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It’s Thursday already?

Posted in Pie, Real Life on April 30, 2009 by forthepie

Real life has been kicking my butt lately. For those that don’t know, I moved back home to live with my parents as they are getting older and have some health issues. My dad was recovering from cancer at the time, and it was only supposed to be a short time gig. It’s turned into more of a long time thing though. Sadly, my complete restructuring of my career, which had to happen for me to move back, has been slowed by the lovely economy and a bad decision for a job, which I no longer have.

Add to that my parents continue to have health issues, the biggest reason for me moving back to help them. The latest, my dad’s second back surgery in a bit over a year. Monday I spent all day at the hospital as we had to be there 2 hours early to get checked in and allow them to prep him. Plus a couple hours for surgery and then 2 hours plus on recovery and the realization they moved him to his room without notifying us. Hospital waiting rooms are not all that comfortable.

Tuesday was spent home sick. And then my father got home from the hospital and I had to run around and get the things he needed. Suffice to say, my playtime is curtailed with this adventure.

So, you are probably all bored to tears right about now. What am I doing, when I get a chance to play? Basically, I am working on my lowbies. And respeccing. Oh and then respeccing again. For those of you who don’t remember, I basically have 10 characters on Dawnbringer, including one of each class. Each class has had two talent point wipes. And my druid has had 3. That’s a lot of talent points to replace. /nelson laugh at Fikkle.

Currently, Slig and her baby hunter and my druid are leveling together. I am playing Naciasto as feral, because Sum durids is bare

I have yet to visit the Argent Tourney. I have specced Halkale since the last respec, only because I can’t call my spirit beast (by the way–named Gauze) unless I get my 51 BM talent.

I know this post isn’t as cool as Sy’s or as cathartic as Slig’s but I wanted you all to know what is happening.

Noob follies with a side of gankage

Posted in Alts, Humor, Lowbies, n00bstake, PvP with tags , , , , , , , on April 29, 2009 by Natalie

gankage Hi there, Slig here. So you may recall that our April Fool’s joke was really on ourselves. I started a Draenai hunter named Ame… Amae… Amaera?? Heck with it, let’s just call her Amy. I took the RPPVP server thing as a challenge so I leveled her up to 25 so far.

I’m very excited to report that I got ganked for the first time in Lakeshire the other day. Woot! Why am I so excited, you ask? Well, first of all, you gotta do it sometime, so it’s best to go ahead and get it over with, ya know? Second, I actually outsmarted the ganker! Here’s how it went down…

Wandering along in beautiful downtown Lakeshire gathering quests. Screen freezes for a second and I think, “Dang lag!” Then the screen unfreezes with the lovely message, “You are dead.” Indeed, I am.

Now how the heck did that happen?? Oh. I see. Troll Death Knight running over to the next lowbie and cutting him down in one shot. Then I realize: OMG, I just got ganked!! COOL!

So I run back to my corpse and figure I’ll just go on my merry way. Resuscitate and start walking down the Lakeshire strip mall again… and then BLAMMO! Ganked again!

Now I’m just annoyed. I’m thinking, “Great. She’s going to camp my corpse and I’ll have to log off and come back later to get any questing done. I mean, how can a lowbie hunter beat a DK??”

Hmmmmm. What resources do I have? Especially ones that she doesn’t have? Well, I can’t stealth. My pet is as useless as I am. But she can’t stealth either. And… I CAN TRACK HUMANOIDS!!! And, hmmmm, here I am right by the lake.

hidingSo I rezzed while she was off my radar and dove into the lake, deep into the water so that she couldn’t see my nameplate. Then I watched her little dot come onto my screen. She went back to the place I died. Went along the strip mall. When she was riding away from me, I took a breath of air under the bridge and went back down. She rode right over the bridge – my heart was thumping. She started to ride to the other side of the shire with her back to me. I made the short dash from the lake to the gryphon master and hopped on a bird just as she was turning around to come back for me. I /waved as I flew off to the safety of Stormwind.

Awesome. Yes, I was pretty proud of my wiliness. But I wasn’t always so smart…

Stupid noob things I have done

  1. I started playing on the Alliance side. The first time I saw a tauren player in Ashenvale, I became deathly afraid he would kill me. I didn’t know anything about “being flagged” and I wasn’t on a PvP server. All I knew was that he was going to kill me. Sweating, with my heart racing, I hid behind a tree. Yes, behind a tree.
  2. An Alliance quest had me looking for a goblin in Splintertree Post. I tried to waltz right in the front door of the post and kept wondering why they were trying to kill me! I mean, the QUEST told me to go in there, guys!!
  3. Also in Ashenvale, I saw a Horde bat fly overhead. I knew nothing about flight paths. I told the person I was questing with that we were being attacked from the air!!
  4. When Slig was a young’un in Thunder Bluff, some kids messed with my head. One kid was standing on the elevator ledge, threatening to jump off. The other kid was trying to convince his friend not to jump. They saw my shaman coming and he jumped. I was freaked out! I took the elevator down and rezzed him. Then the other kid jumped. And I realized they were punking me. So I just walked away and made the other kid do the corpse run.

I’ll probably do another post on my noobtastic adventures cuz I’ve got a lot of em. But now it’s your turn. Go ahead! Admit some of your dopiest noob WoW beliefs or pratfalls.

The Cost of Nobility

Posted in Achievements, Humor, Tanking on April 28, 2009 by Nimrock

1. Haul your pet bunny wabbit all over creation for booty calls.

2. Get turned into a rabbit and sit around in boiling water waiting to lay an egg.

3. Eat yourself sick on chocolate.

4. Kiss an innocent bystander, just because he/she happens to be wearing a dress.

5. Spam trade chat for 18+ undead ladies to play dress up with.

6. Pray to your various gods that you will see a dwarf female.

7. Spend hours and hours in Bloodhoof village using such sophisticated forensic logic as “I saw it first” and “I was here before you.”

The Face of Nobility

The Face of Nobility

Yeah, I’m real Noble.


The Monday Mayhem

Posted in Discussion, Humor, Random with tags , , , , , on April 27, 2009 by sylus

I’ve got a doosey of a post for you fine readers today! I’m all over the map and then back again! I’ve got a few pictures for you, I’ve got a quick statement from the mind of Sy, and I’m going to introduce you all to the lady that was clever enough to name my new spirit beast. Yeah, action packed folks, action packed.

First off, the Argent tournament is well under way, and the dailies are AWESOME! At some point this week I was able to go out and take on some commanders, lieutenants, scouts and foot soldiers with fellow blogger, and hunter Grimshott, aka Fikkle. It was a blast, and I got this awesome screenie.

Good Times.

Grim is also quite the fan of my spirit beast(and a bit jealous I’m guessing!) He had the pre-BC skin(minus cool see through and smokey effect) cat from Winter spring! Doesn’t it look sweet alongside my spirit beast?


In other News, Gozz acted out the March of the Penguins. Good Fun

That one on the left is the outsider, he may not get to huddle with the rest of the group when it gets cold…poor guy.

So, Gozz made Champion rank in the  tournament, and was awarded his squire. I’ve named my squire Steve. Squire Steve. I’ve also found the absolute BEST THING EVER to do with the Papa Hummle’s Pet Biscuits.

Steve has hit Puberty!

I’ve had some time to do some PVP on a newly 80 Sylus this week., First of all, leveling subtlety SUCKS, why I did this I’ll never know. I’ve switched to a mutilate build, and LOVE IT! I’m killing clothies left and right, and now have a bit of resilience, so I’m not getting knocked down left and right! Great. So, as I was waiting at the graveyard I popped open my honor pane, and what did I find? Blizzard is now figuring daily honor in Binary…Awesome.


Stinking BINARY!

Okay, Next, I wanted to take a moment to back off from the game and take a look at how I am perceived as a person playing this game. Not how is Sylus perceived, is he perceived as  a total killah-l33t-pvpbbqpwner? No, how am I perceived, as a person, while interacting with my guildies, trade chat, pugs, etc. I’ve been a jerk in the past. I’ve cut down people that didn’t know what they were doing, and honestly, didn’t deserve it. I’ve griped at guildies over stupid things, and I’ve even bashed on people behind their backs. I’ve totally ignored people that didn’t deserve it as well. I’m a jerk.

I’m not proud of these things, and I want to do something about it. I’m letting you guys know here at 4theHorde, that i want to be a better player, a better role model, and more accessible to the people around me in my game environment.

I know alot of people separate themselves from their toons. I have a hard time doing this. These characters are an extension of me. Sure, it’s a picture of an orc or an undead running around in a fantasy world, and I do encourage the RP, but I’m also the one behind the avatar. If I’ve mistreated you personally, sorry. If I’ve sluffed you off as a “noob” and moved on, sorry. I’m not here whining to anyone, I’m just taking a quick minute to try to right a few wrongs. I love the community in this game. I love the fact that I have some great friends that play wow with me, and I even have some great friends I’ve made while playing this game. These bloggers here at 4theHorde are definitely among those friends!  I really appreciate you guys, and just wanted to take a minute to tell you. Have fun guys, and I’ll see you in Azeroth and in all corners of the interwebs. Tell your Buddies you appreciate them, it doesn’t make you look as sissy as you think!

Truly Appreciative,

~Uncle Sy

The New Deal.

Posted in Discussion with tags , , on April 26, 2009 by sylus

No, not that New Deal, but us here at 4theHorde have devised a new way of doing things around here. We aren’t doing this for selfish reasons either! We have you, the loyal 4theHorde readers in mind for this one! What we are going to do is quite simple. There are five of us writers here on the blog, and there are five days during the work week. We have decided that to guarantee we have new information up every day, important or not, we would assign each of us a day to be responsible for! I know, us, responsible?!?!  What the crap?!?!

So, here’s the lineup we have chosen.

On Mondays begin the work week with Uncle Sy.
On Tuesdays sit a spell with Nimrock.
On Wednesdays take a walk with Slig.
On Thursdays sit and have a slice, with Pie.
Finally, round out your work week with Fikkle-Fridays.

We are going to go with a free-for-all system on the weekends. If any of us wants to post, well, any of us can have at it! So, we hope you will all enjoy the new format, and hopefully this will give you all more reason to come back by everyday! You know you need a little more horde in your life!

We Have a Winner!!!!

Posted in Contest on April 23, 2009 by sylus

First of all let me say that I was totally blown away by the responses we received from this contest! We had twenty eligible names for the contest, and let me tell you, I had a very hard time picking the name!Before I tell you all who I chose, let me take a minute to run through some of the names I was totally into. First of all, if I was going the silly route with this pet name, i would totally call him Gauze. Tesh suggested this name because Gauze is a translucent fabric used for bandaging. sprit beast is translucent, and my name is Gozz. PERFECT! I just don’t feel thta the silly route is the way to go for this majestic and rare beastie! The next name I fell in love with, but ultimately decided not to go with was Baracus, submitted by Youngbro. I was a HUGE A-Team fan in the 80’s, and who doesn’t like Mr. T??? But we all know he’s a night elf mohawk. If I were a night elf I’d totally name him this, wait, but if I were a night elf I’d be 13 years old and crying because this studly orc tamed him instead of me!!!! BURN! No, seriously, I love the nelfs….Okay, I like a few of you, not all of you though, you still smell funny. Moving on….

Guys, there were so many good names to choose from! The Winner of The Footsteps of Illidan Code is….

AKEMI!!!! Congratulations to Linzie!!!

I’m so thrilled that this contest went over so well. Thank you everyone for entering, and look forward to the next great contest! Who Knows, next we may be renaming Fikkle’s orc hunter when he turns him female….Does anyone else question the RP side of how this happens? Just curious.


Until next time, enjoy your loot Linzie!

~Uncle Sy

WoW’s version of TARP

Posted in Random with tags , , , , , , on April 22, 2009 by Natalie


So what, exactly is the Auction House Cut for? Are we paying a virtual tax to bailout the fatcats at Goblin headquarters? Could somehow our fake silver be linked to Blizzard employee bonuses? Maybe it’s hush money to put the kibosh on Mage QQing future patches? Oh, sure, you might get all airquotes-logical-airquotes on me and say, “Slig, you are a silly goose. They penalize you for auctioning things so you don’t sell everything you own!” Well, why the heck would they care about that, anyway?

Can somebody please tell me how this Auction House Cut affects the WoW economy?

Spirit Beast Naming Contest Ends Thursday!

Posted in Contest on April 20, 2009 by sylus


Get your names in for your chance to win the footsteps of Illidin in-game loot card code!!!!! Fail to enter, and this guy might come looking for ya!!!

Leave coments with name suggestions here, on this post!

Good luck!


Coming for you Naxx

Posted in Guild, Raiding, Random with tags on April 17, 2009 by forthepie

Okay so perhaps you’ve read about your misadventures in Naxx. Last night after a week of not raiding due to some real life stuffs, we went back in as AoT. Now to be honest some of us have been in Naxx and been successful with other guilds or PUGs. But this was a guild run and let’s be honest, it’s different. We added to people in to PUG the last two spots though. SPriest for the win too!

So how did we do? Spider wing down! Finally taking down the big ugly spider on our second try. Of course the main tank, myself and possibly the OT are dead at the end and DoTs are quickly killing said spider and we are screaming over Vent, go go go! Luckily the warlock got that pet that looks like an earth elemental (and I’ve totally Sy’d the name now) and was able to hold aggro on the last 30k health.

On to Plague wing. We down the first boss in a one shot after some really crazy wipes to trash. Note to self, that first PAT comes deep in the hallway, don’t let someone go AFK and face pull.

Safety dance was fail a few times. Oh and ret pally please don’t use Seal of Blood on this fight. Serious nub there. /blush.

To be honest safety dance was late in the night for most of us, for me it was hot in the room my computer is in and I was way tired and not on my best game.

Raiding as melee is so much different than raiding as a hunter.

Long Story, but there’s a Contest at the End!

Posted in Discussion, Hunter on April 17, 2009 by sylus

Hello Interwebs! How ya been? Good? Great to hear! I’ve had a crazy two days since patch 3.1 dropped. (I’m not counting Tuesday, it was 7 server time before it went live) Before the patch ever dropped, one of my first goals was to go out, camp in Zul’Drak, and fine the new spirit beast, Gondria. Well, after about 12 hours, spread our over two days, I have attained my first goal of patch 3.1 I HAVE GONDRIA!!!!!

Before we get to the good stuff, a contest, I have a story. Yeah, you know you like stories. It all started Wednesday night. I got home from class at around seven in the evening server time. I checked my auctions and headed out to Zul’Drak, armed with a handy dandy notebook with the coordinates of the confirmed “Live” sightings of Gondria. (I’m always a bit Leary of PTR sightings for things like this, one quick code change and he spawns in different spots than what was on PTR) So, I found the three spots, marked them in my borked cartographer,(yeah, I need to update mods now that spirit beast is mine) set up a target gondria macro(easy /target Gondria) set it to my one key, and began flying. During this time I had a rousing interaction with a dirty male night elf hunter. He shoo’d me on several occasions. I am usually a pretty easy going hunter. I don’t get too worked up over much, but his guy stank of nelf-huntard-ness. I just knew that if I found it first, this guy would kill gondria before I got her tamed….One of those, “If I can’t have her, no one can” kind of guys.

I have to admit, I’m kind of one of those guys…So I brought up in guild chat my moral dilemma. The Conversation went something like this….


So there ya have it. I was all geared up to either get the spirit beast, or kill her myself. No other hunter, especially a NELF HUNTER was going to get it!!!

Needless to say, before I went to bed Wednesday night, I didn’t end up taming Spirit Beast. So, It’s 2:30 in the morning Thursday morning…Sylus here can’t sleep. He has visions of spirit beast dancing through his head. I got up, and for about thirty minutes pathed the same triangular path I was growing overly accustomed to. No dice. Back to bed. The wife, aka Mrs. Sy gets up way too early every morning to get around for her bring home the bacon teaching job. This morning was very odd, i followed her out of bed. Yes, up at 5:30… I got a cup of coffee, and headed straight for the computer. I had to tame the beast. I started pathing and for the next five and a half hours flew the same redundant path I had flown the previous evening.(Minus the 20 minutes for a shower, as I had to substitute teach that afternoon) So, No beast…But I did meet a wonderful night elf, that changed my thoughts on the “tame or kill” mentality I had. You see, flying around in the same path for hours at a time can make you downcast. It can make you bitter. Nelfs shooing me makes me even more bitter though. Then along came Kasanagi. A female night elf with a pleasant disposition. After several passes (She was camping one  of the particular spots) she began to wave. Me, not really looking for a wave, more expecting s shoo, or a spit, waved back. After about 45 minutes of the same routine for me, I get a whisper from fellow hordie hunter, who asked me what I would do if another hunter found the spirit beast first, and I found them taming it…I hesitated. I repressed the bitterness  down inside of me, and told them that I would throw down a trap to help, and /salute. Hunter Pride and what not. They then began to tell me that they would do the same, that this person was the female night elf that was camping Gondria. Over the next ten minutes we had a great discussion, and I actually got to know this NELF, this alliance toon…and I was back. I had let myself get in the way of taking pride in my actions, and doing the right thing even if it was to a dirty night elf. So, I had a huge change of heart, thanks to a new friend Kasanagi.

I didn’t find spirit beast that morning…no, I went to school and subbed for half a day, then got home and started my path again. or three more hours I flew the same wicked triangle. One of my guildies, Vrugore started his search as well. I just knew he’d find it first….But, sorry V, I GOT MAH SPIRIT BEAST!!!!! At 6:15 server time, I found him!!!! I fumbled with my keyboard, unmounted, abandoned my pet, threw a freezing trap down, and hit tame…Those ten seconds are the longest ten seconds I have ever experienced in the world of warcraft to date. I was so excited. All of the stories about how hunters are flipping our when they find spirit beast were dead on. I didn’t experience this when I tamed the first spirit beast, no, but I didn’t put in tons of hours camping him. I found him while on a routine mining loop… So this was HUGE for me! I went crazy, and I am pretty sure ruined a few guildies hearing in vent.

So, I say all of that, to get to this very awesome conclusion.


That’s right folks, I’m having a naming contest! If you come up with the name, that I end up likeing enough to use, I will send you a code for an unscratched footsteps of illidin card!!!!

This can be yours! Just send me a name for the new spirit beast, and give me a reason why I should use your name, and this code could be yours!!!! Make it serious, RP, funny, whatever, I don’t care! If I use your name, you win a code! It’s that simple! You have one week from today. Good luck, and be creative!

~Uncle Sy
(Gozz and his new beasty)


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