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Fikkle Update

Posted in Off Topic on April 30, 2008 by sylus

I have been getting emails back from the great white north…well, from canadialand, wherever fikkle is, I’m not sure. He says he’s staying really busy, and trying to get the internet situation figured out. Hopefully he will be back, writing away soon, until then, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Abadon is flying high!

Posted in Discussion, Hunter on April 29, 2008 by sylus

Yesterday was a very productive day. With the help of a buddy, the one and only spinrock, I was able to get the 5200 gold I needed to finally get my epic flying mount!!! I was so stoked! It was amazing seeing that much gold in my bag at one time!!! It almost hurt to drop it all at once.

Until I actually got atop the mighty beast. WOW. That sucker cooks across the sky!!! I was so impressed with the flying mount that I will have to get one for Syllus as well. But, first I have to get Spinrock cooking across the sky!!!

The horde epic flyer looks sweet, but I think Abadon wants the drake and the cenearion expedition epic flyer too….decisions, decisions.

The Guild

Posted in Off Topic, Random on April 28, 2008 by sylus

No, not my guild, or a guild I am in, but definatly one I would join!!! This week’s “How I wow” podcast was with Felecia Day, creator, actress, and all around cool chick from “the Guild.” What exactly is “The Guild” you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked! It’s a web based series that follows te out of game lives of six guild members that meet up. Wackiness ensues as the episodes unfold. Their are nine episodes out to date, and they have won several awards for this ground breaking series. You can find them at their website, or you can get them from youtube and itunes.

The cast of the guild is top notch, and very hilarious. Their are tons of one liners, and the outtakes are outrageous. If you haven’t seen this show, go watch it now! You can even skip the rest of this post! Just go watch it! If you have seen it, but haven’t visited the site in a while, go there as well, Their is an awesome thank you video where Felicia Day dances to some DDR….it’s very entertaining to say the least. Anyway, have fun watching the guild, and I’ll get back with you all later.

~Uncle Sy

While the boss is away, the rogue will play!

Posted in Discussion, Off Topic, Random on April 27, 2008 by sylus

I’m truly not a diabolical madman! I’m going to hold the fort , err, blog, down until he gets situated. So, we all know that I don’t write as much as the fikkle, but I’ll get with you all, at least once a day to see how things are going, have some coffee, and chat about wow. If any of you have any tips, questions, or just wacky zany comments, shoot them my way and I’ll get back to you on the blog! Me email is jedimastergil@hotmail.comUntil then, have fun, and I’ll see you in Azeroth!!! Now, back to your daily quest grind.



Posted in Humor, Off Topic on April 27, 2008 by Kor

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’m leaving this morning for my business trip.  As such I’ll be away for a few days and I’ll be leaving Sylus to watch the blog while I’m gone.  Now, I know he’s a Rogue, so his instincts are gonna be to try and ninja the blog.  I’m already aware of this.  If you do see this, just smack him on the hands with a piece of wood and say ‘Bad Rogue’.  Normally that sends him crying to the corner.

Have a great weekend, hopefully I’ll get my connections all sorted out soon and then I’ll be able to get back to blogging. :D


New Banner

Posted in Off Topic, Random on April 26, 2008 by Kor

Many thanks to the Pugnacious Priest for the excellent walkthrough on how to create a custom banner using Photobucket. 

I took the screenshot last night and was able to develop the banner in about twenty minutes, after trying several different layouts.

The Horde banners on either side of the banner were the clincher for me to change it.  I did like the old banner, but I don’t think it truly said ‘For the Horde’.  However, while this banner is a bit closer to that idea, I’m thinking that this too will only be a temporary banner until I can get the one that I’ve been thinking about for a while.

So what do you think of the new banner?

Grimshott and Valkyrie

Posted in RP on April 25, 2008 by Kor

Kin to the Warsong Clan, Grimshott was raised in the forests of Ashenvale where he spent weeks at a time out in the wilds among the critters and beasts.  Aware of the many perils that he might face within those ancient woods, Grim developed a keen tracking sense that allowed him to elude would be predators and enemies.

He often spent his time on the hunt.  He would kill only when he needed food, but he would track any and all creatures that he could find for the thrill of the hunt.  Often times he spent days tracking a single animal, following its tracks and the trail it left behind until he caught up to it.  When he inevitable found his quarry, he would draw ever closer, silently stalking it, but allowing the creature to sense his presence and grow accustomed to his scent.  When the creature would no longer become spooked, Grim would reveal himself to the beast, allowing it to see him and again, grow accustomed to his presence.  His ultimate goal was to tame the wild creatures he followed, gaining their trust and returning that trust in kind.  Grim often would provide small amounts of food and over the course of time, many of the creatures would then seek him out.  When his current target ultimately grew passive to his presence, Grim would head back into the forests in seek of his next challenge.  It was in this way that he became destined to be one of the great Beastmasters of the Horde.

Grim also learned many other valuable skills while on his hunts.  In addition to his prowess at tracking, he developed a knack for setting and baiting traps for the beasts he hunted for food.  When he eventually captured something worthy of cooking, he honed his skills at skinning, using the hides and leathers to craft simple pieces of armor and clothing.  Grim also carried with him a bow, with which he’d practiced from the time he was just a young Orclet.  While he was not a perfect marksman, he very rarely missed his targets.

By the time Grim grew of age, he’d hunted and tracked every creature in the forests of Ashenvale and he sought other challenges, those he could only find by exploring the rest of Azeroth.  But Grim knew that he would not be able to accomplish this on his own, and that the Horde would be the means through which he could gain the skills required to hunt in any land.  It was with this spirit in mind that Grim left the shade of Ashenvale and headed south through the open plains of the barrens and into the hard cracked fields of Durotar to the heart of the new Horde empire, Orgrimmar.  There he sought out the master hunters and learned what they were willing to teach him.  When he had gained the skills to be a true hunter, his trainer told him that he would need to accomplish one final task before setting out on his journey.  A hunter could only reach his full potential when he tamed a great beast to fight by his side.  Thus Grim set out into Durotar in search of a valiant beast to accompany him on his journeys.

Unfamiliar with the terrain, Grim headed south towards a large outcropping of rock that dominated the landscape.  As he approached he began to notice tracks in the hard cracked clay.  Intrigued by the different patterns, he decided to follow the tracks.  The tracks skirted the rock formation, leading him around a large outcropping.  As he rounded the base of the mountain, he began to notice distinct patterns in the tracks.  There appeared to be four sets of tracks; three were similar and of the same species while the fourth was hooved track.  As he continued on the trail, he began to hear loud grunting noises coming from a small inlet where the rocks had formed a small canyon.  Rounding the last bend, he came upon a cornered Boar being stalked by three red Raptors.

Grim could see that the Boar had been running from the predators, attempting to avoid a fight if possible, much as he had done in Ashenvale when he detected a predator.  But the Boar had run herself into a corner and now she turned on her would-be attackers.

Looking on, Grim saw as she continued to grunt and let out a shrieking squeal as she charged the closest Raptor, hitting it full on and sending it careening into the jagged rocks.  The spattering of blood on the rock face left no doubt in Grim’s mind that the Raptor would not be getting back up. 

A bit stunned by the sudden display of ferocity in the boar, he stood still as she turned on the second Raptor and lunged for its soft underbelly.  The Raptor attempted to come down on her before she reached him, but she was too quick and drove her tusks deep into the Raptor.  As she pulled back, a long trail of innards followed and the Raptor let out a shriek of its own as it wavered and fell into the dirt.

But the great Boar had lost the element of surprise that had doomed the first two Raptors as the third brought its sharps talons down upon her side.  Squealing in pain as she was thrown off balance, she quickly climbed back to her feet and charged at the final Raptor.  Slamming into one of the legs of the Raptor, Grim could her the bones being crushed from the impact as the Raptor suddenly lost its own balance and toppled over.  The Boar took advantage of the small success, driving its tusks down into the wounded Raptor repeatedly until it no longer moved. 

The Boar continued to grunt and squeal as the pain of her open wounds began to over take her and she fell onto her side.  Grim knew at that moment that this proud beast was destined to be his companion and he outstretched on arm, holding his palm open as he slowly approached the Boar and reassured it that he was no threat.  As he came upon her, it gently set his hand upon her neck and used his free hand to remove several bottles of ointment from his pack.  Spreading the liquids over the wounds he then removed some fresh bandages and wrapped them around the wounded creature.

Sensing that it was at ease, Grim lifted the great Boar into his arms and began to carry her south.  He knew there was an inn at Razor Hill where he could allow the creature to rest and recuperate back to a healthy state.

After several days the ointments had healed the gashes in her sides, but there were large scars that remained.  She was able to walk again and she moved around the small room at the inn, shoving her snout across the floor in search of food.  Grim pulled some small grubs and a few pieces of meat from his pack and spread them across the floor for the noble creature. 

As he watched her forage for the food he left out, Grim decided that she would need a name.  But not just any name, he had seen the valiant spirit this powerful warrior possessed.  Her great deeds would need to be honored by a name that carried with it great honor.  Remembering back to the stories he’d heard as a young Orcling, Grim thought of a Great hunter that had tamed a mighty boar.  She had been a fierce beast and a force to be reckoned with.  Her name was honored as much as any great Orc’s name was and it would be a fitting name for this noble animal as well.

Looking down upon her, Grim grunted and gave her a name.  “You possess a courage and a spirit to be honored,” he said.  “From this day forth you shall be known as Valkyrie the Swiftusk.”

The Unamed Boar is (Unamed) No Longer

Posted in Contest on April 25, 2008 by Kor

EDIT: For the winner of the Arena team naming contest, have patience, it should be out soon.  Me and Sy have already talked it over and we just need to talk to Nim first before we finalize it.

Okay, so last week we started a contest for naming an Arena team, and along with that I asked for help with naming my new pet Boar.  I want to thank everyone who made a suggestion, they were all great and it was truly appreciated.  A special thanks goes to Mania, who also posted a link from her blog over to that post which helped generate much more visibility than there otherwise would’ve been.

This morning I looked at all the names and started crossing off the ones that immediately were out of place.  While Britney Spears and Swinefeld were pretty funny, they weren’t all that great as RP names.  So that narrowed the list down as well.  Ultimately, I got it down to nine of the suggestions.  There wasn’t one that stood that out above all the rest as THE name for my boar, so I decided to look up many of the suggestions in the hopes that it would spark a name or a variation thereof that felt right.

Ultimately, Gullinborsti led me to look into Norse mythology quite a bit deeper and I came across the name Valkyrie.  From Wikipedia, the Valkyries were:

“Minor female deities, who served Odin.  The valkyries’ purpose was to choose the most heroic of those who had died in battle and to carry them off to Valhalla, where they became einherjar (spirits of outstanding fighters).”

I actually also heard this name recently as it was used in Battlestar Galactica.  It was the name given to the ship that Adama commanded prior to the Galactica.  When I read it and said it outloud, ‘Grimshott and Valkyrie’ sounded right.  I’m sure I’ll end up refering to them more as ‘Grim and Val’ but this too, sounds right.  So there you have it.  Once again a great big thank you to all those who submitted suggestions, and for Tar(ina) at WoW Sauce, who suggested the name that ultimately led me to Valkyrie, you get pie!  Enjoy:


Posted in Dailies, Humor, Hunter, Random on April 25, 2008 by sylus

Yesterday was a very odd day for me, I woke up early (like 5:30 in the freaking morning early) and got on the ol’ computer to do a few dailies before work. I hemhawed with who to do the dailies first, and decided that my hunter would be the wise choice first thing in the morning, as I could sit back, have my bird, Spot, do all the work while I ping arrows at a distance. I figured, well, one or two, then I’ll go to work early, get paper work done, get filing done, and spend some time on the forums, blogs, and comics that really make work bearable. No such luck. Before I knew it I had been doing dailies for almost two hours. I was finished with all of the Isle of Da’nas quests, and most of the quests around the outlands… WOW, I have to go to work.

So, once at work, everything goes to the crapper. I have to drive an hour out of my way to go help out at an event my staff were supposed to cover, but conveniently they were sick….mmhmm. I’ll be chatting with this individual later… Due to the fact that I was there all day, meant two things. 1. That I wouldn’t be catching up on blogs, emails, posts, and web comics, and 2. I would not be doing legitimate work either (I wasn’t broken up over that one though!) Oh, and the event….outside…..the weather….raining… socks, shoes, cell phone, wallet, and even underware….SOAKED!!!!!!

Once at home I had a peaceful dinner with the Mrs., then wow time for me. I had one round of dailies done, and still needed to knock them out with my rogue, Syllus. It took about an hour and a half, but I knocked all my usual ones out, and debated how to spend the rest of my evening.

I still needed gold, and due to the fact that I needed to spend more for mats to cover some of syllus’ gear changes,(I had him pretty decked out in a pvp set of gear, and need to up the antie with my pve gear, as he will be my raider in < Salvation> ) I needed to find a way to gather the gold coins. Hmmmm. I guess I could farm…but farming is BORING, and their are always others farming the same thing…but wait! Everyone is busy doing the Isle daily quests….maybe, just maybe, their won’t be anyone farming! Now the important question of the night, what to farm…I do a quick once over on the auction house to see what is selling well, and what is overstocked at the time. The best bet for me would be primal fires. So, off the the elemental plataue. I brought Abadon, the hunter, along for some easy farming sessions. To my surprise, I was the only one up there!! In about 40 minutes I was able to gather enough motes to create 3 primal fires, and have 6 motes left over!!! They are selling for around 30+G each. I think I’ll start farming a bit more and earn back that money that I’ve loaned out through the First National Bank of Sy!!!!

Good for Hunters, Bad for Druids

Posted in Discussion, Druid, Hunter on April 25, 2008 by Kor

As I was browsing Mania’s Arcania this morning, I noticed that she had listed some of the updated test realm patch notes that had been updated, obviously highlighting the specifc changes to Hunters.  The mana regen change to Aspect of the Viper is nice, while the changes to Boars kinda sucks.  But the most interesting change that I noticed was the change to Scare Beast. 

“Scare Beast: The range on this spell has been increased to 30 yards and it is now instant cast.”

Now having played multiple toons of both the Hunter and Druid classes, I’ve been on both ends of Scare Beast in the past.

POV: Druid

The first Druid that I pvp’d with on a regular basis turned into my 29 twink, Zaels, on the Coilfang server.  While I BG’d with him, there were several twink Hunters that I kept coming up against time and again.  One in particular liked to shadowmeld on the second floor landing in the Ally base, leaving his pet on aggressive, as NElfs tend to do.  I knew this.  I often tried to get the upper hand by attacking out of stealth.  However, almost every time I came up against him, the first thing he would invariably do was attempt to Scare Beast.  My reaction, obviously was to mash a cancelform macro I’d developed (specifically to fight that Hunter).  Sometimes I’d shift back to caster form and Moonfire, while his spell would end with ‘invalid target’,  Other times he would get the fear off and proceed to destroy me from range.  The point to all this was that I at least had a chance for survival.

POV: Hunter

The first Hunter that I did any serious pvp with was Grim, way back when he was first able to start AV (I believe I first tried it with him around level 58-59).  But I did more than just AV, and one particular AB stands out in my mind.  I was running from Farm to LM and came up against another Hunter.  He sent his pet, I sent mine and hit BW (No Beast Within for me at that time).  I immediately then tried to cast Scare Beast to eliminate his pet while mine and I destroyed him.  The problem was, the cast took forever due to pushback from the hunter and then his pet when he got to me.  When I finally did manage to get the spell off, it was resisted.  At that point, I was down a good deal of health, his pet was on me and he wasn’t all that injured.  But casting Scare again wasn’t an option due to the pushback the first time.  End result was a trip to the graveyard.  You could probably chaulk that up to inexperience pvp’ing with a Hunter at the time.  Either way, it was a difficult spell to use unless you got the jump on someone, or were willing to stand there and take a pounding while you cast it.  With this change, Grim will be able to instant cast fear a pet/druid from increased range (30 yards).  As far as my Hunter is concerned, this change is ALL WIN!

POV: Fallout

So what will be the eventual outcome from this change?  Hunters are going to get a huge buff to pvp against Feral Druids and a little bit against each other (as in other Hhunters).  Affecting the specific Hunter specs, I think BM will have it both the worst and the best depending on when BW is avail.  If it is, no Scare Beast for the other Hunter.  If its not, 30% of your MQoSRDPS just turned from being a big red kitty to being a big scaredy cat.

I’m more curious about what the fallout will be for Arenas.  I suspect in Arena’s, an MM Hunter will get hit the hardest (again, after Druids) as he would have no way to avoid his pet being CC’d.  A BM Hunter can turn him red for a little while to avoid it and hopefully put his counterpart on the defensive so that he never gets a chance to use it. 

As for Druids in Arenas.  They are going to take a serious hit I think.  From what I’ve read on Druid Arenas, almost all Druids use one of the Feral forms at one time or another to increase health/armor, to stealth around, or to run away (although, I’m not sure if SB works on them in travel form… hrmmm).  Being able to fear them the instant they pop into one of these forms will add a whole new component to taking them on, and in may further weaken their dominant grip on some of the smaller group Arena matches. 

But in the end, I have no idea about Arena tactics for Hunters, so I guess I shouldn’t speculate.  Instead I ask the audience.  Anyone out there who knows Hunters and Arenas have an opinion on this change?


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