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As we go to Northrend, We’re Melting Away!

Posted in Off Topic, Random on June 27, 2008 by sylus

Blizzard still hasn’t made an announcement on the release date for Wotlickie(wrath of the lich king for those that don’t speak fikklease) But, Blizzard has a few cool announcements up their sleeves!

Blizzard announces an account authenticator doohickey. This looks promising, but what happens if I loose it? Am I locked out of the game until I get a new one? I love the concept on this idea, but the jury is still out on if it will work as intended.

Blizzard Worldwide Invitational starts this week. Europeans are so lucky! I wish I could travel over, meet Frenchie, Tobold, and all of the other lucky European blizzard fans that have their turn finally! Keep us up to date on all of the great stuff you find out about!

We all know and love the Wow TCG, if for nothing else, for the wonderful loot cards. The next expansion, The Hunt for Illidan, will be available July 1st. They went all out on the loot cards again, and I’m so excited. The new loot cards are killer! Check em out for yourself, I personally will have a disco ball!

And finally, we get to feel like the Wicked Witch in “The Wizard of Oz,” according to scientists “We’re Melting!”

Enjoy this collection of interesting things to read, and I’ll catch up with you all later. On a side note, today I start my one month, yes you read it right, one month vacation!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

I hope to see you all in Azeroth, if you are ever on cenarian circle, give abadon, syllus, impios, errebus, or missbanklady a yell!!!


Posted in Humor, Random on June 26, 2008 by sylus

So, what do they call that when an alcoholic, or a drug addict, goes a few days without drinking or getting high? You know, where they start to shake, get fidgety, have bad headaches, cold sweats, vomit alot, and crap themselves because they can’t get to the bathroom through all of the spinning going through their heads? Oh yeah, withdrawl. If it was smoking, I’d just do this,addicted

But, fortunatly for my job, I don’t have wow on my work computer!

So, it’s been two days sinse I have had the opportunity to get into the world of warcraft, and I think I may be starting to be addicted…Here are a few of the signs.

1. Last night, when I went to go to bed, something was nagging me in the back of my head, I couldn’t quit put my finger on it, but it was something… So, I tried to forget about it and go to sleep. Then a few minutes later, right when I had gotten to that, not quit awake, but still not asleep stage, it hit me. I had auctions that should have sold over the past 48 hours…I had to get up and check them…

2. After checking said auctions(all of 5 minutes) I decided I was too tired to continue on, and needed to get some rest, afterall, I still have to make an appearance at work the following day, plus the wife thinks I’m crazy. So, back to bed I went.

3. In my wonderful dream filled world known as sleep what did I dream about? You guessed it, World of Warcraft. Was it a grand dream about finally getting exalted with faction X, or finally getting into Black Temple and getting all the way through on our first attempt? No, I’m not that interesting apparently. I was dreaming about farming thorium in winterspring…FREAKING WINTERSPRING!@!@!@! HOW FREAKING BORING AM I???

4. This morning, I get up, check my auctions, even before I get into the shower. Now, that on the other hand is totally normal, I do that every day! After my shower I knew that if I sat down at the computer I would end up staying home until noon and lvling some odd skill here, or some new alt there, so I went to work. Now I want coffee, and wow. Both of which I don’t think I can function without going through some form of withdrawl.

So, last night when I logged in, some guildies were asking about Fikkle. I told them that he was away to the magical world of Iceland and might not have the interwebs. They then proceeded to inform me that he had been on the night before, so apparently all is well with Fikkle, as he has the interwebs, but their are some time zone’s between here and there, so I may just not be lining up with him on the in game schedule. This means he might be making an appearance here and there on these here blogs. So, to you Fikkle, have fun in the land of ice, and see you if I see you in game, and have a safe trip back! If my withdrawl is getting bad from 2 days, and if you aren’t actually playing, yours has to be through the roof bad! Take an aspirin and go lay down brotha!!!

Fighting gaming addictions one day at a time,


The Wow Night that Wasn’t

Posted in Humor, Off Topic, Random on June 25, 2008 by sylus

So, last night was a blast! As I stated in my last post, I was going to a Kansas City Royals game. I had so much stinkin fun!!! I know this is a wow blog, and I should honestly try to post something about wow atm, but I just wanted to tell everyone about my experience at the “K” (Kauffman Stadium).

I now have a new favorite baseball player, the last player I obsessed over was Jaun Gonzales way back when he was a powerhouse playing for the Texas Rangers. My new pro-ball-player-extrordinare is Jim from “The Office.” OK, so maybe it’s not Jim from the office, but holy crap he looks so much like him! Here is a picture of Alex Gordon, my new fav player…(BTW, he is now in the majors)

Alex Gordon


And here is a picture of Jim Halpert, from the office.



Now, as you can see, they are one and the same, Jim is Alex Gordon, and Alex Gordon is Jim from the Office. It is fact.

So, as I wasn’t in Azeroth yesterday, I have nothing new to report on my progress list. I hope that tonight the list is widdled down a bit more. Have a great day out there and stay funky-fresh Azerothians!!!


#6 gets a check!

Posted in Discussion, Off Topic, Random on June 24, 2008 by sylus

6. Lvl my new warlock. She is a female orc, as I decided that I didn’t like my undead warlock, and would rather lvl a new one to 54 to catch him, than transfer my lock to this server. Plus, he is on a pvp server, so if I decided  to go back, I have a highish lvl toon.  I’d like to get her to 30 before the mount price goes down, that would rock!


Well, sort of,lol. I hti lvl 11 last night, she was 6 when I started about two hours earlier. It wasn’t solid gaming time either, I ended up doing a few odds and ends around the house when the opportunity presented itself(when the wife told me to do something). I would have liked to get her to 15 last night, but oh well, you can’t win them all.

Tonight will be a no wow night. I’m going to catch a Kansas City Royals baseball game. Yes, wow players go out into the real world to do things once and a while!!! They are playing the Colorado Rockies, so it should be a decent game. If nothing else, the Shaboigan sausage will be delish!!!

Well, hopefully I can get to a few of the other items on my list this week, especially the season 2 arena items for honor. That hits today, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them! Too bad it will be tomorow after work at the earliest…Anyway, have fun out there!


My “Fikkle’s Away” To-Do List

Posted in Discussion, Humor, Off Topic, Random on June 23, 2008 by sylus

As you can see from the previous post, Fikkle is stuck traveling to Icelandfor a week. He isn’t minding the trip, but the prospect of not having Internet for a week is killing him! I’m not a fan of it either, but I will get over it, as I have lots of friends to play wow with…don’t I? …Hello?…Anyone out there?…

So, I’ve compiled a list of things I want to accomplish before Fikkle returns next week.

11. I have a few mid 20’s toons that I now have a desire to lvl to 30 so they can get their mount when the patch hits. Yay cheap-low-lvl-mounts!

10. Transfer over my lvl 42 paladin from Earthen Ring, and get his talent points in order, and get him regeared to heal. I have a friend who has been playing for a few months and is almost 40 with his first toon. It will be nice having a toon I can play to help him out, and goof off more with him.

9. Actually do my daily quests. I am in the process of helping Spinrock save his gold for his epic flying mount. Mostly because he ownes my soul up until he point that he gets his.( He gave me 1800G when I was ready to buy mine, with the promise that I help him get his next. So here I am.)

8. Get Spinrock his flying mount so I can get this debt off of my head!!!! How? See number 8.

7. Catch up on all of the blogs that I haven’t read in almost a week. It’s been busy here, and I’ve spent a ton of time in game. BRK, Tobold, BBB, and Bre are the only ones I’ve kept up on religiously. Now for everyone else!!!

6. Lvl my new warlock. She is a female orc, as I decided that I didn’t like my undead warlock, and would rather lvl a new one to 54 to catch him, than transfer my lock to this server. Plus, he is on a pvp server, so if I decided  to go back, I have a highish lvl toon.  I’d like to get her to 30 before the mount price goes down, that would rock!

5. Get two pieces of the new honor gear(season 2 arena gear) when it becomes available on Tuesday. Currently, I have almost enough honor points for the chest piece, and the marks to go with it, so it shouldn’t be too tough grabbing the gloves as well, they are pretty cheap.

4. Send all of the delicious cave mold on Cenarian Circle server to grimshott in single stacks. Hehehe, this is so funny and mean. (Although not as funny now with all of the mail mods, back in the day, it would take weeks to clean out your mailbox!)

3. Do some lagitimate work. I have one more week, counting today, before I go on vacation for 4 weeks! Three of those weeks I will be around where I can play wow! SWEET! I have to do all kinds of fun stuff, like catch up on evaluations, finish up IPP reports, and make sure all of the TPS reports have cover sheets ….didn’t you get the memo?

2. Read on-line comics at work the rest of the week. If I push through all of the work I need to do this week, I can be done by tomorow morning. That will leave a crap ton of time to read ctr+alt+del, catch up on pvp, keep up with looking for group, and get around to all of the My Extralife stuff as well.

1. And the top item I NEED to accomplish while Fikkle is away, WRITE MORE POSTS!!!!! Specifically the few I have sitting in storage for you all, like one called ” I PVPed on the Fire” It promises to be a great read!


So, I have a busy week ahead of me, but all of it looks fun, so I better get to those blasted TPS reports before the boss finds me and has me work Saturday…

Keeping things safe while Fikkle’s away,


Another Hiatus

Posted in Off Topic on June 23, 2008 by Kor

I just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be away travelling next week and unsure of what sort of access I will have to the internet.  Sy should still be around, so feel free to pester him until he posts something!



An Epic, If Misunderstood Quest

Posted in Alts, Leveling on June 23, 2008 by Kor

So as we all know the Mid-Summer Fire Festival started this week.  I looked at a couple of the reward options (from the vendor) and wasn’t really all that impressed.  There really wasn’t anything at all that I wanted for either Fikkle or Grimshott.  The only thing that I was remotely interested in was the non-combat pet, the Spirit of Summer. 

However, on Friday I started a new alt (I know, I know).  So anyways, he was level 7 when I logged Friday, and I was on early Saturday and was able to get him up to level 11 when a few guildies logged on.  Talk then started about the festival.  The more I got to thinking, I figured it would be nice to have a rare-ish non-combat pet for my Shammy.  Grim runs around with Bananas while Fikkle has his Mana Wyrmling.  So I decided that after I finished my Fire Totem quest chain that I’d start collecting the Burning Blossoms for the pet.  The pet cost 350 Blossoms.  Each of your faction’s fires that are honored grant 5 Blossoms, while each of the opposing faction’s fires that are put out grant 10. 

Normally, I would’ve tried for the daily quests to get my 350 Blossoms, however, all of next week I’m going to be travelling to Iceland and not sure of whether I’ll be able to sign in.  So I started running.  When it was all said and done I had visited all but five fires in Azeroth (and none in Outlands).  The only ones that I missed were the two in Silithus, the two in the Burning Steppes and the one in Western Plaguelands.  I also got almost all of the possible flight points in the game, and managed to level to 15 just from discovery experience and turning in the festival quests.

18 hours after I began I logged out for the night, three blossoms short.  Sunday morning I logged in, completed one of the dailies and received five more blossoms and purchased my pet.  When I announced in guild chat I was told that I had to blog about this wacky adventure.  Nimrock even suggested a beginning for the tale: “It was a dark day when young Maharaja began his epic, if misunderstood quest, to capture the flame of summer.”

So for any lowbies out that that you may want to get some festival rewards, have faith, it is possible!


We Didn’t Leave a Legacy, We Took It Home With Us!

Posted in Hunter, Raiding on June 20, 2008 by Kor

So our guild has started to set up Kara raids for Thursdays, meaning… Last night was Kara night.  And O, t’was it a good night!  It seems that the Kara god loves Grim!  If you recall, my first time through, I picked up a very shiny new bow, and this time was no less rewarding!  Group make up was extremely good.  For tanking we had two Prot Paladins (guildies).  On heals we had a Holy Priest and Resto Shaman (PUGs) and on dee pee ess we had two 1337 BM Hunters (lolz), a Rogue (guildie), Fury Warrior (guildie), a Boomkin (PUG) and a Demo Warlock (PUG).  So a 6 person guild member run with 4 PUGs, a couple of which are friends of our Raid Leader Pally.  I think the composition was pretty good, as we had some serious pew pew and only a few times did anyone actually die.  And two prot paladins in Kara? Holding aggro wasn’t an issue. 

A lot of decent loot dropped, and I don’t remember it all, but only we only had one void crystal when we ended for the night, so most everything was being used by someone.  Attumen dropped the Worgen Claw Necklace, a very nice neck piece.  I rolled a 1.  Abadon then rolled a 44 and we both lost to Reav, the Fury Warrior.  On to Moroes and it was my first time having to trap one of the adds for this fight (Abadon’s first as well I think).  But we were both assigned to trap one target, so /nosweat.  It broke after the other kill adds were down and by this time we couldn’t pull aggro back, so we all burned him down without a problem.  We’ll have to work on maintaining aggro in between trapping so that it doesn’t beeline for the squishies.  Anyways, Moroes proceeded to go splat and left us with Edgewalker Longboots.  Both Abadon and I rolled (iirc) and I won.  On to the not-so-virtuous Maiden and she was another one-shot, leaving the Bracers of Maliciousness.  I was the only one they were an upgrade for, so grats to me!… again!

After we beat them into a few nice shiny red stains on the ground, we went to the Opera for the evening show and were treated to the Wizard of Oz.  First time I’d seen this event, so I was pretty excited, although a little disappointed since it was the one that I’d wanted to see on my Mage.  Fire Mage tank ftw!  Strawman be warned!  Anyways, one-shot later, the old Crone decided to leave behind a Legacy, and Grim took it home with him! This was truly the highlight of the night for me, obviously!  So I was pretty stoked about it and I remember whispering to Abadon “wow” about five or six times and then “speechless” once or twice.  Luckily for me that Abadon has his season 3 2H Axe since I only rolled a 2! :s

Anyways, we easily took care of them and moved on to the Curator.  First attempt was a dismal failure and ended in our second wipe.  The first wipe occured minutes before when I was apprently standing too far away from the wall while killing trash and managed to catch aggro from the big guy himself. Anyways, on we went to attempt number two where we had him down during the second evocate, as opposed to dying during the fifth.  :s  Curator dropped the Tier 4 gloves for Paladin/Rogue/Shaman I believe and not sure what else.  Grats to our Guild Leader Savageblade on picking up his gloves!

After Curator, we pushed on but our Boomkin dc’d on the way to Aran, and never returned.  We attempted Aran with only nine people and had him down to about 20 or 30% – ish before we wiped.  Since it was late we decided to call it and re-attempt tomorrow night.

So, all in all, this was an amazing night for me.  My Hunter got some serious upgrades and is itching to get back in there and down some more of those potential blood stains.  And for all of the Hunters who’ve drooled over Legacy through many a painful Kara run, I’m sorry and don’t mean to rub it in, but WE HAZ LEGACY EH!

Remind me to sacrifice a few Gnomes to the loot gods as payment!

Midsummer Festival, and a New Boss!

Posted in News on June 20, 2008 by sylus

You have to go over to the world of warcraft home page. They have just announced that this years Midsummer festival will include a new boss that is summoned and has new loot! Go to the wow website to check it out!


We Hit 10K!!!!!!!1

Posted in Off Topic, Random on June 19, 2008 by Kor

We Hit 10, 000 lifetime site views today!  Now I do realize some of these are repeat offenders (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!… I mean, welcome back :D), but still, this is a new milestone for us, and I for one will be celebrating… Hrmmmm…. How to celebrate…


I’ll have to think of something.  Although right now I’m leaning towards a long and in-depth review of the mating habits of Warp Stalkers…. Seriously… How else am I going to steal some of the search results on google from Snake in the Grass?


Just kidding!


Thanks again for all of your patronage and your comments, its nice to know there are people out there on teh internethers!

PS, The spell check for this post is ‘working as intended’


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