hordecore,


Sylus Returns… Sort of?

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This week was great. I’m settling into my real life routine with the new job and family life, and even found some world of warcraft time! I was able to log in, play a bit, and have decided that the unusual play patterns I’m going to ahve will best be spent playing lower level characters that can be logged in and out at will, rather than being stuck in a raid or instance for hours on end. So, introducing Turas, with the long U sound.  (Too-ras)

My HU-MAN rogue may appear to be of the alliance… but my mind doesn’t work that way… I’m an “RP” guy. My alliance rogue is human… but not working for the alliance. He dispises King Varian Wrynn. His father was banished from Kalimdor and was never seen again. Turas has vowed to find him and has left the safety of Stormwind to venture forth, making allies where he needs, despite their factional alliances. Anyway, look for more from my “Not -so-alliance” friend. Also, it was great to see you Fik, Duke, and Kev. All win my friends. All win.

From the Blue,

Wrath Retrospective from an Altaholic

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Lok’tar friends.

Despite my absence from the blogging world, I’ve still been around the world (of Warcraft) for most of Wrath. I took two breaks from the game for a few months when I’d gotten burned out or bored, but I’m back for now, for the foreseeable future and I’ve missed blogging.

When Wrath hit I had planned on making my shaman my new main. He had just hit 80 prior to the Scourge invasion event and I was having a lot of fun as enhancement. After the expansion was released, he levelled quickly to 80 and then he was all alone. Most of my guildmates were taking their time or at least weren’t able to level as quickly to 80, so I had nothing to do. I tried to get into a few heroics and do some Naxx raids, but I didn’t have great gear, couldn’t craft myself any and all in all felt bored. Since the dungeon finder didn’t exist at the time, I had nothing really to keep me occupied and so I went and did something I hadn’t done before, levelled Alliance.

At the time I had some recruit a friend time left, so I rolled Dwarf and Human paladins and started dual boxing on the Alliance side to experience their levelling. That lasted for a while and then I just got bored. That was when the first break from the game came for me. When I got back, everyone else had finally hit 80 and our guild had done some recruiting. I finished levelling my Horde Paladin to 80 so that I had a second 80, and he became a tank. The guild had become quite vibrant and wanted to start raiding, so we scheduled some Naxxramas runs and downed the first wing up to the big spider thing. As we could never really kill her and due to the RL commitments of most of our guild, our raids eventually died out and people slowly left the guild for other activities.

After that, I went back to some alts. I levelled a Death Knight to 80 and had a lot of fun pvp’ing with him as unholy, back before the great DK nerf and the circumcising of Unholy Blight. My mage, Druid and Rogue got played on and off, all ending up around 74. I also took some time and levelled my hunter to 80, after which I never played him again. I have come to find the hunter class doesn’t interest me at all anymore, and while I know there are avid hunters out there, it just isn’t for me anymore. At this point, I had four separate 80s, the DK, Shaman, Paladin and Hunter.

From there, I started a warrior. I had been spending all of my badges at the time to purchase heirloom gear (instead of epics) and I had a full set of the plate gear and the 2-handed axe. I started doing battlegrounds with WSG and found that I was pretty powerful as a warrior. I took to defending the flag some games, running the flag in others and just fighting in mid in others. All in all, I got quite good at it and found that I really enjoyed it. From there, I continued to level almost exclusively through pvp, hitting 80 just in time to pick up the Brewmaster title last year. After that, I did some character shuffling. My BElfadin became a Draenei so that I would have an 80 on the Alliance side and I made my human paladin a Belf so that I would still have a Horde paladin if the mood struck me. I finished levelling him to 80 next, while running the Argent Tournament dailies every day on several characters and I burned out again.

Thus came about my second break from the game during Wrath. I was out of the game for four or five months with that break, but when I came back, the dungeon finder had been implemented and things were getting easier to gear up characters at 80. I started back up with my new BElfadin, figuring I was going to make him my new main, but quickly found that I gravitated back to the warrior. Over the last five months, I’ve gotten my warrior’s prot gear up to 5k GS and his pvp gear up to 5.4k GS. I joined a raiding guild for a while (back when I had time) and got to do a bit of ICC and TOC (10 mans). I made it up to Rotface / Festergut and took down one of them (not the slimes one) and then had one attempt at Putricide before I had to leave the guild due to time constraints and RL commitments.

Since then, I went back and finished levelling my poor Dwarf Paladin that got left in the lurch for most of the expansion and he hit 80 about a month ago, which brings the total count up to seven level 80s, three of which are Paladins. Lately, I’ve been doing a number of things to keep busy, including a 2v2 arena team with the only other regular member of my guild (at the moment), Karag. I also started some new characters, a Dwarf Warrior, who hit 30 the other day and a Tauren Warrior, who is about level 22 right now. I have a Human DK at level 60, who’s only being levelled to 65 so she can be used as a Tailoring and Enchanting bot for my alliance-side server. So the current list of characters that I have on the go is:

1. Kor, level 80 Orc Warrior, Prot/Arms. He is my best geared character, most progressed and for all intents and purposes my main at the moment.
2. Jurithas, level 80 Blood Elf Paladin, Ret. He is my next best geared character and while I have some Holy and Prot gear for him, I really only play him as Ret.
3. Brak, level 80 Orc Shaman, Resto/Enh. Brak’s enhance gear is very, very near to what he has had since he hit 80, meaning its crap nowadays. I don’t have the patience to gear him out, and I find the dual-wield mechanics annoying. He’s got some T9 level Resto gear, but its still a work in progress when he does get played.
4. Martog, level 80 Orc Death Knight, UH(dps)/Blood(tank). My DK is wearing mostly Deadly Gladiator gear as he hasn’t really been played in a long time. He’s a miner/herbalist so I use him as a farming toon mostly. I enjoyed playing him as unholy, but I find what Blizz has done to that tree just doesn’t make it fun anymore, so he almost never gets played aside from farming.
5. Antos, level 80 Draenei Paladin, Prot. This was my first (Blood Elf) Paladin to 80 who has tanked some of Naxx and Sarth. Once he moved over to the Alliance he basically stopped getting played, and he’s still sitting idle with no plans for the near future.
6. Grimshot, level 80 Orc Hunter. This was my main for the second half of BC, but as I mentioned above, he isn’t getting played, nor is there any plan to play him in the future. He’s currently on an inactive account and will stay there for now.
7. Bannock, level 80 Dwarf Paladin, Ret/Prot. This is my newest 80 and he’s not on the same server as my other 80 alliance. He’s running dungeons as ret at the moment but I’m purchasing prot gear for him as I intend to make him a tank when he can put together enough of a set to start.
8. Fikkle, level 75 Blood Elf Mage, Frost. This is my first character I ever truly levelled, and my first toon to 70 back in BC. I haven’t seriously played him since the SSO came out, but he might get bumped up to 80 so I can see if any of the changes to the class interest me. So far, I’m enjoying what Frost has to offer, and I might check out the other specs after I hit 80 to see if they interest me.
9. Dwos, level 74 Forsaken Rogue. This is my rogue. I have no idea what I want to do with this character. I don’t really like the playstyle of the Rogue, but I don’t want to up-and-delete him. If I get really bored before Cataclysm, I might hurry him to 80, but even then, I don’t know that I’ll ever play him again.
10. Zaels, level 74 Tauren Druid, Resto/Feral. This is my druid, who was a pvp server toon while levelling. I don’t really know what to do with him as I put him aside for long periods and then come back to him, each time deciding I want to play as a different spec. As a result, his gear is a hodgepodge of greens that make his dps horrible and his heals mediocre. I have wanted to try tanking as a Bear, but I can’t seem to get the hang of feral.
11. Achran, level 30 Dwarf Warrior, Arms. This is my new baby Dwarf Warrior who’s up and coming. As I currently enjoy the warrior class the most, he’s getting levelled to be my de facto main on the Alliance side.
12. Caugruk, level 22 Tauren Warrior, Arms. This is my baby Tauren who I have no need of and am only levelling because its fun to play lower level warriors and own stuff. I log him in when I get bored with higher level content and I just want to feel overpowered and kill things.

All in all, I’ve experience much more of the classes in Wrath than I ever did in Burning Crusade, although I found that some of the changes Blizz has made haven’t been that interesting to me. I like playing as a BM hunter, but I don’t find anything about hunters compelling in Wrath. The same thing goes for Death Knights. I liked the playstyle that I had back when I first started playing him, and now I’ve found that it isn’t fun anymore. On the other hand, I really enjoy playing Ret Paladins and Arms Warriors. Ret is probably one of the few specs I enjoy that is really strong. Arms is great for pvp, which is what I use it for, however its weak for pve, which bothers me. Come to think about it, I think I like playing all of the ‘weak’ specs of every class I play, except for Paladins. Arms Warrior (weak PvE), Subtlety Rogue (weak PvE), Frost Mage (weak PvE), Enh Shaman (not necessarily weak, but has issues), BM Hunter (weak for everything except levelling), UH Death Knight (not necessarily weak, but not as strong as the other trees). I wonder why that is. Am I that much of a masochist or have all those specs just been scaled back because they were really popular at one time? I don’t know, but I’m guessing it’s the self-destructive explanation.

As far as the future of what I plan to do for the rest of the expansion, I’m not really sure. I may decide to level characters, get achievements or simply take another break. The problem with being Fikkle is that what I chose to do today, may change tomorrow.

Stay Hordecore,


Fikkle found being dps by moths for his balls?

Posted in Alts, Guild, Leveling, Mage, PvP on August 31, 2010 by Kor

Lok’tar friends. Well I doubt anyone still has us in their feed readers at this point, after months of defunct blog status, but I think I might make a reappearance to the blogosphere soon. For a while I didn’t think I had much to say. Now, I still don’t think I do, but I miss writing, so there it is. Today I’m going to talk about my mage. I’ll probably do a post about what I’ve been up to over the wrath expansion soon.

So I got back to playing my mage last night for the first time in I don’t know how long. The toon, Fikkle, hasn’t been my main since mid-BC and hasn’t received any kind of serious playtime since the Shattered Sun Offensive began.

I levelled him a bit sometime since Wrath was released, as he’s level 74 (now 75), but the only reason he got any playtime at all was so that he could learn to port to Dal, which is useless for my other 9 characters on that server / account, but was done for my friends.

Lately, however, I’ve grown nostalgic a bit about him. He has just under 10k lifetime honor kills and is a bag making and gear chanting machine. But I’ve never had any desire to play him after I started to seriously level alts and discover the other classes. For whatever reason, last night I decided to pull him out of mothballs (Merciless Gladiator mothballs, no less) get him into some heirloom gear and go start levelling. I did a bunch of quests and some Arathi Basin pvp, as well as a random DTK run.

When I logged him in, I realized he was Fire spec’d, which is odd, since I haven’t played him as fire since he was level 50. I decided to go back to Frost for pvp and survivability and oh man was it ever a great choice.

During the DTK run the tank and the other two dps died to black bad on the ground and the three mobs turned toward me. Blizzard and the other roots in frost saved me and allowed me to survive and kill the mobs. The healer tossed a few heals, but that was about it. The same thing happened again later and once again I solo’d them, with a few heals.

Now I’m not saying that Gnomer said was wrong about the whole fire/frost/arcane arguement, but I do know for a fact that if I had tried that as fire I would have been the proverbial bug on the proverbial windshield. Frost’s survivability and control is wickedly powerful and so I think I’ll stick with it, at least for now.

That being said, there was that one Rogue in AB that really wanted roasted steak on a stick for dinner, but was forced to settle for tenderized mage on two daggers instead. I still contend that rogues are far too powerful. Nerf rogues. Make them dps with chopsticks… Toothpicks… Dental floss! Yep, we have a winner. Rogues dual wielding dental floss in the next patch. Blizz make it happen, and don’t worry, you can claim the idea was yours, I totally don’t mind.

Stay Hordecore,

– Fikkle

Operation: Lowbie

Posted in Hunter, Hunter Guide, Leveling, Lowbies, Operation Lowbie, Paladin, Pie with tags , , , on December 29, 2009 by forthepie

We here at For the Horde! believe in providing unbelievably helpful posts.  They may not be as often as many of you might like, but we never, ever post goofy posts.  Never, ever.  And if, by chance, one of those goofy posts sees the light of day….YOU fine readers would never make it one of the top posts in the past year.

Seriously Bonk Bonk Bonk?

Okay, apparently, you fine readers, don’t so much care if we post silly posts…just as long as we post.

But fine readers, and you too Gnomer, we are upon a new year.  A time when most of us will make a resolution and then break it…

So, what pray tell, is my resolution, well not resolution, but plan of action, for the new year?
You don’t think the title of this post was just catchy do you?


Fine readers, I am going to create two new characters this year (no Fikkle, not just two, silly Canadianian) with one thought in mind.  Creating a how to series.  One of those characters will be a hunter, because, I can be a hunter.  The second will be a paladin.  I am leaning toward making the paladin a human for a couple reasons:

1) They are not Belfs… Any long time reader of my posts or comments will know my loathing of the blood elf.  I am so much very happy that the Horde will get Tauren Paladins in Cataclysm.  Seriously, even troll paladins would have sufficed, but my second favorite race?  Woot!

2) Humans get extra rep, cuz we all know the rep grind is long…

3) Humans get that sweet Every Man for Himself, so I don’t have to invest in a PvP trinket.

Hush it right now Roz. Zip it!, Shhh,

Silence!  I keel you!

4) Blessing of Kings: who by the way sends the most traffic our way…for some reason.

(yeah you want me to roll your class, start sending folks this way…yeah..I can be bought)

Now, the major question is this.  Do I make my hunter an alliance too?  If so, what race?

Oh before we go much further, let me explain some of my ground rules.

1) Must be on a server where I don’t have characters

2) Only support should be the DK I roll on said server to provide some bigger bags.

Seriously, Blizz, increase the drop rate of bags in the starter zones or up the bag space to 20 in the backpack.  No food or water was a great step /golfclap  :rollseyes:

So, here’s my question to you, which server should I roll on.  That leaves out: Dawnbringer, Winterhoof and Gnomer’s server in the Oceanic area. (since he gaves me stuff already)

I have no problem rolling both characters as alliance, nor do I have a problem rolling one alliance and one Horde.  Realistically, I could do both on the same server.  My goal here is to provide a decent leveling guide for the new player.  Either new to the game or new to the classes.    Sure, I could roll these up on my “home” servers, but let’s be honest, I’ve got lots of alts bankrolled by by level 80’s and it’s just not the same experience.  Heirloom shoulders, trinkets, chest and weapons make the leveling process a breeze.  No recruit a friend.

This doesn’t mean that I just want to roll on a server I don’t know anyone, so if you’d like Pie to hang out with you on your server, feel free to suggest it.  I don’t want boosted through the process, which is one of the other reasons to not roll on one of my home servers.  Let’s be honest, my rogue got boosted through BFD and got the sweet bow, where I would normally have to get a group to go.

So there it is boys and girls, give me some suggestions.  What would you like to see me do?  I am not saying I’ll spend every playing moment playing these characters, but I would like to advance enough to get a few posts a month out of these characters. I’ll split them so one post will focus on the hunter and the other on the pally.

Apparently, I am not the only one who got this idea.  Go check out BBB for his project on a new bear tank!


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